Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Saturday, August 25th found Jacque, Mickey & I busy cleaning her newly purchased house and beginning the first feeble steps of turning it into a home.

On our way over we stopped and picked up doughnuts for all who would happen by, and us too of course!!

First things first-Mickey anointed all four entrance doors with oil and the three of us prayed that everyone who enters will be blessed and that God will rule and reign in this place.

Then began the cleaning and I mean it was real time cleaning because it needed it. Jacque tackled the master bath and I took on the main bathroom. Lots and lots of elbow grease in those areas. Mickey was busy cleaning out the outside gutters. As he said, "It bothers me to see tress's growing off the roof"! Now it wasn't quite that bad but weeds were growing out of them.

Then Mickey and I tackled washing some of the windows. The house was built in the 60's and I don't believe they had EVER had the storm windows removed and all four panes washed, We did the living room, front storm door, sliding den door, dining room, & kitchen windows.
In between the cleaning we had to stop as a few pieces of new furniture was delivered. The couch barely squeezed through the front door and took Mickey & Jacque's help to do so. Didn't help that it was super heavy.

Here's the new sofa. Not in place but in the room
During this time Marc, Oksana & Aric came by to see the house for the first time.

This is the new entertainment center. It is unfinished but will be stained to match the wood on the sofa & love seat.

Here is the matching love seat.

This was a VERY welcome sight!! Suzette brought over boxed lunches for the 4 of us from Jason's Deli. Yummy!! Ham or Turkey sandwich, potato chips, dill pickle, mayonnaise, mustard, chocolate chip cookie and mint.
This hard working, very hungry crew greatly appreciate these as the four of us sat down in the middle of the den floor to eat.

After our very brief lunch rest Jacque & I began lining the kitchen cupboards with shelf paper.
We worked for 6 1/2 hours and were all worn out and decided to call it a day.
Mickey & I had been invited out to a 6 o'clock dinner for 12 at some dear friends.
We rushed home, I checked my e-mails (a must do!!), jumped into the tub, got dressed and rushed out the door for dinner.
I must admit we were so tired and worn out we certainly were not the life of the party but as always had a great meal and wonderful fellowship.

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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Wow...hop on over to my sure could use a good cleaning too.

Love the sofa and loveseat...looks gorgeous!

I finally completed the challenge you gave me a few days ago...pop on over and check it out!

Momma Roar said...

Her place will look gorgeous and you will be blessed for all your hard work!

What a day - but its fun to document with the pictures!!

jennifer said...

Oh Susan, Isn't that the best kind of tired though?

I love the is beautiful!I love the prayer for the home.
Love this and can't wait to see the furniture stained and all in place!!

Amydeanne said...

Sounds like what I'm doing... after being offline for 40 days, I'm still swamped under boxes!

weavermom said...

How exciting! The furniture is beautiful!

Lori said...

How wonderful that you could help your daughter move....clean her new home.
Moving is lots of work...we just helped my sister with moving and cleaning.

Love the new sofa and entertainment center.

Loved your comment about "must check the email again before going out the door again." HeHe! I do that too.

Kristie said...

What a beautiful home and now a clean one as well!!! I am sure many will be blesses that walk thru the doors!!

diana said...

i bet your daughter's place is starting to really sparkle. and i'm sure she's very thankful for the help.

MightyMom said...

I love building my nest right after a move. It's so fun to find the right spot for each treasure!
Wishing her all the best with her fresh start!

annie said...

Wow, good job Susan. I especially love the blessing you gave the house to begin with, lovely.

Susie said...

Her new house is quickly turning into her home with all your loving help.
I know she'll be very happy here!

Betty said...

Such a satisfying feeling to see what all has been accomplished at the close of a busy day......

We had friends when building their house had everyone write a scripture verse on the door facings and studs before they were finished.....they are surrounded by scripture.....

Thanks for the visit....Betty

PEA said...

It certainly is a lot of work when you have to clean a house from top to bottom but it's so worth it once it's all done and sparkling:-) I just love her new sofa and loveseat...I'm just so excited for her!!!! xox

Anonymous said...

I'm not really blogging, hehe. I miss you! Texas is wonderful!! We went to eat and I thought of YOU :(

So happy about your daughter moving in. Linds and Beto's place is so wonderful. How awesome of Mickey to pray and annoint the house. Wish we would have done that here...we will when we leave.

Love you!

Lyndy said...

Lots of hard work but I know you are both glad to help her out.

The furniture is beautiful. I know she will have fun making it into a home.

Hugs, Lyndy

Tracy said...

Moving in is so exciting,and I'm glad that she had good help!

Nadine said...

Looking very good. What a blessing to have extra hands to help move in and especially to clean. You're awesome.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am so, so happy for them and my best wishes for them in the new home!

Ruth said...

You sure worked hard that day! I'm sure you will be back over there, too, to help out some more. Great parents are such a blessing to have...and you and Mickey certainly fit into that category!!

Pam said...

The furniture is beautiful and how thoughtful of Suzette to bring lunch!

Congrats on your 6 months of blogging. What an adventure huh?

I have a leather copy of "My Utmost For His Highest" which a dear friend gave me years ago for my birthday. I have read it each morning! That is neat that we have that in common.

I think it is just awesome that Mickey prayed over the entrances of your daughter's home.I got chill bumps reading that nad again just now while typing about it!!

inspired said...

Helping Hands R Uz ;o]