Monday, May 14, 2007


I know every mother thinks she is the most blessed and I certainly know how very blessed I am. My kids treated Mickey & me to a fabulous Mexican meal (my favorite) at Los Cabos.
I have to insert here what Mickey did to me. Jacque put together the plans for Mother's Day and all Mickey would tell me was "Don't plan anything for Mother's Day we have it covered." We came home after church and then at 1 he said, "Come on it's time to go." We started driving toward Tulsa. Then I saw Los Cabos and said, "Oh are we going to Los Cabos?" He said nothing, proceeded to turn off the expressway and headed that direction. Near Los Cabos is a Steak 'N Shak so he proceeds to pull into their parking lot. I'm thinking, "This is an odd choice." but I didn't say anything. He drives through the parking lot and out the other exit!! We go further to a Lone Star Steakhouse and he pulls the same in and out of the parking lot stunt. By then I KNOW it's Los Cabos because there are no other restaurants in this area. Mickey is a big tease and loves nothing better than to tease me.
While we were waiting for our meal they lavished me with gifts. Suzette and her husband, Dave, gave me this $50 gift certificate from Kohl's and Suzette will go shopping with me when I'm ready. I always love it when my daughters either go shopping with me or buy me clothing because they keep up more with the fashions than I do and keep me from looking too "Grandma-ish"!!
This is a picture of me and my two wonderful, sweet, thoughtful daughters, Suzette on the left and Jacque on the right.

Here I am kissing my youngest son, Marc. He is such a sweetheart.....and after all he's our baby. You know when you're the baby of the family you can never relinquish that post!!

Here is my gift from Marc. A digital picture frame. I was so shocked and totally surprised and delighted. Of course, in typical mother fashion, I had to say "Oh you shouldn't have spent so much"! Guess what - these pictures will soon be flashing away on my end table.

This beautiful black top with the pink flowers and green leaves and a black skirt (you can barely see it underneath) is the lovely gift from my Jacque. That's my wonderful hubby, Mickey, to my left.

Course we had to get a picture of the clown making 8 year old Grandson Aric a sword!
Our family is very close, and even though we all live very busy lives we try and get together as often as we can and ALWAYS on special occasions. We are really terrible at taking pictures (and remembering to take them!). I am trying to get better about that now that I'm blogging. This blog business really does change your life in many ways!! 12 year old granddaughter, Oksana, took the pictures (except the one with the clown) and we ended up without pictures of her, son-in-law, Dave, and Jacque's friend, Benny. Trust me they were all there!!! The 9 of us had a wonderful time.
When we got home I had a missed phone call from our older son, David, who lives with his wife, or 2 years, Nicole and their three teenage boys, Stoney, Austin, and Sam, in Pleasanton, CA. Then David called again Sunday evening when we were in evening church services and finally caught up with us about 9:30 in the evening to wish his Mamma a Happy Mother's Day.
Sorry ladies but I KNOW I'm the most blessed woman on earth!


Susie said...

Hi Susan,
You are indeed blessed! What wonderful family pictures and sweet memories you've made.
Glad you had such a wonderful day!

Linds said...

What beautiful happy photos these are, Susan, and what a happy day for you to celebrate together. You are indeed very lucky, and blessed!

Myrna said...

I'm glad you had such a good day! Your daughters look very much like you!

Jungle Mom said...

WOW! that digital frame is great!

Trella said...

What a wonderful day, and a wonderful family.

I love the digital frame! Those are so cool!

Glad you took pictures, and I enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

Susan, it sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day!! The black and pink shirt is just gorgeous, and I LOVE Kohl's, too much for my own good.

Now, the other thing I thought was neat, since you are FROM where I live NOW, is that you mentioned your other son is in Pleasanton... I grew up in Livermore and lived there till I was 26!! What a small, small world it is. I love it!! :-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I got so excited about the Pleasanton thing, that I forgot to tell you how much I loved all the pictures, too. You all look like such a happy & loving family, it must have been an amazing day to be all together!! :-)

Ruth said...

What a wonderful day and beautiful children and grandchildren! I like your hair longer like that!! I'm glad you had such a great day.

Leann said...

so glad you had so nice a time with your loved are blessed.

I checked out your other pictures you are a pretty girl and woman as well.I love tosee pictures from the past.

I put mine on a few times.and some of me as a kid.its back in the blog some place.
have a great week,and God bless..


Susan, I am so very glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day. You children look very special. I am so happy for you. Every woman should be so blessed as you and I. connie from Texas

Momma Roar said...

What a wonderful day you had!! How wonderful that you have such a close family - that is certainly a blessing! I'm so glad you shared about your day - after reading the other stories about your children, I was pretty sure they'd have a grand plan for Mother's Day as well!

Tiany said...

You are blessed indeed! This is my first visit to your blog and it is a real blessing! Happy to hear you had such a sweet mothers Day with your family!


Morning Glory said...

Yes, you certainly are blessed. What a lovely day!

Lori B said...

You are blessed.
It sounds like you had a wonderful day and that your kids and hubbie spoiled you. How fun!
How fun for your husband to say don't worry about a thing and then also for him to drive around and tease you.

diana said...

it sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful day. how nice of everyone that was involved in making it special for you. you are truly blessed.

i've been wanting to ask you... are you near, or do you know of, the town of carmen. it's outside of cherokee, which is an hour northwest of enid? i have family there.

Pam said...

Oh what a cute post. I was delighted to hear how Micky tried to trick you about the restaurant! I'm so happy you had such a slendid day!

We have friends from CA who named their youngest son "Sone Mountain" but call him Stoney for short! It must be a California thing! LOL

The best part of your post which really made me smile was when you said you enjoy one of your daughters shopping with you since they are more fasion minded and keep you from looking like a grandma! That reminded me of a lady whom I think I will post about soon! God bless ya' Susan! Once again, this was a delightful post!

Missy said...

It appears that you are a much loved mother! I am so happy your day was so special.

Anonymous said...

Love,love, love the pictures of you and your family. What a beautiful day for all of you!!!
You sure were blessed with gifts to treasure.

Family time is so priceless. It makes me excited to head to TX in August :)

weavermom said...

What fun! You are a blessed lady!

Barbara said...

Just read you received a digital photograph for Mother's Day. I saw my first one last weekend. Those are neat!