Thursday, July 12, 2007


...........When one is in a motel room with 2 sleeping grand children and a sleeping husband and it's 3 a.m. and one can't sleep? You can't turn on the TV with everyone sleeping in the same room!!! Well, if the motel has a computer in the lobby and you are a blogging addict you get up, get dressed and come on down!!!!

Situations arise even in the midst of fun outings and vacation time. It's due to our "situation' that I awoke at 2 a.m. and laid their for an hour before I came to the lobby.

Tuesday the car began to "act up". So yesterday morning Mickey has decided he'll drop us off at Oceans of Fun and he'll take our beautiful '93 Red Cadillac to the dealership and have it checked out. We are very close to Oceans of Fun but the car barely makes it. So Mickey calls our towing service to have the car towed to the dealership. Thank goodness we did make it to the park so the kids and I go in. Mickey sits and wait 2 hours for the wrecker :o( Bless his heart he never complains!!

Oksana & Aric had a blast at the water park. All kinds of water rides and junk to eat. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Cooler than the day at Worlds of Fun and thank goodness because we all have a little sun burn as it is.

Back to the car "troubles". It is the transmission. YIKES!!! Mickey rents a car and comes to get us at 4:30. Thank goodness Oksana has a cell phone. We are all starving because all we've had to eat is junk food. We find a Chili's and have a great meal and then head to the dealership to look at new cars.

Sooooo here we are in Kansas City with an 8 years old and a 12 year old, lots of luggage and a situation to be rectified. What are we going to do?

Option 1 - call Marc to come get the children and we'll wait to have the car repaired.

Option 2 - Rent a truck and a trailer and tow the car back to Tulsa.

Option 3 - Buy a new car!

Option 4 - Buy a used car!

Option 5 - Throw our hands up and give up!!!!!!!!

Well, option #5 is out so that's good news :o)

Now you can understand why I am blogging at 4 a.m.

One thing I know for sure..........this may have taken us by surprise but it hasn't taken God by surprise. Another thing I know for sure.......God has his plans and purposes even in situations that befall us like this and He is for us and not against us and that in the end it will all be alright. (As I typed that I thought of something else.....our daughter, Jacque's, personal license plate reads "Alright" because that has been how we've raised our kids!!!)

All you prayer warriors out there........please pray for us that we clearly hear God and do the right thing.


inspired said...

pray gone up

Momma Roar said...

"Well, if the motel has a computer in the lobby and you are a blogging addict you get up, get dressed and come on down!!!!"

I must say - that this made me BURST out laughing!

Oh goodness, Susan, I am lifting you all up in prayer and I know that God will direct your steps.

I also hope that you were able to get some sleep!


Kristie said...

I am praying I wonder what the hotel staff thought when they spotted you at the computer at 4:00am!!!!!!!! Probably 'mmmmmmmmmmm Must be another one of them Blog Addicts!!'

Sorry to hear of your car troubles.

Anonymous said...

YES my friend...I am praying!

diana said...

oh my... what a dilema. you sound pretty calm about it all, tho. that's good. how's mickey doing?

i know from experience how stressful all this can be. all of you will be in my prayers.

PEA said...

Well my goodness, it's no wonder you couldn't sleep! The hotel staff must have though "yup, there's a computer addict for sure"!! hehe Love it! I do hope everything resolves just never know when you'll get car troubles but it's usually when you're travelling and on vacation!!! xoxo

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Oh Susan...What to do??!! I just love your attitude about things....I know I have said this before but I wish I were more like you. I worry about things all the time...always have and am trying to learn to trust myself and the Lord! I will say a prayer for you and hope your day goes better today.

Larissa said...

Prayers are your way!!! Sorry about all the trouble you are having, but you have a great attitude.

Sandy said...

OOh wow Susan...I can just imagine ...I hope everything works out. I was born in Kansas City by the way and lived there until I was 10...

I wanna know how this all turns out.. I'll be checking back. At least the kids are having fun at the water park...

weavermom said...

Oh Penless! Praying for you that the car thing will work out smoothly and your path will be very clear.

(And if you want a "it could be worse" - at least the kids are 8 & 12 and not 3 & 6! ha ha)

Lori B said...

Your are in my thoughts and prayers.
It is no fun to have your car problems when on vacation.

Lyndy said...

Praying for sure. Bless you heart. I just love how you keep such a wonderful attitude even when faced with "situations".

Hugs, Lyndy

jennifer said...

Susan, I quickly posted this morning and was out the door for dental appointments...So I am praying right now ...God knows our every need.

I thought of you so much today and now I know why..

Take care and get some rest

((hugs)) from NM

Ruth said...

Well, the one good thing about all of this is that when it's over, your car situation will be better. =o) So sorry you are having problems. Car problems have a tendency to stress me out. I had a good chuckle at your description of blogging in the lobby at 4 a.m. You are great!!

Jungle Mom said...

Thank God for motel lobby computers! Now I know to pray for you.

Pam said...

Praying even now!

You must not require much sleep! LOL I read another post of a time when you were blogging and others were sleeping! Be safe and we know God will lead you and Mickey in your choice!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Isn't something how God works when we find things are "inconvenient" as far as our plans? His plan is good but oh how hard it is to let our plans go... but He's right there with us, praise the Lord.

Pearls of Wisdom said...

Oh my Susan I am so sorry and will be praying for you. I am glad you got up though so I could read your posts....Oh my I think I have been on too much too. Will be praying.
BTW love your new look Momma Roar did and excellent job.

Angel ( Angel Mama )