Monday, June 1, 2009

A happy, smiling face.... & this and that

That's what I have after my trip to the dentist last Wednesday morning to not only get my teeth cleaned but to get a good report. When you've spent as much money on your mouth over the years, as I've spent on mine.....believe me I get a happy, smiling face!!!

Then it was to town to get Aric, out for hamburgers and then some shopping and back home. I'm still recovering from my sunburn and peeling like crazy. Looks terrible!!! Oh 70+ that's no big issue. Aric spent Wednesday, Thursday & Friday with us and Grandpa took him home Friday night. He is such a joy for us to have and I think he likes being with Grandma & Grandpa, too! :o)

Saturday we went to a store near us that was closing out their bedding plants at 1/2 price. We needed a few more items. We ended up getting 16 geraniums and 16 lavendar mums. All the geraniumns and 4 of the mums went in the front beds but 12 of the mums ended up in the back yard along the fence line.

Here is one of the latest "crop" from Mickey's garden. Delicious Swiss Chard. I have fixed delicious salads with swiss chard, spinach, leaf lettuce, radishes and green onions all home grown by my hubby and delicious.

Our Pastor and his wife are home from their 2 week vacation and it sure is good to have them back. We are blessed with such good teaching and preaching on a consistent basis.

Remember Mickey's blue birds that he was feeding millworms to in a bowl? Now he has moved the bowl up to the bird feeder he built for them and teaching them to look for their meal there.

The nesting pair layed and fledged 4 baby blue birds. Mickey has cleaned out the blue bird house and hopes they may build another nest this season. Aren't they a beautiful bird?

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Lynn said...

I am glad you enjoyed your trip to the dentist. :)

Anonymous said...

Life is sounding good down your way :) Always glad to hear that!

Mountain Mama said...

Congratulations on the great dental check up.
Mickey's green's look delicious. There's nothing like veggie's from your own garden. Knowing they have no pesticides and are just plain healthy makes them taste all the better!

The bluebirds are beautiful. We don't have them here but we do have Blue Jays. They are pretty too, but very demanding little critters.

Joy said...

That is a beautiful bird
You got one of my favorite plants. I love geraniums.
That swiss chard looks great. I know you enjoyed that salad.


Mari said...

Yay for a good dental report! The bluebird is so beautiful and I like the look of Mickeys produce too.

Diana said...

those are beautiful birds. it must be nice looking out into your yard and seeing them.

glad you had good news from the dentist.

Kathy said...

o.k. That settles yard, bluebirds, garden fresh everything! We're moving! Sniff....I wish. Susan, I wish I had read your post earlier....we missed our dental appointments today! Inspite of the reschedule I pray we have your good news. I am also getting ready to post a this and that post-updated photos from the clean pantry(still) and the zoo! Hugs!

Kelli said...

I'm glad you had a great trip to the dentist...that is a blessing! Your blue birds are beautiful, I have only ever seen one from a distance, so I enjoyed your pictures.

Oh Sew Good said...

Did they let you pick out a prize from the Prize box? :)

Joy said...

I love how Mickey is training his birds. :)


Maxine said...

That is so neat that Mickey can train the bluebirds like that. And that house he built is so very nice! I don't know why we don't get bluebirds, but we don't. Blue jays, but not bluebirds. That is indeed a lovely bird.

I need to go to the dentist so bad! Glad your visit went well.

Enjoy your gardening and the fruits thereof.

Becky said...

We hung a thistle feeder for the songbirds, blue birds, goldfinches, etc. But so far no takers. I think that we only get those in the winter. They all fly home for spring! Enjoy!

michelle said...

I love all your fresh greens. I juice a lot with swiss chard and spinach...wish i could go pick it from my back yard. yum

Sohailah said...

Great update blog and so much fun to see you, yesterday. Thank you for being the wonderful you that YOU are.

Pam said...

This is the third post I've visited that the blogger has written about her sunburn! Must have been too long a winter and all want to enjoy the new season! Hope you heal soon!

That chard looked great! What does it taste like? I don't recall every having eaten any.

Anonymous said...

Mickey is one talented man!!!

Thanks so much for the beautiful blue bird house!


Anonymous said...

Susan, I am so happy to hear about the good dental report, and all the pictures were so fun to see. I keep missing posts from you, but I know why-- my kids are hijacking my Bloglines and reading them first!! I'm glad they are getting to benefit from reading your words, but I am going to have to remind them to let me know who has posted!!! =)

Barbara said...

I like Mickey's bird feeder Susan and what a joy it is when the birds have babies in the garden. Although we do have a number of bird feeders hanging from the tree our wooden one is falling apart so appreciate what Mickeyhas done.

Susan I have an award for you on my blog which I hope will be there when you visit. For some reason it has not yet appeared on my site.