Tuesday, November 24, 2009

IS 2012 The END of the World?

Our Pastor has preached the past 2 Sundays about The End Of The World based on the just released movie by the same name,

Yesterday I was privileged to be part of a skit that was presented in conjunction with Pastor's sermon. There were 5 parts and we have been practicing for several weeks. I played the part of a born again Grandmother. Imagine that!!!! In character for sure. It was a wonderful experience and I am excited about being part of our Church Drama team.

Seven, yes 7, people gave their hearts to Jesus. Praise you Lord.

"No man knoweth the day or the hour"

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Oh Sew Good said...

I thought the year 2000 was supposed to be the end of the world. Folks have been trying to pinpoint a day for as long as I can remember. I like what I heard once and it stuck with me. "Live each day as though it were your last but plan on living at least 100 years."

Nadine said...

What fun. I would have loved to seen you. I hope you had a good time doing the skit.

Better still is that 7 people came to know the love of Christ.

Kathy said...

That is awesome Susan. Hooray for new life! And how exciting for you to be a part of the drama team. Blessings on all of the ventures the Lord gives you!

Sharon said...

I would like to have seen your play.
I believe that we should just live one day at a time.
How wonderful that 7 more have come to the Lord.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Kansas Bob said...

Sounds like fun Susan. My favorite end-time verse is the one where Jesus says that when you see signs of the end coming we should look up because our redemption draws close.

Charlotte said...

It may not be 2012 but I think it is getting pretty close. There are so many signs. I'm glad you got to be part of the drama team.

Susan said...

Awww...what fun that you were able to participate in the drama...and what a party they were havin' when those seven people gave their hearts to Jesus!


Lisa said...

This is wonderful, girl!
Sounds like such a powerful witnessing tool!
What a blessing to have 7 more saved! Praise The Lord!!