Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have mentioned Freedom House several times.

This is a separate work that is being supported and established by our Church, Coweta Assembly of God. At the current time we have a 3 bedroom home that is being used for this ministry work, with plans to build a 2 story woman's facility on the back of our church property at a later date..

The Home Missionary over this work is Karen Coon. Karen has been interviewed by The 700 Club and her testimony will be shown tomorrow, May 15th, on the following channels:

Direct TV - ABC Family - Channel 311 - at 10 am, 11 pm, & 3 am - On TBN channel 312 at 3 pm and NRB - Channel 378 at 10 pm

Dish Network - ABC Family - Channel 180 - at 10 am, 11 pm, & 3am - On TBN channel 200 at 3 pm

Sky Angel - ABC Family - Channel 9712 - at 12 Noon, & 6 pm - On TBN - Channel 9709 at 3 pm = On TLN - Channel 9714 - at 11 am

Cable - ABC Farmily - Various Channels - at 10 am, 11 pm & 3 am - TBN - Various Channels at 3 pm

Sirus Radio - Channel 161 - at 12 noon

Freedom House is a work with woman coming out of prison. I know you will enjoy hearing about this work and Karen's personal testimony of her salvation and God's marvelous work in her life.

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annie said...

Okay this is weird.

She spoke at our ladies dinner last Thursday night.

Knit-Wit said...

It's great that she has a heart for this ministry.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great ministry, i'll have to see if i can catch it!

how's your knee healing?

Tammy said...

Sounds great...I think I've heard of Karen before (outside of your blog).

I just scrolled down and was catching up...I prayed for your surgery, and am so glad things went well. But yes, that photo makes my own leg hurt! LOL

I hope it is healing nicely...