Friday, November 7, 2008


As you know, if you follow my blog, my husband was in 3 different hospitals in 3 different states, within a period of 6 days.

We have NOTHING but praise for the facilities, care, treatment, staff, equipment, knowledge, everything that was given to us in our time of need.

Compare this to one of my blog friends, living in a different country, who's husband had a stroke on Sunday.

A) After rushing him to the hospital they waited 8 hours before he was seen by a Doctor!!

B) He was sent home after 2 days, even though they have not pin-pointed what is causing the problem because they had no beds!!

I contacted her and asked if I could use this private information in a post and received this answer.

C) "You are most welcome to use that information in my posts and please add if you like that he had a bed in four different rooms two rooms were ladies wards and the older ladies in their 70plus had him in the ward and did not like it for about 5 hours. The men look like they get moved from this spot to that all their stay in Hospital. We have private medical benefits and still it has not helped."

4 different beds - 2 of which were ladies wards - moved after 5 hours !!

Now I am telling you......I would have been frantic had these things happened to us. Especially, waiting 8 hours for help to a very serious, life threatening, situation.

Signs of the times??????

I want so badly to get off the political agenda and posts......but I'm telling you.....with Health Care being on the top burner for both Obama & Hillary we better be vigilant in fighting heath care "reform" that puts us under even a partially socialized medicine because this is the story we will be telling here. I remember in 2000 when we were touring Canada the Doctors in New Brunswick were on STRIKE!!!!

Surely this is not what we want for this country .

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Pen of Jen said...

Surely this is not what we want for this country . Yes it is and it will be dismal times indeed...yes indeed times are changing forever.

MightyMom said...


Canadians are FLOCKING to America and paying out of pocket 100% for HEALTH CARE.....that which is "provided" for free by their government.....WHY???? because it SUCKS!!

I haven't heard of any Americans going to Canada for Health Care.

Momma Roar said...

I am concerned!

Lynn said...

People think it will be different here in the US. But it won't, socialized medicine never works. We have the great health care system that we do because it is NOT socialized medicine. Thanks for the great post.

Anonymous said...

My dearest friend had a child born with a rare birth defect. She commented to me the other day that if our health care were not was it was 20 years ago her daughter would not have lived. They were able to pick a hospital in Chicago and be there plugged in in less than 24 hours after the baby's birth.

If things change parents like my friend will be attending their child's funerla rather than praising our health care for saving them.

How sad is that?!

Elizabeth said...

"I haven't heard of any Americans going to Canada for Health Care."

Numerous Americans have gone to Canada to get prescription medication they could not afford in the U.S.

I am curious about how your husband's treatment was paid for. Medicare? If so, this is a government run program. Please tell me; I really want to know.

Mountain Mama said...

This story is horrifying and I absolutely agree with you about fighting socialized medicine.
Our health care here in the USA isn't perfect and there certainly are some doctors and hospitals who need to clean up their act but all in all, it is a whole lot better than what most of the world has. I am thankful for what we have and we can certainly pray for it to become better. Socialized medicine is not the right direction.
God bless you and yours.

Elizabeth said...

According the AARP and the Los Angeles Times, last year 750,000 Americans traveled to other countries to receive medical care, often because they couldn't afford it in the U.S.

groovyoldlady said...

Some of it is already here. My husband is in a nursing union. He hates it, but the only alternative is to "donate" funds equal to union dues to a charity that we're uncomfortable with. The union is forever and always threatening to strike.

My husband is a cardiac intensive care nurse. I asked him if he'd ever strike and he said he didn't think so, but the pressure to participate is almost overwhelming.

In a socialized society, nursing pay and doctor pay etc. would, of necessity be much less than most are making now. Things could get REALLY ugly...

Maxine said...

I've heard these stories before. I agree with you.