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Barbara of Ramblings from an English Garden passed this award to me.

The purpose of the award is to, in the words of the originator of the award, make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you . Five bloggers who, when you reflect on them, you get a sense of joy at knowing them and being blessed by them.

This award is for the best-of-the-best so consider who you pick carefully. This award should not be given to just anyone. If you're going to do the award don't just write a few words and slap it on your blog. Write real thoughts about these bloggers and what they've meant to you. If the bloggers you pick have already been given the award, don't be afraid to give it to them again. They deserve it as many times as it's given.

These are the kind words Barbara wrote about me.

Susan of Penless Writer. For me, Susan writes from the heart and she is not afraid to appear controversial. She has a solid Christian faith that she is able to explain clearly and simply in her writing, based on the knowledge of who she is in Christ. No sugar-coated sentimentality, just living life and truth as she sees it.

These are such kind words and I only hope I can live up to them.
I do try and be authentic and real.
My Lord and my family are the most important things to me.

I desire that my blog reflect that.

I truly take these awards seriously, both in receiving them and in passing them on to others. I think all of us in Blogland endeavor to give of our very best as we spend the time and effort to communicate to our readers. Many blogs delight me for various reasons and there is room and space for many type blogs in this wonderful arena. This particular award carries the requirement of being a Godly example.

I previously made 5 choices for this same award on July 7th and invite you to review those selections here.

Here are my current 5 choices for the Blogger Refection Award

Susan of Learning for Lifetime. Susan is a fireball of energy and dedication to her family of a loving husband and 4 boys. She extends this energy and dedication to her professional life as well. She is one of those woman who seems to be handling it all with grace and charm. Susan is a very thoughtful, compassionate, deep thinker. Many, many times her posts make me think seriously about our world and our Christian commitment. I appreciate that you do that Susan and you are a Godly example of true caring.

Big White Hat is a Texan. (Could you tell?!) He is the devoted father of an autistic son. His love, attitude and appreciation for his son is to be envied. While BWH writes on various and sundry things his love of family, God, Church and his strong faith stand out loud and firm. Another Godly example to all of us.

Karen of Karen's Ramblings is a new found blogger for me. I am glad I found her. She lives way down under in New Zealand. Karen is a young woman with a deep faith and understanding of God's word. In the short time I have been blessed to read her blog I have been impressed with her Godly example in everything she writes.

Brin of My Messy, Thrilling Life. This is another very recent find for me. Brin is a young 23 year old single woman. Her blog contains beautiful pictures and is a joy to view. It is her superb writing skill and her depth of the message of God and His word that inspires me. Brin is a Godly example.

Jennifer of Pen-of-Jen. I gave this award to Jennifer in my first selections. I really wanted to pass this one along to people who were fairly new to me but I just had to include Jennifer again. Jennifer is one of the most uncompromisingly strong bloggers I have found. She writes with a conviction and passion that is not only real but very well informed. I know of no one who sets a more Godly example in her writings and her life than Jennifer. I am honored to call her "friend".

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bigwhitehat said...

How very nice.

Susan, since I have received this honor before, I will just add something to the post I wrote a little while back.

But, I will do something else special for you. I'll let you know later.

inspired said...

;o) very encouraging

justabeachkat said...

Congratulations...another award! You go girl!


jennifer said...

Susan Thank you so very much!!! I will be back to visit, I am off to the fair again! For more information check out!
Love ya jen!

Aunt Jenny said...

Congratulations!! I love reading your certainly deserve the award!!

Karen said...

Wow Susan thank you so much. Your words are so kind and encouraging. I value them. I am so glad you received this award as well, so very deserved.

fairmaiden said...

thank you Susan for coming to visit Sea Cottage and for the sweet thoughts! I'm always happy to meet another lover of Jesus. And I love the midwest...we lived in Kansas City area for 18 the people. My mom's side of the family are all from Nebraska and so I have a 'prairie girl' heart.

annie said...

You are a very reflective blogger Susan and very deserving of this!
I just love you and visiting you here.

Kids and K9s said...

that's really great... congratulations! ~ kim

Nesting For Natalie said...


You are an award winner again and again :)! And you totally deserve it!!

I loved the post abpout the seeds from Germany. Isn't it fun to meet people from all over in such a nice way!

Amy C
BTW You SAW Judy Garland!!! Ahhhh, that is amazing! Lucky you :)

Mountain Mama said...

COngrat's. You certainly do deserve this award,and I agree with Barbara. She knows you well.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another well-deserved award, Susan!! This description describes you to a T!!!! =)

Lori said...

Congrats on your award.
You do deserve it. You are genuinely nice all the time.

jennifer said...

Susan I am experiencing some technical trouble on Pen of feel free to visit at my new temporary home

jennifer said...

Hey Susan I am back!!

Tammy said...

Congratulations on your very deserved award! :)

And now I'll have to visit some of the friends you mentioned!

Momma Roar said...

Congrats to you and those you've named!!

Barbara said...

I saw that youhad done this when I v isited yesterday.

Brin said...

Congrats, Susan, on your award, and thanks for passing it on! I'm continually blessed by your daily comments on my blog. Thanks for the award!

My best,