Friday, October 2, 2009

SHOW & TELL #12 - Candleholder

Cindy, here,
has taken over for Kelli for Show & Tell and Mr. Linky. Kelli has done such a great job hosting this site and I've enjoyed participating in it with her. I'm sure Cindy will do just as good a job. Thank you Cindy for taking this on so that we have a place to Show & Tell about our things.

Several weeks ago I bought several things at a garage sale for a total of $3.60. One of the items was this 5 candle holder for 25 cents. I loved the shape of it, but as you can see it was in pretty bad shape and looked......ugly

I wanted to give it a sort of silver tone. We had an old can of white spray paint so I decided I might just spray it white, which would go with all different color candles.

The other day I was out for awhile and when I got back home my sweet Mickey said, "Come and look at the candle holder and see if you like it." He had sprayed it very lightly with the white paint, but on top of the black, it had come out exactly the silver toned look I wanted.

I love it!!!

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Kathy said...

How neat, and how fun that Mickey got involved in the project. It's beautiful!

Mari said...

It looks really nice. It really does have a silver appearance.

Sharon said...

It turned out really neat. He did a great job.
Don't you just love a hubby that can be so creative also.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a blessed weekend.

Susan said...

Wow...that's so neat!! I love it too and think it made a huge difference with just a bit of paint.



Momma Roar said...

What a great way to freshen it up!! It looks great!

Joy said...

That is a pretty piece. Good find. Mickey gave it just the right touch.


MightyMom said...

is it wraught iron?

it's cute.

Shirley said...

How sweet of Mickey to do that for you while you were away :) It turned out very nice!

Debra said...

Ask any of my children and they will tell you I am a big fan of spray paint! Your candle holder turned out great!

Lisa said...

Oh, Mickey is so sweet to do that! The candle holder looks very nice.