Monday, November 17, 2008


Back in April I posted about Mickey & our son-in-love, Dave, chopping down 2 large trees in our back yard that had been destroyed from the December, 2007 ice storm that we had. You can go here to read about that adventure!!
When spring came this year we had a Tulip Tree that the leaves looked like they were dying. We took several of them to the nursery and were told he thought they would be okay and just in shock from the ice storm. Well, the tree was not okay and was actually dead and began to lose all it's leaves. It was a huge tree that was one we had brought back as a a seedling from Alabama when we returned in 2002. They are pretty rare here and we loved it. It grew to about 30'-35' and had huge leaves.
Saturday was a really windy day here. Mickey & I were sitting in the living room and we heard this loud "Popping" sound and said "What was that?" When we looked out this is what we saw.
(pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them)
The tulip tree snapped completely off at the base. Right where Mickey would have cut it down!!!
Another shot showing more of the height of the tree as it was laid down.
Here is the stump. You can see how cleanly it snapped. Looks like it had been cut with a saw!!!

Now, how great is our God?!!!!! This was a tree that needed to come down and it was going to be some time and a huge job for Mickey to try and get done. So, it was done for us. Praise God.

Not only did it come down in the first place but it fell the perfect direction where not one bit of damage was done!!! Had it fallen the other direction it would have taken down part of the privacy fencing and might have caused damage to our neighbors property. We of course also have our 5th Wheel and David's Mustang parked in our back yard which "could" have been damaged, plus a storage building and the arbour.

Mickey thinks the tree was struck by we lost 2 huge trees from ice and 1 from lighting!! Glad we had other trees in our back yard.

This picture is hard to see but what also came down was my clothes line!!!! that had been tied between this maple tree and the tulip tree.

See the clothes line tied around the trunk?
SO, not only the tree came down but so did my clothes line :o( We will have to figure some way to get it back up when Mickey is able to tackle the job.

We are just praising God for a job well done!!!!!!!

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Shirley said...

Wow - how cool is that? It certainly does look like it was just perfectly cut down.
Should we send you another tree from AL? :)


Momma Roar said...

How wonderfully perfect!!!

It's All Good! said...

What a blessing, Susan. Now Mickey doesn't have to worry about it...or you!
Have a great week.
Brenda :)

Nancy said...

wonder of wonders that is awesome!!! And all so neat a clean

Kathy said...

Isn't it wonderful that "Fall" doesn't mean the roots are dead, and during that season the Lord gives trees some of their most beautiful colors (referring to your post before this one), but when a tree really is dead that He simply brought it down. Blessings to you all.

Nadine said...

I remember that ice storm and reading that original post.

Boy God is so good to take of something you needed done but knew Mickey wasn't up to.

Betty said...

Isn´t it great how God cares for us and shows us his loves in such ways, we would never suspect?

diana said...

i'm glad it all worked out so nicely. i'm sure you'll get your clothesline up soon.

The Olson's: said...

That certainly is a clean cut! It's like God took a saw & cut it right off - just to help Mickey! And how perfect that it didn't hit anything on it's way down!

So cool!
~ Leanne

Me Maw said... looks like someone (God) just sawed it right down!

Dawn said...

God does work in interesting ways, doesn't He?? Yay God!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Great story! He knows what we need before we even ask!


Pam said...

A great testimony! I'm not sure Mickey should be chopping trees right now anyway, after the heart surgery, etc.

Sorry about your clothes line though. At least it appears there weren't any clean, wet clothes on it at the time!

Michelle said...

That is wonderful how the angels chopped it down for Mickey. Isn't God awesome?

Barbara said...

Amazing what a clean cut this is.

Alisun said...

I am trying to not laugh right now but it so like most things in our life too. God will come in and meet a need to take down a tree and with it the cloths line that you loved too. He will make a better spot for cloths line in the end it better just not at the time, I find laughter to be a great healer in my life.