Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blue Birds

My husband loves feeding all the birds in the usual way, with bird feeders.


He has a special love for the Blue Bird.

So he raises mealworms, yes you heard me right, he raises mealworms in a plastic storage box for the sole purpose of feeding his blue birds. And yes, we have that plastic box in the closet of our office!!!!

Each morning he puts10-12 worms in this plastic bowl and the Blue Bird, almost instantly, comes to get its meal. He grabs a few & flies off to feed the babies and then returns until they are all gone.

Here is a closer, yet not as clear view.

He built Blue Bird boxes: for himself, our son-in-love, Dave, and our neighbor, Wayne.

He has nurtured and watched a pair of blue birds build their next, sit on the eggs, watch 4 Blue Bird eggs hatch, and now watches the 4 little blues waiting to see them fledge.

The Blue Bird perched on the rain guage, with its full tummy!!

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Maxine said...

Your husband is a man after my own heart! We don't get bluebirds here, but I think it's great that he raises those mealworms for them. I don't know if I could take that but I do occasionally make up homemade birdfeed for them, especially if I have stale nuts to mix in. Also, I don't use bacon too much anymore, but when I do, I save the grease to mix into stale bread and grains. They love it, especially when the weather is cold.

What a nice hobby, building birdhouses. Tell your husband I said keep up the good work!

Barbara said...

Lovely to see a Bluebird Susan.

We have always fed the birds and have many species visit every day but we do not have Bluebirds. What a beautiful colour.

diana said...

i love watching and photographing birds. don and i started bird watching over 20 years ago in california, where there's quite the variety (especially sea varieties). i like trying to take pictures of them because it's such a challenge.

hope everything is well with you. besides a few sporadic posts, you haven't been around as much as usual.

Betty said...

He even looks full! :)
I guess this is how God uses his people to feed his "birds and bees" ! :)

Karen said...

Beautiful bird. We also feed birds, and we have a variety of birds in our yard. I have tried to get a picture of a redheaded woodpecker that is in our yard every evening, but so far I have been unsuccessful. We have bluebirds, cardinals, yellow finches, doves, woodpeckers, and some other birds that are beautiful, but I can't identify.

A Hint of Home said...

Lovely bluebirds! How nice your hubby takes such great care of the birds.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love Mickey and his love for nature! He's such a great guy!

Brenda said...

How beautiful to see that.
Well, glad the worms aren't stored under your bed or something like that. Yikes!

Mari said...

Bluebirds are so beautiful! I think it's great that you are able to watch them so closely. I bet the bluebirds are really thankful for Mickey!

Shirley said...

Mickey is one special man, indeed! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

Anonymous said...


I have a couple of bluebird houses.

I'll have to show you my special picture of a bluebird the next time you are over.

Does he sell the houses he makes??


MightyMom said...

pretty bird

Debra said...

That's really awsome Susan! I've just recently become a huge fan of birds. Don't get to watch them that much, but in the wee hours of the morning, right before I'm going to sleep, I get to hear them just chirping away. What a lovely and sweet sound!

Sweet Nothings said...

I loved the pictures. I had never seen a bluebird up close until a couple of weeks ago. There is one hanging around the end of our driveway. They are beautiful.

Kathy said...

Bethany and I are studying birds in science, and today we'll do a map of a birds body. Fun. We'll color code it to label the parts. My Mom buys those worms froma local store (Not Safeway, I'm sure!) to feed their birds. I didn't know you could raise them. Mickey is amazing. The Bluebird's beauty is but one stroke of the Creator's hand which we enjoy in so many ways each day.

inspired said...

just popped in to say hi and God bless \o/\O/\o/