Saturday, March 17, 2007

Music - Music - Music

I love music and I have been so blessed this past 10 days with so much wonderful music.

It began on Tuesday night, March 6th. We drove 85 miles to Perry, OK with some friends to hear

The Singing ChurchWomen of Oklahoma

This group was organized in 1989 and is divided into 2 groups, Eastern & Western Oklahoma. Each group has about 250 woman, pianist, organ, keyboard, percussion and handbells.

They put on an absolutely spectacular two hour concert. When they began they marched in on the side isles and across the front. The director stood in the center isle and directed as they began performing. They did a couple of numbers with our getting this "surround sound" effect. Then they continued singing as they marched to the front forming the various high rise rows.


Then the following Tuesday, March 13th, we drove 100 miles to Blackwell, OK to hear

The Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma

This group was organized in 1960 by the Church Music Department of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. It was the first choral group of male choral in the Southern Baptist Convention. As a result of this influence, nearly every state convention in the SBC has a similar choral group.

There were 250 men and a full orchestra. To say the concert was "heavenly" is an understatement. I kept closing my eyes while they were singing just to get the full affect of the beautiful sounds.


Then last night we attended the 5th and final performance of our Signature Symphony for the 2006-2007 season.
Debby Boone
Reflections of Rosemary
all songs of Rosemary Clooney, who was Debby's mother-in-law.
Debby is married to Gabriel Ferrer, son of Jose' Ferrer & Rosemary Clooney's son.

The entire performance was magnificent. Debby has a very melodious voice and sings like an angel. Accompanied by the Symphony it was just outstanding. She also is quite beautiful, soft spoken and lovely besides.

After the performance, and a thunderous applause and standing ovation she came back and sand

You Light Up My Life

the song that made her an overnight star in 1977. She said, "You didn't really think I wouldn't sing this one for you did you?".


Debby & Gabriel will soon celebrate their 28th anniversary. They are parents of 4 grown children. In case you didn't know, or have forgotten, she is the daughter of Pat Boone and the granddaughter (on her mother's side) of Grand Ole Oprey star Redd Foley.


If you ever get the chance to hear either Debby or The Singing ChurchWomen or The Singing ChurchMen I would sure recommend you attend.

You'll have a wonderful evening. We surely did!



I, too, love listening to good christian music. I wish I could sing. It is my heart's desire. Sounds like you all really had a wonderful time. I am so glad. connie from Texas

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh i do so love music! You can tell it by all the record albums, cd's and such here! Sounds like you had a wonderful evening!

Anonymous said...

Loved Rosemay Clooney and thought Debbie was great when I was a kid. It bet her performance was wonderful. I didn't know she was still around doing her thing. I did know she was Rosemary's daughter-in-law though. Kinda neat. I am reminded every Sunday how blessed we are at our church with all the talent we have right under our own noses. When your own Praise and Worship leaders are nominated for Dove awards you know you are BLESSED!

Penless Thoughts said...

Connie - I would love to sing, too and mostly I would love to paint. I always say, when I get to Heaven I'm going to be able to paint!

Michelle - So you have lots of albums, cd's, etc. Neat.

Ginger - That's really something to have 5 Dove nominees in your body. You ought to blog about that! It would be interesting.

Debbie said...

I think that is really something that Debby sang songs about her mother in law. Did I understand that right? How special! If I could sing and write songs, I'd do that for my mother in law. She's an AMAZING WOMAN!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful evening with us.

Lori B said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

I also love to listen to Christian music.

Penless Thoughts said...

Debbie - Not "about" her mother-in-law but song she had sung and made famous. I just read your wonderful post about your in-loves!!!

Lori B - I love ALL kinds of music except hard rock, rap and opera. I love classical music just don't like the voices with it!

Momma Roar said...

Sounds like a lot of fun - I love classical too. Last night we were watching public television and they had the most beautiful celtic music, a woman singing while playing piano and accompanied by a cello - so beautiful! And I love that my husband enjoys this music too!

Cari said...

Hi! I am a Singing Churchwoman of Oklahoma and was googling for a picture to show my office (there aren't any...) and came across your blog. I'm a music lover (everything, except rap) and have sung with the choir for 5 seasons. I love it! I hope you enjoyed the Perry concert. Last night we sang with the men and the symphony orchestr-almost 800 voices! It was unbelievable. Anyway, God Bless! Cari from OKC SCW of OK