Monday, October 20, 2008

THE TRIP TO CELEBRATE #7 - What we missed!!

This post is to share with our blog friends the parts of our trip to celebrate that had to be cut out.

As I blogged yesterday, we went into Sedona on Saturday evening, October 4th, and couldn't find a room so we drove back and stayed at Flagstaff.

Our plans and intentions, "The well laid plans of mice & men!", was to arise early Sunday morning and go back to Sedona and truly get to "see" it. As I showed in the pictures yesterday it is sitting in the most beautiful, natural setting. We had also learned that it is really a center of N*ew A*ge, Ac*cu*lt*ism, and actual Sat*an*ic worship. Brenda & Sunny had told us we would actually "feel" the oppr*ession when we got there. They also said when they visited they liked to walk the streets praying in tongues. We thought that was a wonderful idea and that is what we planned to do!!!! We were going to spend the day in Sedona and drive on to Phoenix to spend Sunday night.

Prior to our trip we had made plans to spend Tuesday and Wednesday, October 7 & 8, with some dear friends, Ray & Jody. We had met Ray & Jody at an RV park in Nevada back in September of 1997. It was one of those instant friends connections. Ray & Jody lived in Washington State but were planning on building a winter home outside of Tucson. In January, 2004 we visited them in their beautiful new winter Tucson home. In the fall of 2005 Ray & Jody came to visit us at our Coweta home, which was their first trip to Oklahoma. They had contacted us earlier this year and suggested we come visit them this winter in Tucson. At the time I thought, "There is no way we will be making it out that directions." Well, when Mickey said let's go to Falstaff to celebrate we instantly knew we would want to stop and see Ray & Jody!!! When we contacted them they were still in Washington but planning to be back in Tucson on October 5th!!!! Talk about timing. We are so sad that we didn't get to see them :o( They are going to be making a trip Southeast next fall and they will be coming to spend some time with us then. Hurrah!!! We have that to look forward.

Last, but certainly not least, I had contacted Jen, of Pen of Jen, & Double Nickle Farm and made arrangements to take their family out to dinner the evening of Thursday, Otober 9th. Jen immediately answered my e-mail and invited us to come to the Double Nickle Farm for not only an authentic Mexican dinner but it was also the 13th birthday of their youngest child, and only daughter. We were so honored and excited to be included in a family celebration like this!!!!!

Jen and I have become close friends during my time of blogging and I have so much respect for her and her entire family, for their Christian stand and their wonderful Double Nickle Farm and life style that they are pursuing. We were all so excited about this visit. What a huge disappointment to all of us that we did not make it. We are all believing that we are going to get to meet and visit in the future!!!!

So a LOT went on good and bad in those 8 days!!!!! Even though there was a lot of concerning times with Mickey in two different hospitals, in two states, and the disappointment of not getting to share time with wonderful friends and "meet" in real life other wonderful friends we still are grateful for the 50th Wedding Anniversary we shared and will never forget.

Thanks for letting me share these 7 posts about this entire experience with you!


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Betty said...

And I´m glad we got to read it! Thanks for letting us on your experiences.

Sharon said...

Thank you for letting share your trip it was great.
I will pray for you and M.
God Bless you.
My granddaughter doesn't live to far from you. She laughed at the way I pronounced the town. Sorry I have been corrected.HA

annie said...

I'm sorry the trip didn't go as planned, but happy Mickey is doing so well and you guys are safe and home now. Fifty years is quite an accomplishment and you two are such special people that I am happy to call my friends. I am so glad we have met irl and can't wait to meet again :).

Maxine said...

Very enjoyable hearing about all that happened to you on this memorable, in more ways than one, trip. That's a shame about not getting together with Jen's family, but we know God had His reasons. Glad all turned out so well.

Pen of Jen said...

Missed you for sure, BUT Mickey's health is and always will be much more important.

I am sure that at some point we will connect!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a blessed trip.
I am really starting to wish for a trip like the one you had, only with better circumstances of course.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading about the trip, all the wonderful and terrifying parts of it... isn't it amazing how, even though there were parts where it was really scary, God set people all along your path who would be able to help you, like your son and that lady at the Grants motel who drew the map, and even that beautiful rainbow to let you know He was guiding you home!!!

It was disappointing to miss out on some of the meetings... I know there will be other opportunities though!!! =)

The Olson's: said...

I've enjoyed reading about your anniversary adventures! Thank you for sharing them with us. And I'm so glad that Mickey is doing better. I pray that God blesses you & Mickey with many more years of marriage.
~ Leanne

Momma Roar said...

I'm so glad you took the time to write all of this out - just to have the record of it all.

And I wish you could have fulfilled all your plans on your trip. :(