Sunday, March 15, 2009

Royal Rangers Pinewood Car Derby & Sleep-over

(click to enlarge all pictures)
Aric & his grandpa (that would be the Mickey) have been busy the last several weeks getting Aric's pinewood derby car ready for the big race.

A close-up of the finished car.

6:30 Friday night was the big race!! The first thing they had to do, when getting to the church, was register and weigh-in their car.

The electronic track showing 0000 on the timer.

The races are underway as Aric, with his dad, Marc, behind him watching them go.

Aric's white car crossing the finish line as a winner in one of the races.

He has crossed the finish line again as the winner in his class. Aric's 4th grade level had 3 cars entered and they ran 3 races. Aric won all 3 races and the Blue Ribbon

Cars in the Best of the Show category. Aric car won 2nd place and a red ribbon in this.
The red car next to him won 1st place and the blue ribbon.

A very happy 10 year old, 4th grader with his 1st & 2nd place blue & red ribbons.

Of course there were hot-dogs, chips, soda's and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and various games after the race.

At 9 they had lock-in for the night. Marc went home at this point but Aric & Grandpa did the sleep-in. Mickey had taken a double air mattress that blew-up for the two of them to sleep on. Aric with his bedroll and Grandpa with his comforter. Just one problem.....the air mattress did not stay blown up!!!! Oh well, such are the joys of being a grandpa and a Royal Ranger leader.

The next morning the very tired grandson and grandpa came and got grandma and the three of us went to Aric's favorite spot in Coweta. The Sticky Bun's doughnut shop!! Grandma likes it, too :o)

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Susie said...

Aren't Pinewood Derbys fun? Our 4th grader had one for Cub Scouts (didn't win but had a ball!)
That sleepover sounds a bit hard on Grandpa's back, but what great memories they'll have!

Joy said...

What great fun. I did several GA's (Girls in Action) lockins with my girls. I had one year my mattress would stay inflated.

I'm sure Grandpa was glad to get back to his own bed.


Brenda said...

What special memories you're giving Aric!
I've been on one of those air matresses, not fun.
Have a great week, Susan.

Mari said...

Wow - Aric had a great day! Congrats to him on his winning. What a neat thing for Aric and Mickey to do together.

Julie said...

What a great Memory!
We have a problem with Air Mattresses too! Last night while my husband and I where on our date. We stopped and got a new air mattress for a camping trip the family is going on Wednesday. As we looked and looked...we pay for what you get in a quality air mattress. (at least we hope so)!
Thanks for a great Post...Julie

Jillian, Inc said...

Wow - how great that his car did so great! And what a great grandpa to stay the night.

The Olson's: said...

Congratulations, Aric! That's a great looking car!

What a treasure for Aric & Mickey to do this together. And Mickey was so brave to spend the night! Did they sleep much? Susan, you must be so proud of them both!
~ Leanne

This Country Girl said...

Oh I remember many years of Pinewood Derbys....many years with cub scouts with our son, Colt. I'm sure your little Aric had a great time and what memories he and Grandpa made!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful fun time for everyone. I am glad they shared this time together.

MeMaw said...

My husband did the pine wood derby car racing with my sons when they were in boy scouts! They had a great time doing it!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great car! He looks so happy with his ribbons. And what a great grandpa to spend that time with him!

Becky said...

Mickey sure is a good sport.

And good job on the car. I was always the AWANA car builder for my boys. My husband did not enjoy that kind of thing. And we always took home some sort of ribbon, whether racing or just for looks. Those were fun days.

Aric and his grandpa did a great job. Wonderful pictures of the event.

Carla said...

These look like the boys did them themselves! Cool!!

retha said...

Congratulations. A lovely car and fast too!
Hope grandpa recovered from the sleep loss.
I think I will say it every time, still, it is so wonderful to me that you and your husband, Ma'am are so involved with your family. How wonderful for Aric to have such grandparents.

Kansas Bob said...

I loved this post Susan.. what a great Grandpa Mickey is!

IRENE said...

Those moments are so precious...Blessings to your family.

diana said...

congratulations to aric!

and way to go mickey. i'm impressed. it's not easy being a leader at a lock-in. probably my least favorite part of being a youth leader.

A Hint of Home said...

Congratulations to Aric! What an exciting day for him. The car was adorable and they did a great job on it.