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I featured Suzy Blue in Friday's SHOW & TELL post.

First I have to say we DID own a hot-air balloon named Suzy Blue, we do not now own a hot-air balloon.

We sold her in 1984 after moving to Albuquerque.

The following things were listed in my 100 post

These give a brief run down of how we became the owner of her.

90. In 1979 we were invited by some friends to go to the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. We had no interest, or knowledge, about hot air balloons but being from NM and Albuquerque where we went almost annually anyway we said "sure".

91 Our first glimpse of a hot air balloon is what they call the dawn patrol. They put up just a few balloons right at sun rise. When we saw that first balloon light up like a light bulb in the sky we were so excited.

92 We returned from the Fiesta and Mickey began training for his Hot Air Balloon Pilot License and we ordered a balloon!!! When it arrived on May 19, 1981 we named her "Suzy Blue".

93. When Marc was 14 he began taking lessons for his Pilot License and had a big write-up in the Tulsa World as the youngest student pilot ever in Tulsa. (I'll blog about this at a later date)

94. One of the people who flew in "Suzy Blue" is Anthony M*a*s*o*n. He worked for one of the local TV stations and took the ride and reported about it. Anthony Mason is now a news reporter on one of the 3 national TV networks. (Can't remember but I think it's CBS).

95. The local morning radio celebrity of the day, John E*h*r*l*i*n*g did an actual morning broadcast from "Suzy Blue" live.

96. "Suzy Blue" was the 3rd hot air balloon in Tulsa. The 3 of us, all close friends, were featured on the cover of The Tulsa Magazine.

97. We got a lot of attention every time we would fly. We would look down and it would kind of be like Pied Piper with all the children (cars) following.

This picture of Suzy Blue appeared on the cover of Tulsalite Magazine July, 1981 The insert below About the cover: reads

Five years ago there were approximately 700 hot-air balloons in the nation.

Today that number is up to more than 2500 and is growing rapidly - and the Tulsa

area is no exception. Readying for the lift-off at 31st & Memorial, the hot-air

balloons pictured on this month's cover are the colorful aircraft of

Tulsa balloonist Mickey Joyce, Ken Cook and Ron Thompson.

Tulsa Balloon Club member Don Clear captured the event on film.

For more on the fastrising sport, see page 36.

Suzy Blue is on the left. Center balloon is Wind Drifter & Cloud Hopper is right.

Pilot Mickey Joyce beside the chase vehicle. You can see-Follow Me....I Chase Balloons-painted on the tailgate. And follow us they did!! Every balloon has a chase crew and a chase vehicle. The chase crew helps with setting up the balloon for the inflation, the inflation itself and launching the balloon. After the balloon is in the air and drifting off all the crew jump in the back of the pick-up for the chase which is loads of fun. We had wonderful chase crews and always more volunteers than we needed. All of our chase crew wore the yellow Suzy Blue T-Shirts like Mickey is wearing.

This picture was taken at a Balloon Rally in Memphis at Memphis in May held Friday, May 22, 1981 through Sunday, May 24, 1981. We had just received Suzy Blue and she had taken her maiden flight in Tulsa on May 19th. This was the first rally she & Mickey flew in. Mickey won the 3rd place prize of $175 in the Hound & Hare Race on Saturday morning.. We landed on 3 different property owners during those 3 days and the first couple whose property we landed on won the Property Owners Drawing of a new TV. It was an exciting time for all of us, especially since Mickey's brother Doug, sister-in-law Helen, & nephew, Steve lived in Memphis and got to participate with us in all the fun.

See Mickey Mouse sitting on the basket? Every balloon has a mascot and of course we purchased Mickey before the balloon was even delivered. He made each and every flight that Suzy Blue ever flew sitting right there. He currently resides in our guest bedroom. He's a little dirty and scuffed up from all his adventures but dearly loved and holds precious memories.

Mickey is 47 and I am 42 in this picture and yes I use to be thin! The hat I am wearing has various balloon pins on it. We had a Suzy Blue balloon pin that was given to each person who flew in the balloon, plus those who helped us crew. Each balloonist had pins made of their balloon.

This is a picture that was taken of us near an apartment complex near down town Tulsa one evening. If you look closely you can see the Oklahoma flag hanging off the left side of the balloon. We always flew the flag each time we would fly.

As you can imagine we have 100's of balloon pictures!! I just tried to pick out a few for this post. This is one of my favorites. I am the one in the yellow shirt, of course Mickey and then another good friend of ours. We were just taking off and this shot was taken shooting straight up at us. You can see the star design that the blue and white colors formed. Again if you look carefully toward the top of the picture you can see the Oklahoma Flag.

As you can imagine we had LOTS of adventures and experience with Suzy Blue and I will be sharing some more of those with you in future posts. Hope you enjoyed meeting her and learning a little about her.


Momma Roar said...

I certainly did enjoy meeting her and reading of your adventures. How fun! As you already know, this is something I'd love to do sometime. Early Sunday mornings, on our way to church, we often see them and I always think how enjoyable that would be and how neat to see my town from above!
I'm so glad you shared this today!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I loved this post. Is there anything that you have not done????

I think that this is another reason that I love you so much. I love adventure, and clearly you do too!

Mickey for mascot,and Mickey...very cute!

I think you have a book inside waiting to be written!
Jen(penofjen...not logged in)

PEA said...

Wow, that is absolutely awesome, to have owned a hot air balloon and made so many memories with it!! I so enjoyed reading about Suzy Blue and seeing the pictures...such an exciting time for you & Mickey!! xoxo

Susie said...

Very enjoyable post! How did she get her name? (I know the Suzy must be from you, but where did the blue come from?)
We went up in a hot air balloon just once. Loved it, but I have no desire to do it again..
Love the Mickey Mouse mascot!

inspired said...

yes another wow from Me ;o]

Maalie said...

That looks exciting! That experience is something for me to look forward to!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I just love hearing your stories...sounds like lots of fun times were had with Suzy Blue. I love your mascot too. It's so neat that you still have him!

I am afraid of heights so I don't think I would ever be able to ride in a hot air balloon but sure think they are beautiful!

Jungle Mom said...

You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm so afraid of heights. I love to see the balloons, but would never ever get in one!!!

Awesome to read about Susan!

Linds said...

How wonderful to have had your own balloon! I flew in one for the first time for my 50th birthday, and it was amazing. The landing was a little bumpy, but we laughed so much as we piled in a heap on the very tiny pilot! I must post a photo soon.We have a balloon festival here every year, and it is the 2nd biggest one in the UK. We often go chasing the balloons, and they fly over my house most mornings and evenings. I just love seeing them.

Barbara said...

Such fun and so interesting. What a whale of a time you must have had in Suzy Blue.
An interesting point of comparison. In this country one cannot chase a balloon.

jar said...

What a great story and photos.

Julieann said...

Truely Amazing!!! I just loved all the pictures and reading all about Suzy--what a fascinating lady you are:)


Lori B said...

That was fun to read and see pictures of your hot air balloon. Thanks for sharing with us.

Myrna said...

Wonderful! I'm sure you have many happy memories of flying in Suzy Blue. Thanks for sharing some of them with us.


That was lots of fun. I have never known anyone before who had a hot air ballon much less rode in one. You have had a very full life. connie from Texas

Ruth said...

That sure looks like fun!! What an experience to have. You have LIVED life, that's for sure! =o)

Lyndy said...

Wow Susan thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed learning more about Suzy Blue. I had no idea that you needed a Hot Air Balloon Pilot License but it does make sense.

I hope you have a blessed week my friend and I look forward to hearing more about Suzy Blue.


Anita said...

Hi Susan!

Oh, I so much enjoyed reading the story of your Suzy Blue and I am looking forward to more adventures! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Bet wishes from Germany,

Sandy said...

Fascinating to read this!!! Great show and tell..

Karen said...

Wow, some fabulous photos. All those early mornings though :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, this may sound really crazy, but I am trying to look up an old friend from Tulsa and I think he might be your son. I did a search for "Marc Joyce" and your site showed up.I met him at Skate World in Tulsa around 1980 when he had just turned 12 I think. He was my first "boyfriend" and I went to his house once. All I can remember is that it was out in the country and his dog only had 3 legs and that his parents had a hot air balloon. Once we chased the ballon then got to ride in the basket in the back of the truck. Anyway, to this day I remember him as one of the most kindest,and generous person I have know with such a great heart. I would love say HI and to touch base to see how his life has turned out (I last talked to him around 1984). If this sounds like your son please give him my email address, if not thanks for reading my blog!