Saturday, May 16, 2009


Each April our daughter, and a group of her friends from Junior & Senior High School days, flies to Florida to visit a friend who lives there. She came home with a ton of pictures and I picked out these few to post for Jacque and her friends.

I'm starting with this picture because it shows the husband, Randy, in one shot before he departed to visit his mother for the week and leave these gals to themselves.

This is Jacque and Becky who they are all visiting.

A couple shots of Randy & Becky's beautiful home.

Randy rented them this limo for their one big night out on the town and to a concert.

From left to right: Theresa, Renee, Becky, Kathi, Caryl, Kathi & Jacque.

Jacque relaxing her feet for a brief moment & hamming it up.

One of their many lunches out.

Good friends just having fun.

In the pool - Jacque is in the foreground.

Taking a spin in Randy & Becky's boat.

Three of the 6 as they are flying back to Tulsa. Tired, happy and already talking about "next year".

It is so wonderful that these girls, now woman, have remained good friends all these years and that Becky & Randy share their beautiful home with them each year in such a loving and gracious way.

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Kathy said...

Summertime is a great time for these kinds of reunions. It looks like they had a wonderful time! Thanks for posting these pictures, although the water shots make this hot weekend in Phoenix a little tougher to bear! : ) Blessings on your weekend Susan.-Kathy

Betty said...

That is some spread!! Wow!
But it´s good to see them sharing the wealth.
There is nothing more valuable than good friends!

Mari said...

What a fun time! It's great that they still enjoy spending time together. They had a beautiful place to stay at.

Tiffany said...

I love this post. I cherish time with my girlfriends. I dream about wisking them away for a weekend get away. What fun! Oh, I checked out Anita's blog. Lovely! I'll have to visit again sometime. Blessings on your day!

Karen said...

Great pictures! Seeing the pool makes me want to open mine. Mine is not that elaborate though! Mike and the grandkids always get in before me. I always wait until about the first of June! I like for it to be steaming hot outside.
Looks like they had a great time.
Have a blessed weekend!
Phillipians 1:2

Joy said...

Man with friends like that I'd never go on any other vacation. Those women know how to spend a weekend! Good for them.
I'm amazed that there are that many from high school that still connect. I could probably find one at this point. Just never connected in my highschool years.

Beautiful home and beautiful ladies.


Momma Roar said...

That is so awesome!!!

In just over 2 weeks, I'll be heading to the beach with 5 girlfriends - I guess I'll have to suggest one of us move to a warmer climate! ;-D Nah, I prefer seeing them every weekend!!

Oh Sew Good said...

How thoughtful of those friends to share their place in order to create some awesome memories. What a generous gift to rent them a limo to "go in style". :)

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness - what fun that they all still get together and that they have such a generous friend to visit!

Mountain Mama said...

What a special thing for them to do.
I think it's just wonderful that they have kept in touch and can afford to get together like this.
They are making more memories.

michelle said...

Very neat...gorgeous place and fun times!

Dawn said...

To answer your question - Kristen is going for paralegal certification.

Lisa said...

Oh, How relaxing that looks! And how much fun she must've had! What a special treat!

Becky said...

What a wonderful getaway for them all. They are so fortunate that the hostess has a home fit for a resort. Lovely! I love enduring friendships too. As I know you do. So fun that they drop it all to gather once a year.

Pam said...

What a fun trip for her! Gorgeous home and landscaping! What part of Florida were they in? I wonder if she was in my neck of the woods!