Monday, December 21, 2009

More Christmas & A Tribute to Great Grandmother Beryl

For Show & Tell last Friday I shared 2 Nativity Scenes we have; one inside & an outdoor display. Today I want to share another Nativity Scene and a few other special items of Christmas decor that grace our home at this special time of year.

(Clip all pictures to enlarge)
This basket sits in our entry hall on a little magazine rack that had been made for my
father years ago.

The pretty basket.

Then if you look REAL close at the top of it you'll see

this tiny little Nativity Scene. I just love this. Before I retired I always took this item to display on my desk in my office.

Next. this little 2' tall miniature Christmas tree that is also in a little wicker basket. It is just loaded with ornaments of various kinds.

The tip top,

The middle,

The bottom,

The basket.
And here it is at night, plugged in with all the little green lights shining. Not the best picture, but I hope you get the idea!!
This silver & greens display sits in the window sill of our dining area.

Here it is all lite up.

A lovely silver & green center piece.

All four of these lovely items were made by Oksana & Aric's Great Grandmother Beryl and given to us as gifts in various years. This post is a tribute to Great Grandmother Beryl - an amazing, talented, and loving woman. We're glad you are in our lives Beryl.

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Mari said...

She is talented! What beautiful things.

retha said...

What lovely things.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful decorations! Merry Christmas!

Sandra said...

I just love looking at everyone's decorations and to see what is special to different people. It shows their personalities.