Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Quote - A Granddaughter - An Award - A Lunch with my bloger friend

"To be nobody
but yourself
in a world
which is doing its best,
night & day,
to make you everybody else
means to fight
the hardest battle
which any human being can fight;
& never stop fighting......"


All, and any of us, who have learned to be "who God intended us to be" knows the truth of this quote.

Our lovely 14 year old grand daughter, Oksana, sitting at her grandfathers computer.

This child HATES for me to take her picture, so this side view is the best I could get!!

Thursday we took Aric home after spending his usual Wednesday and Wednesday night with us, and picked up Oksana to spend some one-on-one time with us.

A rare and very pleasant treat.

The first thing we did was go to the new antimated movie, UP. It was really cute and had a good message. Grandma (that's me) even shed a tear or two!!!

I could have done with a little less of the vicious dog scenes, but I thought the rest of the movie was good and enjoyable.

Mickey & I never go to movies but this is what Oksana wanted to do and this was her day.

Next she picked Ched*dar's for dinner. It was very good and we didn't even have to wait to be seated. Oksana had Chicken Wraps, Grandpa had 1/2 a rack of baby-back ribs, and Grandma had the appitizer of Baken Potato Skins.
All were delicious. We ended up taking 1/2 of Oksana's home in a carry out box.
Gramps and I enjoyed it yesterday for lunch!!!! Oksana didn't take it home with her because she said she probably wouldn't eat it.

Then we came home and watched a little TV together.

Friday morning, after lounging around and her being on the computer some,
we went to Cow*eta's Sticky Buns (of Aric fame!)
where Oksana had biscuit & gravy and grandpa and I shared a pecan roll.

It was a nice, fun time for the 3 of us. We took her home around noon.

I was just awarded this lovely award by Barbara of Ramblings from an English Garden. This award means a lot to me because it came from Barbara and because I truly endeavor to exalt Christ in all I do and say on this blog and in my daily walk with HIM.

I wish to pass this award on to 2 lovely bloggers who I have recently "met". Debra of And It Came To Pass and Sharon of Blogs of Blessings. Both of these gals Exalt Christ on their blogs. I invite you to visit them if they are "new" to you.

Last, but not least, I was privileged to have lunch Tuesday with Sohailah. She is a blogger who lives in this area and we meet via the blog 2 years ago. She is "out of town" a great deal. Working in Hawaii, being a tour guide to Washington, D.C. and recently returned from some Mission work in Africa and will be going back for 3 more months in September. We had shared lunch twice before 2 years ago and it was such a joy and treat to reconnect with her again. As usual we had a lovely lunch at Pan*era Br*ead and our usual 2 hour conversation. I didn't take any pictures.....can you believe it?!!!! but visit her blog and get to know Sohailah.

SOOO another busy, blessed enjoyable week.

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Mari said...

What a wonderful few days! How nice to spend one on one time with both grand kids and to have lunch with a blogger. Contgrats on the award too - it fits you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful to me :)

Oksana is just like Jenna, no photos. I did get some handed to me the other day so I would remember her when she moves...thanks Jenna!

Kathy said...

It sounds like a wonderful time. I agree with Mari-the award fits very well! I'll look forward to going over to visit a couple more blogs as well. Have a blessed and maybe restful Saturday! Hugs from us.

Joy said...

Sounds like a great week with family and friends. Glad you got some special time with Oksana.
I haven't seen UP yet, but it's on the list of things to do. My girls want to see it.
I'm thrilled you and another blogger got together. That is wonderful. I'll check out her blog.


Betty said...

I think it´s so nice that you try to connect with your grandkids and have them over for sleepover´s! Something to cherish as long as possible.
Congrats to the award. You deserve it.

MightyMom said...

one on one grandparent time is PRICELESS!!

some of my best grandparent memories come from those very times.

Nancy said...

Its fun to have grand kids around, and I've heard that UP is a great movie to see.. glad you enjoyed the together time..

Debra said...

Susan, thank you so very much for the award. It is such an honor coming from someone that I admire, and whose blog is always an inspiration to me. Again, thank you very much.

Dawn said...

You're making me hungry!!

retha said...

Although the easiest to be sometimes one has to work/fight being oneself.

What privileged for your grandchildren to have you as grand's. I pray they see your value.

Nadine said...

Congratulations on your award Susan. I totally agree that it suits you very well.

Your granddaughter is cute - my daughter didn't like pictures of herself at that age too.

The Salems said...

\o/ \O/ \o/ God bless :o]

Jillian, Inc said...

What a fun (and very tasty!) time with your granddaughter. Those one on one times are precious.

Barbara said...

Cannot believe that last lunch was 2 years ago. Time does fly by so quickly, even in the blogging world.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on the bloggy award!

One of my girls hates to have her pic taken...Reabeccah...I have to sneak to get a shot!

Glad you got to go to the movies and out to eat...sounds fun!

And what a blessing to spend time in person with a blogger friend.

Have a great day.