Friday, March 20, 2009

SHOW & TELL #3 - Turquoise Watch Band & MORE

Happy Friday to everyone. Since it is Friday it's time for me to participate in Show & Tell at Kelli's. Always a fun time of sharing my treasures and viewing the treasures and special things that others have to share. Go to Kelli's and sign up on Mr. Linkey and join the fun.

Last week I showed you a very old turquoise bracelet that had belonged to me mother.

Here are 3 different views of my Turquoise Watch Band
You can see it is made up of sterling silver, 4 larger size turquoise nuggets and then turquoise, coral & onyx inlay.

I treasure this watch band because it was a gift. When we lived in Albuquerque during the 1980's I was executive secretary to the president and owner of Bi*g O T1*res. He actually lived in Denver and commuted by his private plane to Albuquerque 3 days a week. He owned several of the stores in NM & Texas and there were also franchise stores. We had a monthly sales meeting and luncheon of all the owner's & dealers. I also talked to all these owner's and dealers when they would call to speak to the president.

I gave my 2 week notice that I was terminating. The next routine monthly meeting, which was to be my last, I was presented with this lovely gift from all the owner's & dealers. It was a TOTAL shock that brought tears to my eyes. I never expected to receive anything.


Now for the best thing of all to share!!!!! As many of you know my husband had open double bi-pass heart surgery on October 9th last year.

Yesterday we went to Oklahoma City VA Hospital for his check-up.


His recovery is complete thanks to the Drs., Surgeons, Nurses and most of all, JESUS. He does not have to return to OKC for anything further. He will only see his primary care physician here in Tulsa.


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Susan Skitt said...

What a lovely watch, turquoise is so beautiful.

And praise God about your husband's continuing recovery!

Have a nice weekend!

Brenda said...

Oh, Susan, that is awesome news about Mickey. Big hugs to him from all of us!
That's a beautiful bracelet.
My in-laws bought wholesale (genuine) Indian jewelry from Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and a couple of place in New Mexico and then sell it at craft fairs in CO. They did that for many years, even had a contract with Dillard's to set up at all holidays. They did well with it and it was a great hobby for them.

Mari said...

What a beautiful watchband. And better yet - the news about your hubby. That's a big praise!

Momma Roar said...

What a beautiful watch!! And such wonderful news that he is healed and no longer under their care!!

Elena said...

That is a beautiful watchband and what a great story! Also that is such wonderful news for you and your family concerning your husband. The Lord is so good!

Gracie said...

How beautiful! Turquoise always make me think of summer. And I'm glad your husband is doing well.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing news about Mickey, hooray!!!!!

The watch is lovely too. Our wedding bands are the same, well, mine is just the turquoise inlay, but his is the turquoise, onyx, and coral. Pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

Yippy for Mickey's great report!

Leann said...

The news about your DH is wonderful. God is good!

Thanks for showing the photo of your Mother's watch the craftsmanship is truly beautiful.

Lynn said...

I love the watch. And great news about Mickey.

Joy said...

Wonderful news on Hubby. So glad to hear it.

Your watch is beautiful. What a nice story to go with it.


Debbie @ said...

Bless the Lord for such great news. I am thrilled for you. the bracelet is a treasure too. I am a huge collector of turquoise jewelry mostly from Pow Wow's we have gone to and my hubby gets me one thing at a time but I love it. This bracelet is wonderful. Happy day!

Nancy said...

Now that is one huge watch, & great news about your husbands progress

Pam said...

The watch is lovely. What a wonderful surprise. That is great news about your husband's recovery-a great praise report!

Jane said...

So glad your husband had a good report.

diana said...

what a beautiful watch band. a very nice gift, indeed.

but, yes, the big news is mickey. you both must be very thankful.

have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad you didn't see what this one woman was wearing the other day. In fact, when I commented on her outfit, she informed me that she made it. She was wearing a black leather fringe vest with turquoise beads. It was beautiful. They were all different sizes but tastefully put together. I need to carry my camera with me more often.

ceekay said...

Susan, when you get a chance will you please tell me how you backed up your blog on CD? Thanks so much.

Dawn said...

That is a beautiful watch - and well deserved! We have Big O tires around here.

I am so happy for Mickey's clean bill of health!

I think you'd enjoy my post today - at least the last story!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Awesome news for Mickey!

Love the turquoise...I have always been a fan of turquoise!

A Hint of Home said...

It's a very pretty watch and special since it belonged to your Mom.
I'm interested, like Ceekay to know how to back up our blogs. Others might be too, if you cate to post about it.

Tammy said...

Beautiful watchband!
And wow, I'm so happy to hear about Mickey's good report!!!

Just Mom said...

So glad to hear that your hubby's recovery is going well. WOOHOO!

groovyoldlady said...

Hurray for Mickey!!! Praise the Lord!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Congratulations to Mickey for being released!!

The watch is just gorgeous, I especially like that it is a bracelet! I really like turquoise, but don't have any (real!)


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I would also like to know how to back up my blog to a CD. I hope you can share this with us!