Thursday, October 30, 2008


Now is the time to walk on waves like Peter as we pray for these elections!

We must obey every prompting of the Lord instructing us how to pray, and every command He gives, even if it seems as crazy as walking on water.

We must keep our eyes on Jesus - not on the polls or the pundits, but on the risen Jesus who vanquished every principality & power on the cross!

Obeying the directions of the Lord has led us as a ministry to DC on several trips this month. We've participated in 24/7 prayer lifting up the cross of Christ on the Capitol grounds, seiged with LIFE tape at the Supreme Court, interceded at JHOP DC, and waged war in the heavenlies at Lafayette Park next door to the White House. We're going for one last prayer strike this weekend before the election.

Obeying the directions of the Lord has meant praying out of the revelation He's showed us:

Fasting as He directs us

Praying for the women voters of America to rise up as Deborah, and as Jael, who defeated the enemy with a tent peg - Judges 4

Believing for the women in the families of each of the candidates to have a revelation from God, as Pilot's wife did - Matthew 27:19

Declaring Jesus victorious over all principalities & powers, triumphing over them at the cross

Rebuking fear of economic uncertainty, as well as spirits of anarchy, racism, death, and occultic influence, in Jesus' name

Praying Psalm 91 protection over each candidate & his or her family

Prophesying Psalm 103 over the nation, that youth would be renewed like the eagle's, and for removal of transgression as far as the east is from the west

Proclaiming that Sarah Palin would fulfill her destiny in God's timing, and have a George Washington anointing of protection, statesmanship, and leadership

Asking for the cry for mercy to be louder than the cry for change

Proclaiming that strategy from heaven will be given to intercessors, as Joshua received strategy to defeat Jericho

How is God directing you to pray? Obey his promptings! If He calls you to pray with anyone, anywhere, in any specific way, obey Him with all your heart!

Obeying the directions of the Lord has led us to take our stand regularly in TheCause Prayer Room on Wednesday nights, to seek the mind of Christ & earnestly intercede on behalf of a nation at a piont of decision.

God is on the move in America. Let the Church walk on water for the elections, and the Awakening that is to come.

TheCause team

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Nancy said...

Very good message, with so many scripture verses to back it up.

Tammy said...

It's so easy to be worried right now about the outcome, but you are so right...God is in control and the important thing now to pray and trust in HIM!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Susan, this is wonderful! I'm going to print it out and use it as I pray. I was awake till 3 a.m. last night praying!

I'll also link it again to my Power of Prayer blog!


groovyoldlady said...

My trust is in God, not in politicians. I am praying for His will to be done and for His mercy on America.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...


Maxine said...

Oh my goodness! What a prayer! Praise God! This is an encouragement for all of us to seek the face of Him who holds this nation in His hands. Bless you, Susan. I love that phrase "Walk on waters for the elections." You go, Sister!

michelle said...

It has been strong on my heart...praying lots!!!!

Your post about your husband was precious. Fun seeing all the photos.