Thursday, August 6, 2009

Even though David's visit was really short (3 days) it was a wonderful time & visit.

He arrived on Friday at 12:21. I've already shared that we had lunch with our 2 sons. He spent Friday night with us. It was such a wonderful time just the three of us.....and ooops I forgot about Bear!!! We had borrowed a Chuck Miss*ler dvd on "The Nephilin". Mickey & I had already watched it but David really respects Chuck Miss*ler so the 3 of us watched all 2 hours of the video. Then it was to bed. David had been up since 3 a.m. so was plenty tired.
Saturday morning we had the joy of David joining in with our Bible Study (we are currently in Revelation) and prayer time. Then we just lazed around and about noon David went over to spend the day and night with Marc, Aric & Oksana.
Sunday of course we celebrated Marc's birthday. Dinner was at 1:30 and everyone stayed until after 6. David spend another wonderful evening and night with us.
On Wednesday night our Pastor asked a question and a bunch of us raised our hands.....much to my surprise he said "I have this book I just finished and wanted to give it to one of you. Susan's is the first hand I saw" and he handed me "When I Don't Desire God - How to fight for Joy" by John Piper. I LOVE to get a book someone I admire has read and marked all up and with personal notes. Well this book was just that. The title kind of took me aback because I desire God with all my heart and I thought it strange God would direct Pastor to give that particular book to me. I was going to read it and then pass it on to others in my two Bible studies.
With everything going on at my house since Wednesday night I had just put it on the table near the recliner where I usually read and thought I'd start it after David's visit.
Well, Monday morning I could tell David had looked at it. He had gone to bed after Mickey & I Sunday night. When he got up I asked him if he'd looked at the book and he said yes. Then I told him Pastor Gary had given it to me. David has the utmost respect for Pastor Gary, during the short time he was in church there with us. Anyway.....I asked him if he'd like to take it home and read it. He said yes. THEN I knew why God had directed Pastor Gary to give it to me. Isn't it wonderful to watch God work?!!!! I love it. He truly directs our paths.
Again, Monday morning we had the pleasure of having David for our Bible Study & Prayer time. He left at 9 and went and got Oksana & Aric and took them out for breakfast before he left for the LONG 2 day drive back to California. Marc of course was already at work.
Besides celebrating Marc's birthday the other purpose for David's trip was to pick up his 2003 Mustang. He had left it here with us last August when he moved back to San Francisco. At the time he was working at Sun Mi*crosy*stems and was right on the rail system to work and didn't need the car. Two months ago he changed jobs and went to work for another company which is across the Bay near Oakland and has a very long commute. He now needed his car. Mickey had spent the 2 weeks before getting various things taken care of it for him, 2 new tires, brakes, some engine work, etc. David paying the costs, of course, Mickey just doing the leg work for it to be ready and in good shape for him.
Dad loading him up.

Good bye son :o( His plans are to come again Christmas :o)

Oh, besides the Piper book he took along 4 cd's of the messages that Randy Cald*well delivered when he was with us for a 2 day revival in July. When we talked to him last night he volunteered that he'd listened to 2 of them on his long drive.

Planting more of that seed and always praying and standing in Faith that David will yet fulfil the call God has had on his life since a small child.

Our God is Good & Our God is Faithful!!!!

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PEA said...

How wonderful that David was able to come for a visit:-) No matter how short the visit, it's always a blessing to see our children!! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and yes, it sure is a delight to see how God sometimes works:-) xoxo

Betty said...

Hello Susan! I´m back to blogging and finally getting around to commenting again.
I´m so happy God is doing his wonder with your son. I read about the celebrations and am so happy he came home to spend his birthday with the family.
May God bless him further and speak to his heart!

Mari said...

It sounds like a wonderful time, and the way God worked only adds too it!

Kathy said...

I am amazed at how God wastes absolutely nothing...and especially not a life. We join your prayer for God's complete fulfilment of His plan in your son's life. I know you all were Jesus with skin on in his time there...and think of the time to think he'll have on his long journey back to California! : ) You're a great Mom.

Sharon said...

It does sounds like you had a great time with your son and family.
Yes, I believe that GOD does work everyday in our lives.
What a great story.
Have a blessed weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this visit has brought a smile from ear to ear and hope as big as the ocean.

Love hearing about the family as always. Hopefully I will have some good family times to share soon. Can't wait for the kids to get here on Wednesday night!!!

Kansas Bob said...

Great catching up with your blog Susan. So glad you had such a great time with your boys.

Blessings, Bob

retha said...

Oh, yes GOD knows best.

How good to have a father that is able and willing to be there!