Monday, October 27, 2008


I had made the prayer group on Hearts in "1" Accord aware that Mickey was having a few post operative issues but did not post about it here on Penless at the time. We had to make yet another run to an emergency room last Wednesday night at 8 p.m. The lower incision on his leg, where they took out the vein for the bi-pass, began a slow bled that we could not stop. When we called EMC they felt it might need a stitch and suggested the emergency room. Turned out it was a "seep hole", a WHAT!!!!, that had been left for just this purpose. But it was also a little inflamed so they did 2 cultures on it and put him on a 5 day doze of antibiotics. The culture was to take 3 days, and as of my writing this we have not heard the result of that.

He has also been having a lot of stomach problems, not wanting to eat, not being able to sleep, etc. Anyway, as of today we seem to have gotten things under control and he is doing better beginning late yesterday afternoon.

Let me tell you.........I am not good at this Nurse Susan job. I am far too apprehensive in the fact I do not understand what to do or what is truly going on. I have complete and total faith in God, it's just ME I doubt.

Our House of Prayer meets on Friday nights less than a mile from our home and we were able to make it over there for about 30 minutes so that they could actually lay-hand on and prayer for Mickey. It was such a blessed time.

Marc had bought this cap for his dad at the VA Hospital for him to wear home the day he left the hospital. It reads "Korean Veteran". Since Marc did not have to come to help bring his dad home I got home with it without Mickey seeing it and waited until Marc came to the house to give it to his Dad.

Just a sweet picture of Aric that same evening.

A picture of Oksana texting on her phone and grandpa before the surgery.

A picture of Mickey on a little walk we try and take some days.


I am so upset with myself. Our beautiful and lovely granddaughter, Jessica, was over to see her granddad post surgery. We don't get to see a lot of Jessica because seems like she is always working whenever we have a family get together. I did not get a picture of her. grrrrrr makes me so angry. She is doing great in her college classes, all A's and one B in English Composition plus working at Ou*t Ba*ck St*eak Hou*se so she is plenty busy and we are very proud of her!!!!


When Dave & Suzette came over last Sunday to visit Mickey they rode Dave's new motorcycle so I had to get these pictures of it and them.

They finally agreed to pose but said, "We look awful"! No, they look like motorcycle riders and our kids.


Last, but by no means least.......I had a telephone call from Barbara, Ramblings From An English Garden, all the way from England. Barbara had called me once before, soon after I began blogging. It was such a pleasant surprise and we had a nice visit. I just love hearing her English accent!!!! Thanks again, Barbara, for brightening my day. This call came soon after our night time trip to the hospital. She had no idea about it......but God did!!!!


Pray and vote!!!!!

Sorry to my international readers for so much about our voting in this important election but we are at a very critical juncture in this country. It will be over in 9 more days and I'll be back to some other posts so please bare with me.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear all of this. I hope it's all over soon

Dawn said...

I'm glad things have improved some - I would have a hard time nursing such a critical process, too!

I don't know what is up with your Reader - is that something like Bloglines? Does it work even though I'm private? I miss people being able to pop over and read - that's why I don't do Show and Tell any more, because not everyone could come over for a visit. Really sad what other people's actions cause to happen to us, isn't it?

Susan Kelly Skitt said...

Dearest Susan, I will be praying for your dear hubby's continued recovery. I enjoyed seeing pictures of your precious family. My boys (including my hubby) would love that motorcyle!

Take care and if you get a chance, I'm having a very special guest today on my blog who is sharing tips on how to simplify the holidays :)

Susie said...

Susan I am praying for your Mickey and that the cultures will be fine. I know how hard it can be to deal with post op issues. May God heal Mickey completely.

Please pray for my husband's grandmother. I posted about her situation just a few minutes ago.

Hugs and prayers,

Susie said...

Hi Susan,
I was sorry to read of Mickey's little setback. I can well understand how nursing him through this would make you apprehensive. It's major surgery! Bill's dad had it many years ago and often said that his leg wound gave him more pain than his chest wound.
My prayers are with you both.

Betty said...

I hope the results are back and everything is ok. Will be thinking of you today!
God bless!

Kansas Bob said...

Blessings to you and Mickey from Kansas!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I sure hope Mickey is doing better now...sorry to hear that he was having some post op troubles!

Sounds to me like you are being one fine nurse for him...hang in there!

The Olson's: said...

Sorry to hear about Mickey's set back. Hope things are getting better now.

Being a "nurse" can be challenging. For me, I tend to have less patience after the crisis is over. But then I remind myself that they can't help it, so I say a quick prayer & keep going!

I pray that you find joy during Mickey's recuperation, and that you can be at peace about your decisions.
~ Leanne


I am glad things seem to be under control with your husband. I know God will take care of him and I think you are doing a great job. I hope you all have a very good week and no more problems, just healing and recovery. connie from Texas

Sharon said...

Susan, I will continue to pray for you and M.
I do hope that his culture will come back ok.
I am not good in the nurse field either.
God bless

Anonymous said...

Life has been handing you some ups and downs, but we know God is in control and desires for complete restoration for Mickey. Send him our love.

Yes, the election is soooooooon, just not soon enough, ugh!

By the way, the kids with their bike is great! Yup, they look like bikers:)

Susan said...


You all continue to be in my prayers. I want to send that book to you, so if you can, email me your address (sooz8764 @

:-) Susan

Nancy said...

Susan, Just to let you know post-op complications are often common but when it happens to those we love it is scary. Many prayers for full recovery to Mickey.
Your other family pics are great.
God Bless, & keep up the good work on the political agenda.

Maxine said...

Oh, I haven't been over in a while! So glad things are improving. God will see you through. Keep hanging in there, Susan.

Crystal said...

Congrats on your weight loss! Praying that Mickey's health is restored and you can be relieved from your nursing duties soon!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog so regularly - I appreciate your friendship!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thanks for posting this and keeping us updated!


Ross' Cottage said...

Hi Susan,
I have been in prayer for you and Mickey this whole time. It is a lot to go through but God has been good. I bet you are a great "Nurse Susan". There are a lot of details to care for and take care of....My dad stayed at my house after his open heart surgery. before you know it healing and strength set in. And the surgery becomes a memory. You are doing great! I am proud of you both!
Thinking of you guys...Kim