Wednesday, May 16, 2007

JERUSALEM DAY 2007 - May 16th

The following is a copy of information put out by
David Brog, Executive Director of
Christians United for Israel

I found it most interesting and informative and wanted to share it with you.

Jerusalem Day, 2007
God's miracles are all around us if we open our hearts and our eyes to them. Seeing the miraculous in our lives is often a challenge requiring a broader perspective and a heightened sensitivity. But this week, Israel and all those who love her will celebrate a miracle of truly Biblical proportions. This Wednesday, May 16th, is the 40th anniversary of Israel's liberation of Judaism's holiest sites in the Six Day War.

When the Romans destroyed the Second Temple in 70 AD, the Jews lost control of their sacred capital not for years or decades, but for nineteen centuries. For all of this time, Jews who dared return to their holy city were tolerated at best, massacred at worst. For extended periods, Jews were simply banned from their city altogether. Even the euphoria over the birth of Israel in 1948 was tempered by the fact that the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall fell under Jordanian control, and the Jordanians banned all Jews from these holy sites.

And then came the 1967 Six Day War. Within the space of six days, Israelis rode the wave from the depths of despair at their imminent destruction to the heights of euphoria at their sudden, total victory. And, in the process, Israel won control of the ancient Jewish holy sites: the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. Nothing captures the awe of this moment better than a famous photo of a group of Israeli paratroopers as they gaze at the Western Wall they had just liberated with a combination of relief and disbelief. Their eyes humbly ask: "Do we merit this right, to be the first Jews in almost two millennia to return triumphantly to our most holy site?" (Go to to see a copy of this photo.)

The Israeli army actually recorded the transmissions from the battlefield that spring day 40 years ago as Israeli soldiers entered the Old City and then the Temple area. And it's impossible to listen to this recording without chills running down one's spine. One can hear Israeli Colonel Motta Gur announcing words that his ancestors had waited so many centuries to declare -- "The Temple Mount is in our hands!" And then one hears Rabbi Shlomo Goren reciting an ancient prayer with a suddenly new meaning, "Blessed art Thou, Lord our God, who comforts Zion and builds Jerusalem." Soldiers sing Israel' national anthem, Hatikva, by the Western Wall. And then Rabbi Goren recites the prayer for the soldiers who have fallen in battle. (Go to to hear this recording. A written English translation is provided.)

When we listen to this recording, we get to hear, live, the unfolding of a miracle like few others in the history of the Jewish people. In historical significance, this event rivals the order of Xerxes allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem from their Babylonian exile and rebuild the Temple. It rivals Xerxes' order, and even surpasses is, because this time the Jews were returning to these holy sites as an independent people, no longer ruled by a foreign power, friendly or otherwise.

Yes, God has his miracles. But these miracles are not an excuse for fatalism or inaction. These miracles do not free us from our responsibilities. We are called upon to be watchmen on Jerusalem's walls. And we are called upon to never be silent for Zion's sake. We are called to action on behalf of Jerusalem.

And our action is needed. Jerusalem is once again under siege. The Roman soldiers encamped at her base have been replaced by Hamas and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists sitting just as close. The Roman Empire that armed and supported the Roman legionnaires of old has been replaced by new powers such as Iran and Syria which are equally determined to see Jerusalem fall. Times have changed, years have passed, but Jerusalem still knows no peace.

This Jerusalem Day let us celebrate with thanksgiving. And let us celebrate with action.

May the God of Israel Bless You,

David Brog
Executive Director
Christians United For Israel


Lee-ann said...

Susan good morning to you........I believe it is morning for you as it is approx 11.30 pm on the wednesday 16th here.

Your post is very interesting also and I thank you for sharing it with us as well.

You know there comes a time in our blogger day were you feel why did I not do this a long time ago. You learn so much and so many touch our hearts every day.

so enjoy your day as it leaves here full of joy!

jennifer said...

I love the Bible prophecy's unfolding before our eyes! God is awesome isn't He?

Thanks for another wonderful post Susan!

I really appreciate you and all your blogging. It shines the Light so well:)

Myrna said...

Thank you for sharing this. I was privileged to stand and pray at the Western Wall in the spring of 2000--What an emotional experience!

We have an Israeli friend who regularly prays for Mr. L at the Wall. We are humbled. We will be remembering him today.

If you have never been to Jerusalem I recommend a trip for you and Mickey. I know you would love every minute of being where Jesus walked.

Our friend, who works in the tourist industry, says it is much safer to travel there now than some people think. In fact, we have US friends who recently went on business --they say they felt very safe. Of course, they had a good escort and were very careful.

I would go back in a heartbeat--Hmmm--I think YOU should get a blogger trip together! :)

Momma Roar said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing this, since I was not aware of it - by no fault other than my own... :)

Beach Girl said...

Wonderful post. Yes, prophesy is unfolding before our very eyes.

Thank you.


PEA said...

This truly was a very interesting read. It has always saddened me that holy cities like Jerusalem are forever at war throughout the centuries. The Holy Land should only know peace. xoxo

Jungle Mom said...

May it be soon!

~~Mikki Jo said...

Thanks for such an interesting post. The Lord tells us to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem", let us continue to pray. Blessings to you Susan, and I thank you for all you do.

marallyn ben moshe said...

what a touching and beautiful post...i am privileged to be living in jerusalem now for 37 years and i still get a catch in my throat as i pass by the old city...thanks for caring and means a lot...bless you

michelle f said...

Awesome....we are living in interesting times eh?!

jennifer said...

Susan, check out the caption contest winners! Thanks for the great caption!

Pam said...

Thanks for posting this! The photo of the paratroopers brought a big lum to my throat! God bless you Susan!

PortraitofPeter said...

Thank you so very much Susan for your kind thoughts and prayers of little Madeleine McCann.

We continue to pray for Madeleine's safe return to her loving family.