Friday, December 12, 2008

SHOW & TELL #29 - Vintage Candles

Show & Tell!!! Wow....I knew it had been awhile since I'd posted to one of my all time favorite blog activities, Show & Tell, but I was shocked when I checked and the last time was September 28th. Almost 3 months ago. Those who are familiar with us know we've had some exciting (?) times since then: 1) celebrating our 50th anniversary on a wonderfully planned trip 2) which was rudely interrupted by two trips, in two different states to the hospital emergency wards, 3) my husbands double bi-pass heart surgery on October 9th, & 4) the pass 2 months recovery time. Throw in: 5) 2 birthdays, 6) thanksgiving, 7) visit from relatives & I'VE BEEN BUSY!!!! Go over to Kelly's for all the Show & Tell participants.

Just as an update.....we went to Oklahoma City yesterday to what was suppose to be Mickey's final Cardiac visit post surgery. He is doing well, but they are going to schedule an echo cardiogram for him. Please keep him in your prayers.

These vintage little candles are my Show & Tell for today. They are 5" tall and consist of a caroler, elf (the one you can't see very well), snowman, Santa, & tin soldier.

I don't remember exactly what Christmas I bought these but it has been years & years ago. I really didn't pay much attention to the fact of how old they were until this year when my daughter made a comment about "I can remember these every year since I was a child." I don't remember what I paid for them at the time but I would guess probably 25 cents a piece.

What is significant to me about them is how much I have always treasured and taken such good care of things. These are wax candles!!!!! We have moved a number of times over these years and yet they are in surprisingly good shape. I do not display them as shown in this picture. I only placed them on the mirror, and all together, to take the picture. I sort of stick them about the house, this year I have one in each bathroom on a shelf, one on my dresser, one in the guest room, and one on a lamp table in the living room.

We have not put up a Christmas tree for the last 4 years because our little house can't handle the tree and all our entertaining but I do really decorate the house all up and we have LOTS of things we have accumulated over the years. Mickey always puts up outside lights and a manger scene outside. Due to his surgery, and the inability to get up into the attic for a lot of our Christmas decorations we have not been able to get to everything this year. Luckily I had the most important things where I could get to them. When possible sometime this next summer we will get all the stuff out of the attic and stored in our storage building where "I" can get to them. I'm not about to climb up in the attic!!!

Hope you enjoyed these little vintage candles and a little of what is going on in our lives.

I wish you ALL a very happy Christmas season!!!!

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The Olson's: said...

As always - it's a pleasure reading your S&T post & about your daily lives.

I hope things are okay with Mickey. I'm glad he isn't overdoing it & trying to get things done that he shouldn't. He's a wise man!
~ Leanne

Darla said...

Those are cute candles. I do pray for your complete healing in your husband.

Momma Roar said...

They are very cute! I like that you don't display them together, but in all different locations. I painted a santa for my mom when I was a teenager and we would get it out with the tree decorations each year and hide it for one another. When I got married, she brought it to our apartement and hid it our first Christmas!!! I'd enjoy moving about your home looking for each of them every year!

I was thinking about you yesterday! Please be sure to update us when the ecg is scheduled!

ceekay said...

Hope all will go well with your hubby. Your little candles are so sweet. They look wonderful after so many years!

Linda C said...

These candles must look sweet scattered here and there in your home! I'm glad to hear that your husband is recovering from his surgery.

Blessings to you both:)
Linda C

retha said...

Those are do cute, and I can see you did take good care of them.
I am continuing 'thinking'

Ma'am I thank you for the tip, I am now following and it does make reading a lot easier, specially with our slow dial!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

You have had a packed time of it! I hope your husband continues with recovering well.


Barbara said...

Trust all will be well with Mickey and continuing in prayer.

So you have never been tempted to burn the candles then Susan! They have kept their colour very well after all thos eyears.

Frazzled Mom said...

We had the soldier candle too when I was very young. You brought back some memories!

Dawn said...

Very cute candles. I'm glad you never lit them!

I miss doing Show and Tell, but it doesn't seem sensible when I have to be private. It would only frustrate people.

Julieann said...

Susan, your candles are just precious!!!


:::waiving:::: Hi Friend!

Grammy said...

I love your candles.

Mountain Mama said...

I have prayed again for Mickey and will continue.

Your little candles are so cute. I remember seeing some that were similar.
I have a little red elf that my grandson gave me when he was about four. He is 31 now. I haven't found the little elf yet this year. In fact there are some other Christmas decorations that are missing too. I have been slowly getting the upstairs cleaned out and a lot of stuff disposed of. I'm sure I will find them before long.
Having some old treasures brings back the sweet memories surrounding them.
Have fun preparing for the holidays and take care.

Elizabeth said...

I have some candles that are more than 30 years old; it amazes me how well they've stood up!
I hope you stop by my blog, I'm having a giveaaway that ends Monday.

Tammy said...

Those little candles are so sweet!

We have similar S & T's today in that we're both amazed at how some things have lasted! :)

I'll be praying for Mickey, too!

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

I enjoyed the post and love the candles.


PEA said...

Such delightful candles and how wonderful that they are still in such good shape after all those years! You certainly have had quite the "exciting" year and here's to a much better year ahead:-) xoxo

diana said...

i remember similar candles from my childhood.

hope you're enjoying the holiday season.

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Susan,
I will pray that Mickey's testing comes out well.
I know how you feel about decorating. I did a lot but no big tree. I did have to get into the attic myself for the first time in this house. Not looking forward to all the take down but I'm enjoying the decor while it's up. Merry Christmas.
p.s. love the candles.

Becki said...

I can remember some candles like that from my childhood. They are sooo cute (and well preserved!)

Thanks for the memories. ;^)

Sioux said...

Happy third Sunday in Advent. Tomorrow we light our pink candle in joyous expectation of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Betty said...

Nice candles!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Dear Susan, O! Yes how the time passes way too quickly if you are not watching lol lol! I like you understand that our men when not well in one way or another fill our every moment along with families, birthdays, "must do" items and it has been far too long since I visited you. But know I am often thinking about you dear friend.

May the blessings of Christmas this, the most joyful of celebrations be yours today and always.

"Merry Christmas" Lee-ann

Lady Katherine said...

The candles are so sweet, and such care you have given them. Hope your hubby does well, we were in the hospital last week with mine in the cardiac unit. I still have not got over it, The worry I mean. He mending well.