Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HOW CAN IT BE.........April 14th

Where have the past 3 months and 13 days gone?!!!!! I cannot believe how fast life is passing and how much is happening.......not only in our world at large but in my life.

My two woman's Bible classes are such a huge joy in my life. We are learning so much and sharing so much. I am making some wonderful new friends, true sisters-in-the-Lord. What a blessing and honor.

Last night Wantha Ann and I went to hear Rodney Howard-Brown. I'd seen him on TV a little but never it person. What a blessing and powerful service. Close to 1/4-1/3 of the entire audience went forward at the close of the service for salvation or re commitment. He is in Broken Arrow for 5 nights and I hope to be able to get back to several more services. Not tonight though because it's our Bible Study :o)

Our Monday morning Bible Study finished up the series of video tapes by Perry Stone on The Rapture. Boy what a powerful study it has been. We are taking a one week break, next week, by going out for lunch in Muskogee.

In addition. I have read 3 books, 11:59 by Jack Van Impe ~ Jerusalem Countdown by John Hagee, ~ & Escape the Coming Night by Dr. David Jeremiah. I am starting the 4th on the same topic, New Temple & The Second Coming by Grant Jeffrey.

I have studied a lot on the rapture and end-times over my lifetime, but with all the world events we are seeing come to pass, almost on a daily or weekly basis, we have to know how very close we are to the soon return of our Jesus!!!!!

Friday at noon we attended the noon Good Friday service at our Church. Our Easter service was fabulous with all three services, 2 morning and the evening packed out. On Sunday evening the singers and drama team put on the program and it was so good.

Sunday I fixed a big Ham dinner. Jacque & Benny went to Missouri to spend it with Benny's mom so they weren't here but in attendance were: Suzette & Dave, Jessica (believe it or not she didn't have to go into work until 5...YEAH!!), Marc, Oksana & Aric and Marc's friend DeAnn and her three sons, Mason, Aaron & Cody. This is the first time we had met the boys. They are 6th, 4th & 2nd graders and were all delightful. It was a lovely, fun afternoon AND we failed to take ONE PICTURE. Don't know what's going on with us lately about the pictures :o(

I went to the Dr. on April 2nd for just a general check-up. I had not been since August of 2007!!!! 2008 was just such a busy year and so much going one I just missed it altogether. Got my results and report last Friday and EVERT test was good. The only slight thing is my cholesterol is a little high. Pretty good......HUH?

We have had a lot of WIND - RAIN - and CHILLY temperatures and I'm sure most of you have heard of the terrible fires south and north of Oklahoma City. So many people lost their homes on Good Friday. We are hoping for Spring to finally get here soon.

I think this brings you up to day on what's been going on in our lives. Happy, busy, blessed and excited about what God is doing?

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Betty said...

I feel the same way, about time flying! Sometimes it´s great, but other times I feel like I´m forgetting something along the way.
I´m glad you had a good Easter with family!


I am so happy to see how God is blessing in your life.

I agree with you Susan, We should be looking up because our Redemption is very close, I do believe. I just can't believe how things in the world are happening that I have heard from my whole life that will come to pass in these last days. It is very thrilling to know that God WORD is so true in everything! love you, connie

Joy said...

You have been busy. My Precepts Bible Study ends this week. I'll be sad to not be with my Bible Study Peeps for a few months.

I have that John Hagee book also. I've read bits and pieces. Need to focus and read it all. There is so much out there to read and so little time.


Brenda said...

First of all, glad your app't went well and you are in great health.
You have been busy! It's funny how we get to having so much fun that the pictures are an after thought. I completely forgot to take a pic of Grace in her outfit as well as Chels dancing (hopefully someone else got a picture of them). They're dance was beautiful!

Sharon said...

So happy to hear that your test were all good.
You are really a busy woman but glad to hear about all your groups.
Glad that you had a good Easter with family.
God bless

Mari said...

This was a nice update on your life. Sounds like you are doing well, although busy! Glad you were able to have Easter with the family!

Jillian, Inc said...

Good catching up with you, Susan. Sounds like your easter was lovely.... can't believe you don't have a photo! ha!

Maxine said...

Thanks for filling us in. That's what happens when you're super busy--time flies! Glad all is well with you. I enjoyed reading your update.

MeMaw said...

They say time flys when your having fun! I am quite sure the same could be said...time flys when your being blessed and living a full life!

So happy all is going well!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy the Grant Jeffrey's book. He has been to our church many times and Dave and I enjoyed being in an intimate group at our pastor's house along with Grant. Dave was blown away as he loves this type of teaching. Grant is so smart and it amazes me how much he knows and how down to earth he is at sharing it all. It's always a great experience to have him visit us.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

You have been really busy!

I know how time flies....I was going to go in for a mammogram a year ago and still haven't gotten it done. Glad to hear that you are a picture of health!

PEA said...

It warms my heart to know that you are so happy with your life, dear Susan, and good for you for getting such great results from your physical:-) xoxo

Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful week-end - we had the same, ending with an awesome baptismal service.

Have a great midweek!

diana said...

i think i know how you feel when it comes to the bible studies you're in. that's the way i feel about my moms in touch prayer group. we have got so close, share so much, and have bonded in a way that can only be described as a blessing from Him.

MightyMom said...

time just flies by at times.

Sohailah said...

It really is crazy to think about how fast time is flying. Glad your test results all came back great! Yeay!

Pam said...

I love Dr. Jeremiah's teachings! I don't get to hear him very often, but about a month ago I missed Sunday morning church due to illness. He had a great sermon about these days in which we are living and of course some Bible Prophesy was included.

weavermom said...

I like it when you post about your family- you have been busy!!!

Glad your check up was fantastic!

Kathy said...

Honestly, I wish I were closer!!!! Susan, I can just imagine you teaching a Bible Study that I would attend-I would be soooo blessed. Even if you weren't teaching it. Hug everyone around you and enjoy the blessing of fellowship in Jesus.