Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MORE PROJECTS - Guttering & Rain Barrels

In case you didn't know it....I think I have one fantastic, amazing husband!!
Several weeks ago he replaced the guttering on the back of our home.
I didn't get any pictures during the process but here you can see the pretty, new, white guttering. I was amazed how quickly he did this project.
About the time I finally (this one he was not to thrilled about at first!) got my clothesline I told Mickey I wanted him to put some buckets out to catch the rain water. He was not to keen on the idea either!! Thought it was kind of silly but since I asked he got two 5 Gallon paint buckets and put them under each down spout in the back.
Somewhere along this time he decided this was a pretty good idea and that we needed to get a couple of rain barrels. We looked and couldn't find any barrels. Yesterday he said, "I want to go price two galvanized garbage cans to use as the rain barrels." I thought this was a great idea and off we went first to W*al*ly Wo*rld. They did not have any. They had only the plastic. Then we went to Lo*we's and found them. Then he said, "I'm going to get a couple of faucets to put on them". "What?!!! Can you do that?" "Sure", came the resounding answer. I figured he'd set out the barrels and in a couple of months, after our trip, and after re-cooping from his surgery he would add the faucets.

I hear all this racket in the garage and go out to see what is going on. He was drilling holes in the metal. Here he is adding a faucet to one of the barrels.

Shortly after we have 2 rain barrels with faucets!!!!

Here is the one on the north side of the house.

Here is the other on the south side of the house.
Wonderful, fresh rain water ..... and then all he has to do is attach the hose to the faucet to water the plants and shrubs. I am amazed!!!!
That's the way we seem to work. I come up with a small idea and he grabs hold of it, improves it greatly, and accomplishes it lickity split.

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Linds said...

Please send him over here - I could do with new gutters and rain barrels too! Brilliant indeed!

MightyMom said...

and he's pretty cute too!

Myrna said...

I'm just lurking around some today--I've been missing blogging and think I may give it another try soon. I never really quit--just haven't written in a while.

That MIckey!! I'm amazed and astonished at his creativity. wht a great idea you both cooked up! I know you will enjoy all that "free" water!

retha said...

Such a good plan!
And the plants is definitely going to give you reward for this.

Shirley said...

So very cool! Our husbands are so much alike, it is crazy. That is exactly how it works at our house, too. Although, he also (also Mickey, I am sure) thinks of plenty of great stuff on his own.

Dawn said...

What a great idea! I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

Yes Ma'am, you sure do have a great guy!

Desia said...

I have to agree with the others; a great idea.
I love my husband very much, but, unfortunately, so far, he has not turned out to be too much of a handyman (he has his moments) - hopefully it will still happen!

Nancy said...

You two surely are a team, what a guy, what a gal!!!!!

Maxine said...

You are so right and wouldn't mine like to have him come over and help with some projects going on in our family! You guys are so cute!!

Listen, friend, I just started a new series today--relates to the elections. Could you come over and answer the question I posed in today's post? Any of your readers are welcome too!

PEA said...

Well what a smart man you married! hehe I never would have thought of putting a faucet on a galvanized pail to use as a rain barrel! Brilliant!! xoxo

diana said...

as if we needed more reasons to know how wonderful, handy, and resourceful mickey is. i think you should keep him =) and you two make a great pair.

i love the rain barrel idea. i'm guessing that you could allow snow to fall into them and use the melt off also.

Ross' Cottage said...

I have never even thought to do this. We live in a rainy climate and this is a great idea for some summer watering. Which we don't need to do too often. I will have to share the idea with hubby.
Wishing you a good week. The kids are on the mend...I am tired but doing well. Thank you for your care!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's really cool Susan. You have been up to some really neat stuff lately.

Tina said...

I wholeheartedly agree Susan!! Mickey is awesome!

Thank you for remembering me on your calendar. Yes, isn't God so kind and good?

You are a precious treasure.

Juri said...

I am coming back to your blog tonight, when my husband gets home, and reading him this post...I just know it will inspire him!!! I have the husband who can do anything, although now and then he just needs a push!!! Love the idea of rain barrels!! Great Blog!!!!


Kelly said...

What a clever idea, and what a handy husband:-)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

You do have an amazing husband....it takes mine weeks and weeks and weeks and much of my nagging before he responds to my wants!

Momma Roar said...

A wonderful handyman indeed!

That is such a great idea! I try to remember to put a watering can under our front rain spout to water my plants on my covered front porch.

My dad has had a rain barrel for as long as I can remember and I think they are great water savers - and your idea is so great!