Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This young girl has been missing for two days. Please go to her mothers site, here, to learn more and then join in prayer for not only this young girl but for her hurting mother.

Dawn, had this link on her blog this morning. Thank you Dawn for posting this and alerting us and calling us to pray.

Addendum: Her mother just posted an additional picture of her with her sunglasses on but blogger is acting up and would not let me post it here at this time.

Here is additional information I did not have earlier:

Margarita "Magui" Martinez
DOB: 4-19 1994
MISSING: 3-10-2008
I am posting this picture of my Ladybug with her sunglasses on. Due to her RP, if outdoors, she will be wearing sunglasses. She has photophobia. She also has nighblindness and tunnel vision.

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annie said...

I'll keep them in my prayers.

diana said...

will be praying. there sems to be a rash of young girls missing. i can only imagine what the mother is going through.

Alisun@ABrookeInTheForest said...

saying a prayer, I would think this to be a worst fear.

Short Stop said...

Oh my. I just prayed for her safe return home.

Pam said...

Bless their hearts! Prayers were just now lifted up and will be offered again throughout the week. Thanks for sharing this Susan.

Anonymous said...

OMG thanks for the information

Anonymous said...

Too much for a mother to carry alone! I will pray.

Thanks for your note :D.

Mountain Mama said...

I pray she will return safe and soon. It's an awful thing for a parent to go through. I pray peace for her loved ones.

Diane said...

Oh Dear God--please bring this young girl home to her! Keep her safe from her directly her Mom and to You.

Such sadness and sorrow.

Bless this mother's aching heart......give her the peace that passeth all understanding and the hope found only in You.



Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Praying dear Susan... a parent's worst nightmare for sure.

TJ said...

She is definitely in my prayers. And I pray for the adults out there that may see her, that they will step in!

Locally they just identified a body that was found burned. 14 years old and they believe she died of a drug overdose. The worst part... the Tacoma police consider it case closed because she ran away. What of all the adults that did nothing to help her? It is so sad when we fail to help protect children. I pray that will not be the case for her!

Autumn said...

I found out about this from Pea, and posted too. I am praying she returns home safe