Saturday, March 8, 2008


It's been a typical busy week at our house so I thought I would recap it here.

A week ago last Friday night our Church hosted what we hope will be an on-going thing. A gospel singing group. They were from Nashville and were very good and we had a large crowd for the first time. Our Tulsa friends, Don & Barbara, came out and joined us and we ate pizza at Mazzio's before attending the concert.

On Saturday Mickey and I both worked at Angel Food Ministry. Our church is involved in this ministry for this area. People sign up the first of the month and pay $30 and then on the last Saturday of the month come and pick up a complete box of groceries. It is a real help and aid to people and they come from all the little towns around here.

On Sunday we had David, and Marc, Oksana & Aric over for a pot roast dinner after church.

On Tuesday I worked at the church from 11 to 2, along with another woman, for people to sign up for their Angel Food Box at the end of the month. This was also the day we awoke to the beautiful 6 1/2" snow fall.

Wednesday of course was Church. Our pastor has been teaching a series on the miracles of the Bible on Wednesday nights. His teaching tonight was "Not the Miracle You Expected" and it was sooooo good.

Wednesday was also the day we had to pull our Mike Huckabee sign out of our front yard since the Republican side of the campaign is now settled. We do not yet have a McCain sign but we will obtain one and we do and will support McCain.

Thursday was Grandparents Day at Aric's school. The 3rd graders were from 10:30 to 11. Mickey went into work late so he could attend. I can't believe I forgot the camera, but I did so no pictures!!!! Early that morning the phone rang and it was Aric telling me (Grandma) to be sure and bring some money for the book fair they were having because he only had $11!!!!!! When we got to the classroom Aric had to stand up and introduce us to his class. Then he had a series of questions to ask us. What were the prices of the following when we were in the 3rd grade: 1)bread (I wasn't sure of this one but thought it was 25 cents) - 2) soda pop - 5 cents - 3) postage stamp - 3 cents, and 4) a gallon of gas - 25 cents. WOW!!!!!! Then we went to the gym for snacks. At this point Grandpa left to go to work and Aric and I went to the Library for the book fair. I told him he could buy one book with his money and I would buy him another book. He selected one for $8 which he bought. Then he selected the one for me to buy. As we were waiting in line to pay for the 2 books he found another he wanted so I bought him 2 books. Yes, grandma was sure to bring some money with her for the book fair!!!!

After leaving Grandparents Day I then went over to Marc's work and he and I went out for lunch. I always enjoy my lunch dates with my son, Marc.

Yesterday was a BIG DAY in Coweta. Our new Walmart Super Center opened it's doors at 7:30a.m.!! We had a small Walmart but it carried very little so the entire community is excited to have this store and super market. I checked my mileage when I drove over and it is 3.3 miles. I'm so glad I won't have to drive 25 miles round trip to go to the grocery store any more. With the price of gasoline climbing weekly this is a real blessing. When I got there the parking lot was packed full and I had to hunt for a parking place.

Last night we had Suzette and Dave over for dinner and I fixed Enchiladas, pinto beans and flan for dessert. All very good I must say!! We had a delightful evening just visiting with our daughter and son-in-love. When they left there was a light covering of snow again.

Today at 3 we will be attending a wedding of a young couple in our church. As you can see, we live a very full, happy and busy life.


Several people commented on my Show & Tell yesterday about our having a craft store. It is something I always thought would be fun to do and a desire of my heart. Mickey & I have always been willing to step out and do things and to take chances. We have had the attitude that life is for living and that a rut is just a grave with the 2 ends knocked out and we never desired to fall into a rut.

We opened this little Craft store and called it Crafter's Showcase. We not only had some of our own craft items but we had booth spaces for other crafters. We signed a 2 year lease with great hope and expectations. In addition to the store we would do other local Craft Shows. Well we had a darling little shop and we had a good time but we did not make any money!!!!! In hind sight (isn't it always good) we had picked a location that was not on a main street and was a poor choice. Because we had signed the 2 year lease, and because we are people of our word and our commitments we continued to stay open the full 2 years. We basically were supporting the shop from Mickey's salary. I do not regret for one minute that we did this. You will not always be successful at everything you try but you must try.

Another desire of mine has always been to work in a bookstore. I still hope I will get a chance to do that at some point. This past September I had picked up an application for our local Christian bookstore to apply for a part time job over the Christmas holiday. Before I had filled out the application we got word that our son was moving back from California and I knew I had a more important job to fulfill.

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Anonymous said...

As our grocery bill continues to climb every week we continue to hope for a super Walmart. There is one about 1/2 hour or so from our house, but that's not worth the trip. The local store is not a super store. I understand your excitement!

Sounds like a very full and fun week. Mine has been full, but not nearly as fun as yours :)

diana said...

it does sound like you had a busy week - but filled with enjoyable things.

thanks for telling us about the craft store. i think that would be fun. and i've always wanted to work in a bookstore, too. in fact, i may be applying to a few after jake graduates.

Kansas Bob said...

Sounds like a busy week. I have heard good things about Angel Food.

PEA said...

Good morning dear Susan:-)

Sounds like you had a very full and busy week doing things you love doing! What a wonderful grandma you are to bring extra money for the book fair! hehe I just can't wait to become a grandma one day!! How exciting that you now have a super store WalMart...we have one here too and although I love it, it can sure be crowded!! Loved hearing about your craft mom had one too for a few years and I remember the joy she got out of it:-) As you say, though, you need to be on a main road for it to be successful. Hope you're having a fabulous weekend! It's frigid over here so I'm staying inside where it's nice & warm:-) xox

jennifer said...

Sunday after church at your house sounds YUMMY. The series on Not the Miracles you expected sounded wonderful (does he do tapes of his sermons?).

And your attitude about the craft store was so Positive! You are a super lady Susan. Jennifer

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I am sure you will love the super wal mart. that is where we shop and I save quite a bit on groceries.

Dawn said...

What a very busy week you've had! I like the prices at Super Wal-Mart, but don't like to make the drive there, nor the crowds that are there on Saturday! So I just keep going to King Soopers (Kroger) and get the sale items and use lots of coupons.

Have a great Sunday!

Betty said...

Hi Susan,

I hope you have had a good day and that your Sunday will be good as well.

You have really had a busy week. I'm glad you posted what all is going on with you. I wish we had a Super Walmart near us. The closest on is about 15 miles from us.

Have a good upcoming week.

Karla said...

What encouraging words! Thanks for sharing!

Musicaljean said...

I enjoyed this peek into your daily life.

Our area always puts up a HUGE fight whenever a WalMart tries to come in. There are two super Walmarts in our county now, but neither of them are close enough for me to do my weekly shopping there.

weavermom said...

If you're like me, if you get that job at the bookstore - you'll spend more than you make! :)

The craft store sounds like fun - I'm sorry it didn't make it, but I'm glad that you had fun doing it!

Bobbi said...

I consider you a very wise woman. A Titus mentor...please help me to explain or respond to posts like this...

This woman left a remark on my page about the guy leaving that long post (that you commented on about McCain)

Thanks, Hugs and Blessings!

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Oh what a wonderfully full life you lead dear Susan. One that is satisfied in your Father God. I'm glad that He supplied so wonderfully with a WalMart close by for groceries. I also enjoyed hearing about the craft store and your love of bookstores, but even more when you mentioned what job the Lord has for you right now. His plans are always best.

Ma Kettle said...

Your week sounds filled with excitement.

Thank you Susan for commenting on my post. I really wasn't wishing for sadness, and hope you know that. I really am ever so grateful where I am today.

Btw, I would love to work in a bookstore...someday maybe we both will lol

Momma Roar said...

Your story about your store reminds me of the one my mom talks of - my dad's mom ran it similar to how you guys did. I wish I had been older when she had it so I'd have more memories of it and her.

You do stay super busy, don't you? I think that's great - I have gotten good at staying busy just at home...well, I've had some help! ;-)

Our Peculiar Life said...

Sounds like a busy week!! Maybe I will see you at the new Walmart. We are so excited to have one so close to home! It is probably right in between our two houses!

Barbara said...

It's so great to be busy. Alan always wonders how he ever found the time to go to work.
Now that is new to me - a Grandparents day at school.
Is your craft store a regular thing.
Glad you no longer have to drive 25miles to a grocery store. I cannot imagine that.