Wednesday, December 16, 2009


NOT because of the gifts received, although they were fantastic and I will share them later, but because of these:

The 3rd Day Sisters Bible Study Group
top: Norma, Debbie, Susan J, Anne
Gloria, Susan C, Sandra, Wantha Ann

I wish I truly had the ability to describe to you the unity and pure joy of fellowship, love, concern and caring that LIVES in this group. As you can tell, most of them are younger than my own daughters. We are TRULY an eclectic group that only God could have put together. We are from very different backgrounds but the thing that binds us together is our LOVE of JESUS. This small group of 8 woman truly typifies what The Body of Christ SHOULD be and HOW it should operate.

2009 has been such an amazing year in my life. The Lord gives us the desires of our hearts. His word tells us so: Psalm 37:4 – “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”

I had longed for a friend who truly loved the Lord with all her heart, and wanted to do serious Bible Study. Someone to truly connect with, on a deep, spiritual level. Someone that you couldn't wait to share the latest insight the Lord had shown you. I had not had that type special friend since my forever friend, Beverly, went to heaven in 1986. It was a big void in my life. Little did I know that 2009 would bring me not only 1 such friend, but 7 (God's complete number!) of them!!!!! Delight, delight, delight, delight, delight, delight & delight. The most amazing part of this entire story is that as I celebrated my birthday last year I did not "know" a single one of these precious woman.

Sandra was lead by the Lord to begin this Study group on March 10th-09. At the first meeting were Sandra, Gloria, Debbie & myself. Later I invited Wantha Ann, who I was just getting to know from another Bible Study group to come with me. Now we were 5. Next came Anne who made 6. Then Susan C. joined us which was 7. Last, but certainly not least, was Norma, Sandra's sister, making us this group of 8.

Now, share my lovely celebration with me:

The yummy chocolate cake Sandra made for us.

Five of the sisters enjoying our cake.

The assortment of fabulous gifts from these TRUE GIFTS.


Christmas gifts we exchanged with each other, too!!
(click to enlarge)

Debbie presented all of us with this beautiful framed photo that she had taken, enlarged, added the words from John 3:16 and framed for each of us. And no, that is not a bright spot from the flash, it is the actual sunset on a November Oklahoma evening. The cross is from Norma, the lovely socks from Sandra & the angel bell from Wantha Ann.
Thank you Lord for giving me the gift of these special friends and this Bible Study.
Your blessings overwhelm me.

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Sharon said...

How wonderful for you to have such sweet friends in your life.
It does sound like GOD has blessed you many times over.
thanks for sharing
Happy birthday.

Mari said...

How wonderful! I know how much you have been blessed by this group. I enlarged the picture to see your friends and as I was looking at them, it struck me that although I will probably never meet them or you in this life, we will all be together in heaven!

Nancy said...

What a great gift to have so many beautiful sisters in your life and the gifts look fantastic as well. Happy Birthday to you

Debra said...

Such wonderful friends Susan! What a blessing! Happy Birthday!

Dawn said...

What a wonderful birthday with great friends!

MightyMom said...

that first pic is great

Shirley said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday, too! Looks like the Lord answered your prayer in a mighty way :) Since moving to AL, I have lost my steady group of devoted Christian girlfriends - I think I am going to have to pray that way, too.
ps - doesn't look like AL has anything on OK for sunsets - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are blessed!

Jillian, Inc said...

You're so right - friends are truly a very special gift. And to have so many that are so special is a true blessing!

retha said...

I am saying Happy birthday too, Ma'am
May it so happen that you see many more friends like these! And the same for your children.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Seems like you had a wonderful birthday celebration! And how sweet that it was with ladies you've just come to call friends. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your day!

Maxine said...

You are so blessed, my dear. So glad you had such a great birthday. Happy Birthday wishes from here.

Momma Roar said...

Truly beautiful. The gifts and more importantly the bond you share!