Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Simply Christmas

Some of the ornaments on our tree.

This speckled chicken was a gift from Pen of Jen last year.

This little guys been around a LONG time. Don't remember where I got him. Before the string on top broke I use to hang him on an entertainment center knob or on the hutch.

Don't remember where or when this one showed up either. The red bulb to the right is one of our vintage bulbs.

This black stocking was a gift to us from Aric last year. Another vintage bulb by it.

A single bell on a paper clip!!!

A key chain from JJ Realty, the real estate company Mickey & I had from 1976 to 1983. The bell and this key chain were in the box and we were desperate for "ornaments" this year!!!!

Angel bell gift this year from friend, Wantha Ann.

Three blind mice. Don't recall where this one came from but it's a fairly recent addition.

As mentioned above we have quite a few ornaments from the late 50's and early 60's. They are now considered "Vintage" as are Mickey & I!!!!

Another vintage bulb.

We are simple people, who live a simple life.

SIMPLE adj. 1) having but one or a few parts; uncomplicated. 2) easy to do or understand, as a task. 3) without additions; as the simple facts. 4) not ornate or luxurious; plain. 5) without guile or deceit. 6) without contention; natural. 7) of low rank or position; common. 8) foolish; stupid. (Webster's New World Dictionary 1971 printing)

Our simple little Christmas tree in all it's glory. I made the 12 days of Christmas tree skirt back in the 80's. It is felt applique and trimmed in rick-rack.

We did not get the big metal box with a lot of the long time Christmas decorations out of the storage barn this year and just made do with the ornaments and decorations that we store in a special closet in the house. Consequently we did not have our Angel that usually tops our tree. This little ornament, a "thank you" from 2006, from The Salvation Army was on the tree and Mickey placed it here on top!!!

The tree lights are the rotating type and that is why no lights on the top section in this shot. Hey, get a load of those burgundy socks!!! I did not know Mickey had me in this picture when he took it. I thought he was getting a photo of the tree.

This Jolly Guy greets you from the window sill in our guest room.

May your life be simple but adorned with the beauty & glory of Christ.

"If you keep it simple, it will stay pure" (one of the quotes on my header)

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Mari said...

I like your simple tree! The vintage ornaments and the ones that have sentimental attachments are great!

Shirley said...

Thank you for sharing your tree with us - we don't have one this year :) I really like all of the vintage ornaments - I have one that was my grandmothers that I just love.
Merry Christmas!

Sunny said...

"Simply" great! One of your vintage bulbs looks like one my parents had when I was growing up!

Kathy said...

I love how each ornament has beauty and value to you. Here's to simplicity! : )

Dan said...

Great tree. I hope Christmas finds you full of hope this year. Merry Christmas.

PS I didn't know that you and Micky were in real estate.

Dawn said...

Simple is good - I simplified a lot this year - partly because of all the time I spent getting ready for and performing in the community chorale and partly because I am just plain tired!

Have a blessed celebration of our Lord with your family!

Barbara said...

I like y our chair Susan.
I also like those Christmas tree skirt which seem to be an American thing but a great idea.

Glad you got your camera. Have not posted on our 50th anniversary yet but hope to do so tomorrow. Have a great Christmas and blessings to all the family.

PEA said...

Your tree is beautiful in it's simplicity, dear Susan. I so love vintage ornaments and have decorated my tree with all the ones I have collected:-)

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true during this magical season! xoxo

Midlife Mom said...

I am so glad you stopped by my place! We seem to visit a lot of the same sites! I love your tree with the vintage ornaments. It looks so nice and is a good size. I got one of those 'skinny' trees which takes up much less room then my old trees did and I like it much better. I have an ornament that was given to me when I was 13 (I'm now 58) by our pastor's wife at the time. She has long gone to be with the Lord but I think of her every year when I place that ornament on the tree. It's considered vintage now too! lol!

Glad you found your camera. It seems like I am looking for something most of the time.

I guess I am as ready as I will ever be. I really cut back this year and didn't put up half of my decorations. I just wanted to keep it more simple this year. Guess I will go take a few pictures of the tree while it is in one piece! After tomorrow night it will look pretty sorry!

Have a wonderful blessed Christmas as you celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

I love "simple" and it's my life, too!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

I love simple best, Susan! Your ornaments are all sweet and have special meaning...the best kind!

Thanks for the Christmas card and Merry Christmas to you two!


Sohailah said...

Darling ornaments and a very Merry Christmas to you! Much love to you!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Call me crazy but I love the jingle bell on the paper clip!

Wishing you and your family the merriest of Christmases and a very blessed New Year!

Tina said...

Merry Christmas Susan and hope you have a wonderful, blessed birthday as well!!!

Sandra said...

I love looking at other people's trees and seeing their personality in them. I see your love, mild manner, and appreciation of all things in your tree. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday special friend.

diana said...

wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

Darla said...

simple is good, i agree. i have always had a desire to keep things simple...though i have to fight in this world to stay on track sometimes. things get complicated quickly if im not careful! it's a great reminder to hear 'that it keeps things pure' i love that!