Thursday, September 17, 2009


The tradition of celebrating Constitution Week was started many years ago by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

In 1955, the DAR petitioned Congress to set aside September 17-23 annually to be dedicated for the observance of Constitution Week.

The resolution was later adopted by the U.S. Congree and signed into Public Law #915, on August 2, 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Constitution Week is commemorated September 17-23.

Let us all do our part in reminding America that the Constitution is a living document that guarantees the freedoms Americans enjoy.

Honoring our beloved Constitution has stood us well for these 222 years.

At this time in our history, when some of our elected officials are disregarding The Constitution, let us lift our voices and our prayers in unison that our nation not fail to abide by it.

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carmel said...

Hi Susan:
I finally made to your blog to write. I did come here yesterday and got to see all the pictures from Sept 11.It was soooooooo awesome! What a day!!I am so thankfull to all the people who made it happen and to our Mighty God who was present there. Some one counted 68 people that attended. I got a report from "cry out america" yesterday and recieved a total of all the counties that were involved,but I didn't write it down "sorry' I'll forward it on to you so you can see. I also got a report of one woman that reported to Billie Brimms Wed prayer for an awakening; she was the only one that showed up at her county court house but stayed to pray,read the Word, and sing. She sang "this little light of mine",and asked God for her light to shine. She said she felt connected as she knew there was prayer going on all over the United States. Billie also reported that The leaders at Ground zero and herself prayed through all the time zones.Praise God!!I get a chill thinking of the unity!! I'll probaly sign up for next year also.Thank you and Mickey again sooooo much you both are such a blessing. I'll see you soon.
God bless all

Susan said...

A good reminder, Susan. I often forget this type of thing.

Sandra said...

Isn't it neat how "Cry out America" and now 'Constitution Week' both happen in the fall with the feasts?

Kathy said...

We just finished reading a book called, " A More Perfect Union," in our History curriculum. I mentioned on another blog (yours?) that if we would recall more frequently the "cost of the constitution" our country would probably be in better shape no doubt.