Monday, February 23, 2009


This past week was one of those weeks we barely had time to take a deep breath or stop for more than a minute. We were not home one single night the past 8 evenings! A LOT of trips into Tulsa.

Monday I have my woman's Bible Study in the morning and that night was our monthly Bee Club meeting which is in Tulsa.

Tuesday we picked both grand-kids up from school (Tulsa) and then Marc took all 5 of us out to Ol*ive Garden to eat.

Wednesday we always pick Aric up from school (Tulsa) and bring him home for dinner and then to Royal Rangers at church. I don't think I've even told you that Mickey is helping every Wednesday night with the 4th grade Royal Rangers.

I get to hear our wonderful Pastor teach during the Wednesday night services. This past Wednesday night he finished up a 26 week teaching series out of Ephesians. This Wednesday he is starting a new series on God's Stimulus Plan For Life. This sounds so great with all the doom and gloom we are being feed from the media on a daily basis!!!!

Thursday we were in an 8 hour Safe Driving Course all day. I gave information on our Hands & Hearts for HIM frugal blog about saving some money on your auto insurance. don't have to be 55 or older to do so. Go here to read about it. We had just walked in the door when our dear friends called to invite us to come eat Don's DELICIOUS chili with them.....who could turn that down so back to Tulsa we go to join them. Yummy!!!

Friday was our grand-daughter, Oksana's, 14th birthday. She loves cheesecake so instead of making a traditional birthday cake for her I decided to bake her a cheesecake. My first, I might add!!!!

Here is the finished product (sorry for the flash glare). It was a New York Style Cheesecake, which is her favorite, and then I added whip cream and Hea*th bar sprinkles on the top, and then her 14 candles. The wait staff at the restaurant were making a really big deal out of it, as was all the family so it made me feel good!!
She selected Fri*day's as the place she wanted to have her birthday celebration. The family was there: dad Marc - brother Aric - aunt Suzette - uncle Dave - aunt Jacque - uncle Benny - grandpa Mickey & grandma Susan. She also had two friends, Jessie, also 14, and Jessie's sister, Callie 15. Two delightful young girls! Missing was cousin Jessica who, it being a Friday night, had to work. :o(
Saturday evening we had our annual Missionary Conference Banquet. We always host a home missionary and a foreign missionary. The home missionary was the head of the Oklahoma Teen Challenge programs. They have 4 homes in Oklahoma, one for adult women, one for adult men, one for teenage boys, and one for teenage girls. What a marvelous work. The foreign missionary has served in Germany for over 40 years. The banquet was is put on by our Deacon board. Then each missionary gave a brief overview of their work and then we had a Question & Answer period. I loved this part especially. LOTS of questions were asked and answered.
I asked the German missionary if there was much Mus*lim influence in Germany. His answer was alarming!!! He said Is*lam is the fastest growing "religion" in not only Germany but also England. He even said that England is moving toward having Shar*iah Law and that the Can*taber*ry of the Church of Eng*land is the driving force behind this move. People we need to WAKE-UP to what is happening in our world.
Another person asked, "We are beginning to hear of Eu*rope as the black heart. Is that true?" Sadly, his answer was yes. Church attendance is very small in all of Europe. These beautiful cathedrals, in the countries where the reformation started, are just empty, hallow buildings. Where the congregations were 250-300, now they might have 30-50. At the end of the meeting I was standing there when our Kid's Pastor came up to him and said, "The U.S. isn't far behind what you were saying about Eu*rope are we?" His reply was "Yes, it is happening slowly, but will be speeding up." We must pray, and we must SOUND THE ALARM!!
Yesterday at our church services in the a.m. the Missionary over Teen Challenge preached. We also had a group of 14 teenage boys, and 6 teenage girls, from the two homes that sang and gave testimony. A wonderful service. In the p.m. service the German Missionary preached. Another wonderful service.
I did actually cook a nice Sunday meal for us!!!! A full, busy, happy week and ready to start another!!!! Life is good and full and wonderful.
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Humble wife said...

Well what a busy week. I am certain that it was as fulfilling as busy!

Yes we should be praying as times are rapidly winding down as we look forward to HIs return.

Brenda said...

Hi Susan,
I was going to ask you what the Bee club was and then thought, duh, probably has something to do with Mickey's bees, right?
I've heard that about the strong muslim influence in the UK.
My opinion is that we, in the U.S., are going to begin seeing a lot more born again Christians meeting in homes for 'church'.
Maybe the Lord is trying to bring us back to what a New Testament church is really meant to be? I have a feeling the church today is a far cry from what He intended in the first place.

Joy said...

That is quite a schedule Susan. Glad you the birthday party went well. That cheesecake did look yummy! Good job.
That sha*ria law is definitely scary stuff. I can't believe the Chu*rch of England is going along with that.
Come quickly Lord Jesus!


Anonymous said...

I hope you find some time to sit and relax woman! Sounds like a busy, but wonderful week!

retha said...

It also sounds like a week where there was a bit less time spend in the kitchen. Always lovely to have someone else think of and cook the food.

Mari said...

What a week you had. The cheesecake looks wonderful - I could eat some right now!
The spread of Islam is frightening. It's another sign of the times.
PS - I tried to leave a comment on the hearts and homes blog but the verification word wouldn't come up no matter how may times I refreshed it. Anyway - you boiled dinner sounds great and what a good price!

A Hint of Home said...

My head is spinning. You are one busy lady. Life is good though and I'm so glad you have your hubby healthy and involved.
Have a great week.

Lori said...

Oh my goodness you did have a very busy week.

That cheesecake looks and sounds delicous

Betty said...

That really was a busy week!
Thanks for sharing your concerns!

PEA said...

Such a busy week but it was all fun things so it's better to be busy like that than bored:-) So glad you were able to attend your granddaughter's birthday dinner and omigosh your cheesecake looks so delicious! xoxo

Dawn said...

I'm glad you got to hear Teen Challenge's message - they literally saved Kev's life.

My brother lives in England and people are moving there from India and Parkistan in droves.

MeMaw said...

Whoo! That is alot for one week! Makes me feel lazy! LOL!

Blessings...and get a little rest!

Anonymous said...

My dd is doing a presentation on Canada and we saw the % of Catholics and Protestants decrees in just 3 years. I don't know about you but that tells me that we aren't on our knees enough. The Church needs to wake up BUT I am also encouraged that it will.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Wow, you really did have a busy week!

I love cheesecake too...your grandaughter is so lucky to have you in her life and to make her favorite for her too!

Pam said...

Oh My Susan! I'm exhausted just reaading about it!

Hey keep the dollars coming into the O.G. That helps ensure my husbands job!lol

Kathy said...

Susan, Those family times seem amazing and wonderful. I am thankful for those for you, and for them. Keep passing the torch, and telling of His works from one generation to another!

Anonymous said...

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The Olson's: said...

Great job on the cheesecake! And with such a busy week!