Saturday, October 17, 2009

WHAT A WEEK - What an understatement!!!

Monday I was at the church with my other Bible Study ladies working on the setting up the new clothing ministry, Klothes Kloset. We took a break to go have a bite to eat at a local pizza place. We had just finished eating when I became REALLY ill and told the ladies "please take me home, I'm really ill". The next thing I know I'm home and not only are all of them and Mickey around me but the EMC's are taking my vital signs. 911 had been called because I had passed out. Even our wonderful Pastor was called and prayed for me. I do not remember passing out but I have never gotten so sick so fast in my life.

All my vital signs were fine, except my oxygen was a little low. I spent the remainder of that day sleeping so soundly on the couch that I was not even aware when my dear friend, Sandra, came by to check on me.

Tuesday I was still feeling pretty weak, although by afternoon I was beginning to feel a little better. Then late Tuesday afternoon Mickey gets a call that his nephew is on his way from Tennessee to Branson to get married. Can we come? ...... Can we come? Of course, we will come.

So Wednesday morning we head out for Branson to attend this wonderful Cowboy wedding held at the Chapel at Silver Dollar City.

The Wilderness Church. An old log cabin church that was moved to this site. Even the pews were made from logs. The wedding was performed by a Parson and was a wonderful ceremony. At the conclusion of the wedding they rang the church bell. It couldn't have been more lovely.

The bouquet. Both the bride and her Maid of Honor had bouquets like this.

The beautiful bride, Laura

.....get a look at those boots!!!!

The bride & groom, Laura & Wayne.

Mr. & Mrs. - October 15, 2009

The wedding party. Laura's daughters, 6 year old Kaycee & 14 year old Kalyn (Katie), were her attendants.

I must tell you this group really turned heads as they walked through the park to the Wilderness Church and then again after the wedding.

The cake.

No words necessary!!!!

The grooms Uncle Jerry and Dad, Ronnie.
The groom and his father.
Mickey & I with the groom, Mickey's nephew, Wayne. Mickey was the Best Man.

Dinner at The Ol*ive Ga*rden after the wedding.

Mickey & I and a new "friend".

The 6 from Tennessee stayed a few more days to enjoy Silver Dollar city & Branson but Mickey & I rushed home Friday morning right after breakfast to get ready for our Friday night Prayer Meeting.

What a joyous time and special occasion to be a part of.

Congratulations Wayne & Laura!!!!!!!

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Sunny said...

Susan, glad you were well enough to make the trip! Take care of yourself, we need you in blog-land!

The wedding party sure looks happy.They apparently think alot of you and Mickey.
Blessing to you...

Kathy said...

Welcome home, Susan. So glad you were able to go. What a beautiful couple the newlyweds make!

I have been in prayer for you, in fact, had thought of you already this morning. I was happy and even relieved to see your post.

Now, rest your temple if possible! :) Love you all.

Mary said...

That must have been a scary situation, passing out and not knowing why. So glad you went to the wedding...the phoos are great, and the bride and groom look happy, and so did the girls...may God bless them all in their new family! Now that you've had a wonderful time, I hope you'll get checked out!

Take care...God bless,

retha said...

Good to hear from you again, ma'am.

The cowboys, the scarecrow they are equally unfamiliar to me.
Always good to be able to go to a wedding!

Sandra said...

What a wonderful time to get to spend with your family.

Glad you are back. I'll see you at church tomorrow.

Maxine said...

So you're all better? So it seems! Wow, that is so neat that you could go to that wedding! What a nice looking couple; the bride is such a pretty lady and such cute kids. Hope this family will be very happy.

Now you take care of yourself, Susan.

Joy said...

Wow Susan you did have quite a week. So you don't know what made you get sick so fast. Glad your feeling better and was able to make the trip to see the wedding. What a pretty dress she had. The entire wedding and guest looked fun and happy. I wish them much happiness for the rest of their lives.
Take care,
♥ Joy

Mari said...

I'm so glad you are ok. I noticed you weren't posting this week and thought you were just having a busy week.
I'm happy you could go to the wedding. The little church is so cute and the couple looked beautiful!

Unknown said...

Wow so glad you are doing better, what was the cause do you know???
The wedding looks fun. Glad you could go and enjoy it. My sister just remarried and she entered on a motorcycle!!! You see all kinds these days!!!

Carole Burant said...

Oh dear, what a health scare you had but I'm so glad that you felt better by the time that wedding took place! Such a beautiful wedding it looked to be as well...I love the idea of such a simple and yet lovely "cowboy" wedding:-) Congratulations to the happy couple, may their lives be enriched by becoming one. You take care of YOU!! xoxo

Susan said...

From the couch to a wedding?? I'm glad you were well enough to make it...I'm praying for continued health for you! My goodness, what a scare though.



Jill said...

Oh my goodness, for getting sick so quickly and so sure seem like you bounced back. You look great in the photos! Do they know what caused you to get so sick? Hope all is well and that you are feeling 100%.

Brenda said...

Ok, I'm glad the wedding was nice and all, but you left us hanging a little on what happened to you. Did they say what the cause of it was? I'm so glad you're ok anyhow.
Extra hugs to ya, Susan. Take care of yourself!

Mary Lee said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better. Had to have been quite scary! Looks like you had a good time at the wedding, now get some rest!!

Anonymous said...

Susan! What in the world was wrong? I'm more than thankful that you are okay.

Check out this cute photo shoot by Lindsey. It reminds me of the wedding.

You people in the south know how to do it up just right!!!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

We love that little chapel at Silver Dollar City. Beautiful place for a wedding.

GoodPlans said...

You probably don't know it, but I was at your house just after the ambulance. I talked with Shirley and she told me what was going on. I left just as your pastor was pulling on the scene. God has more people praying for you, and watching over you than you will ever know! ;-)

kc bob said...

I love that old chapel.. wish I could have seen the marriage.. sounds wonderful. So glad you are feeling better Susan!

Momma Roar said...

That chapel is so cute! The wedding looked like such fun!