Monday, September 21, 2009


Last week was another very busy week.. We had Stan for lunch on Sunday as I fixed a roast with all the trimmings.

We had Aric & Oksana with us Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday as their dad, was out of town on business. Here they are ready for school. We enjoy having them with us. The big time consumer is so much time driving back and forth twice a day to Tulsa for school and then the time difference, 45 minutes to an hour, between the school times starting and ending. Really ends up eating up the day.
Thursday morning I had the privilege and honor of joining 3 other woman, and the mother and grandmother, of an almost 5 year old girl. Her name is Erica and her autoimmune system has been attacked with HST. We met at her home to pray for her, that God heal and raise her up. We know God not only hears our prayers but answers prayer. Thank you JESUS who paid the price for our healing, as well as our salvation.

The Coweta Fall Festival began on Thursday evening and ran through Saturday. We went down on Friday evening, taking Stan with us. This is small town America at it's booths, carnival rides, several blocks of Main Street (in our case it's actually Broadway) blocked off. Cars parked everywhere around the main blocked off areas and people milling up and down the entire midway area. I had Corn on the Cob on a Stick and Mickey & Stan each had a Corn Dog. Food always tastes so good at a fair. They were choosing a teen, Miss Fall Festival, and a younger Miss Fall Festival. Two girls from our church were running in the teen contest.

The big event for us was the prayer tent. The Ministerial Alliance goes together and puts up a prayer tent. People sign up to pray around the clock in the tent for the entire Festival. The main prayer is for EVERY church in Coweta to be filled and over flowing and many brought to the Kingdom of God.

I forgot my camera...again!!! But this is a picture of the tent 2 years ago and it is the same tent. The special thing this year was that since Friday night was the start of the New Jewish Year, and Rosh Hashanah, they had a man & woman who were blowing the Shofar in the tent. It was wonderful.

Saturday from 2-5 was a car show held down the street at the First Baptist parking lot.

The two cars in the center of this shot belong to friends of ours, Mike & Trish. Naturally we had to go down and vote for them!!!

This is a 1932 Model T and Mickey was born in 1932!!!

Wonderful specimens of 76 years of age wouldn't you say????? MY GUY sure is :o)

Saturday night we had the joy, and privilege, of celebrating our friend, Don's, 72nd birthday. We had a wonderful meal at a new Ol*ive Gard*en near us.

Then we came to our house for his Birthday cake and ice cream. Isn't it adorable? No.....I did not make it. The Adult Singles of our church were making creative cupcakes of all kinds, and a few cakes, to sell Sunday at church as a fund raiser for Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. I called the lady, who's house they were baking at, and asked if I could come and select and buy a cake ahead of time. It pays to know the right people, in the right places!! :o)

Here's the honoree and his lovely wife, Barbara. You who are faithful readers know that Don & Barbara are L-O-N-G time, forever friends and wonderful Christian Brother & Sister to us. Love you guys and Happy Birthday Don!!!
Thank you Lord for such a wonderful, busy week.

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

What a wonderful week you had! The festival looks like a lot of fun.


Dear Susan, Thank you so much for coming over to visit by blog. It was so nice see your face as I opened my comments section.

I can see that you are still staying very busy, That is a good thing! It looks like you all had a very good time at the festival. The old cars would have been something my Jim, would have enjoyed. He never passes an old car that it seems he is young again. I just love to see him looking at them. I will have to show him your pictures. Have a great day. connie

Dawn said...

How ironic - I just saw the cake pan that makes those huge cupcakes this week-end in a catalog. Really neat.

Sounds like a busy week and a fun one.

I think I've told you of our Jewish lady who attends our church and loves the fellowship. She always misses our services when her "high holy days" are here, and goes to temple. I'm not sure why she doesn't go there all the time, but we keep praying for her eyes to be opened.

November is coming quickly!

Joy said...

That is a busy week. Anytime you put kids in the picture and getting them to their places you know its busy.
That Fall Festival sounds so fun. I'm so impressed you all do a prayer tent. I know God is blessing your area because of all these prayers. I love how you acknowledge the Jewish New Year. I read your previous post. I learn so much from you.
That birthday cake is plum adorable. I know he was thrilled and surprised to get such a fun cake.


Mary said...

Yes, thank God for a busy week...especially when having so much fun...enjoy your wonderful friends.


Sharon said...

It sounds like you had a busy week but it sounds like you also had a lot of fun.
Yes it is good to know people in the right places, that was a great cake.
Happy birthday to your friend Don.
Thanks for sharing.

Mari said...

You did have a packed full week, but lots of good things were in it!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

You have been a busy woman!

I love a good fall festival...we don't have too many of those around here anymore and I miss it!

Dawn said...

The reunion is Nov. 6 and 7. I hope to fly down on Thursday afternoon and come home late Sunday or early Monday. Depends on where I'll be staying. I have a friend from college who has offered a bed, but that's a lot of nights. I'll check with her. I thought of driving, but that's a lot drive alone and would take two of the days. Sunday afternoon would probably be the best time to get together.

WOF is in Denver - can't wait!

~Ginger said...

Do you guys ever rest? What a wonderful recap!

I'm so behind on an email to you. Things are going good with Jen, but much has transpired once again. We keep praying. I'll try to write this week.

Sandra said...

You are a busy woman indeed!! And hard to keep up with.

Brenda said...

How fun your Fall festival had be. I think the small-town one's are the best. Just hooking up with friends and enjoying the festive yet smalltown atmosphere.
It's definitely feeling like fall here, or I should say winter since in snowed here today!
Hope all is well with you both!

Debra said...

I love fall festivals and county fairs. Our county fair will be here in October and I so look forward to it! Just really great looking grandchildren!

MightyMom said...

hope you're resting up!