Thursday, June 28, 2007


Pearls of Wisdom was kind and nominated me for this Rockin' Girl Blogger Award today.

Sweet Lyndy at Oh Fiddle-dee-de had given me Honorable Mention for the same award yesterday.

I am certainly honored by this from these two. BUT I also have to say I find it humorous

because I never, in a million years, would put the adjectives

Rockin' or Girl

to me!!!!!

So now, I am supposed to pick five women to nominate.

Linds of Rocking Chair Reflections - Linds is one of my Great Britain friends. She is one I connected with very early on in my LONG 5 month blogging life!!! Linds is a fantastic writer. She often leaves me laughing out loud with her wit and I enjoy that. But Linds goes so much deeper than that. She writes with such truth and honesty and shares herself so openly. Linds lost her deal, loving husband just a year ago and has chronicled her ups and downs as her life has been turned up and down with this moment and fact of live that none of us are ever prepared for. Linds, if anyone deserves the ROCKIN' GIRL AWARD it is YOU.

Leigh Ann of Momma Roar - This young momma of 3 truly roars and she truly rocks!! Leigh Ann was about one of the very first people to comment on my blog as I gingerly took my first faltering steps of blogging. We have been thick from that first comment. Leigh Ann is witty beyond belief and has such a great sense of humor. BUT Leigh Ann also has a depth and maturity about her that I marvel at with one so young. She has literally "held my hand" and had the patience of Job in trying to teach me some of the fancy tricks of blogging. I appreciate you so much Leigh Ann as you well know. You are truly a ROCKIN' GIRL.

Jennifer of Pen-of-Jen - The Pen of Jen is a powerful pen. Jennifer falls into a Rockin' category all her own. She writes with such conviction and amazes me with how well informed she is on social issues. She is a happily married Home School mom of 4 children and so on fire for the Lord. You can tell from her writings what a close knit family they are. She has truly become a wonderful and close friend. Jennifer there should be a special ROCKIN' GIRL CATEGORY just for you.

Ginger of Just a Thought - Sweet and gentle are the words to describe Ginger. She is a very special person who truly loves the Lord and has a wonderful testimony. She is the mother of 3 grown daughters and honestly shares her struggles with her youngest leaving home. Gingers site is always a sight for your eyes with the wonderful and interesting graphics she uses. Ginger has that special knack of making everyone feel special and appreciated. She is one special SWEET ROCKIN' GIRL.

Myrna of Cherish...the Word - Talk about grace under fire and you are talking about this sweet woman. Myrna you are an inspiration to me as you walk the walk and demonstrate such grace, joy and enthusiasm. You amaze me and you surely are one super special ROCKING GIRL who earns this award.

I do appreciate this award but truly the biggest award to me are the

people who encourage me daily by visiting my blog, reading what I have

to say, and leaving wonderful comments that encourage me.

And then the privilege of reading all the wonderful blogs and what you post.

You make me laugh, cry and THINK!!! Most of all you make me

realize how very wonderful the Body of Christ is.

That's an AWARD!!!!!


Nadine said...

Congrats to you! You deserve the award. I would so use the term "rockin girl" to you.

Mountain Mama said...

You deserve the award. You put a lot of work and fun into your blog and it shows. Congratulations!

MightyMom said...

Congrats!! I've enjoyed your blog immensely. I have added you to my Blog Roll so that I (and the 3 or 4 who visit me) can get to you easily. I've been to PenofJen and liked it a lot. I'll try the others you nominated. Have a blessed night.

annie said...

You do rock Susan! I love visiting your blog and love when you visit mine too!

Lyndy said...

Susan, I enjoy your blog immensely and I am so pleased to have found you online. Isn't it amazing how God has united all of us blogging girls online. A true blessing.

jennifer said...

Susan Hip Hip Hooray!!!

I am like you, rockin girl?

Well of course I am flattered, because of you picking me. You humble me with your words, yet I am so pleased to be seen as I believe I am...on Fire FOR THE LORD!

This was a fun way to wind up the evening, thanks so much
((HUGS)) from one rockin' girl to another:o)

Susan said...

Yes ma'am you most certainly are a rockin' girl!! I LOVE your place, as I think you know.

Many Hugs to you.

:-) Susan

lorenzothellama said...

Re: Maalie's blog. Actually it was a tram he went into. They are a bit like your streetcars, but they are very old fashioned. New trams are now coming out, in Manchester for instance, but they are more like little trains.
Double decker buses are ok, but if you go on top it can be a bit smelly as that's where the smokers go. We have a new law coming in on 1st July which bans smoking in any public indoor place.

Pearls of Wisdom said...

You are so sweet , funny and insightful ! I just love your blog. Thanks for when you do stop by mine I love the comments and interaction with all you lovely bloggers. You are so right it is the comments and friendships with all the wonderful bloggers I am meeting that means the most too.

Smiles and Blessings,

Angel ( Angel Mama) ():)

Diane @ Candid Reflections said...

I work hard to have a nice blog with thought provoking posts. Rock on Girl! :-)

Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Congrats, Susan! You certainly ROCK in my book.

Momma Roar said...

You rock Susan! And thank you for your sweet, sweet words! I am so happy to have found you in this world of blog!

You are One Top Rockin' Girl!!

Linds said...

Congratulations, Susan... I definitely see you as a rocking girl! And thanks so much for naming me as one of yours! The girls I teach would be rolling on the floor with laughter! Hmmmm. I have some serious blogging to do this weekend.

diana said...

congratulations. i think you are rockin'. would you rather be called mom, or grandma, or how about woman! whatever you think, many would thing you're rockin' and well deserving of the award.

Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend, I think you rock from head to toe! I am always amazed by everthing you write and the wisdom you have passed on to me is beyond my conprehension.

I will forever be grateful to my Lord for bringing us together.

Love ya my friend!

Myrna said...

Oh Susan,
You are a sweetheart. I have been basically off the computer for a couple of days--doing things irl. I am delighted and honored you chose me for an award! Thank you!

I will be posting my choices later today.

I'll be sending an email in a little while.

Ruth said...

Congrats on your award. You most certainly deserve it. You have a most interesting and diverse blog!!