Friday, December 25, 2009


We always celebrate our Christmas on Christmas Eve with gift opening after a big Christmas dinner.
The tables are set.
The long view of the two table pushed together.
The meal is prepared. This year I decided to serve a Mexican Dinner instead of the usual turkey or ham. The menu is: Pasole, pinto beans, 3 cheese chicken enchiladas, bean & beef burritos, 7 layer Mexican dip (brought by Suzette), 3 types of chips, white & red sparkling grape juice (brought by Jacque), and dessert (brought by Jessica). Don't know the kind yet as it's not here and I was not told!!!!

Large slow cooker filled to the brim with Pasole. For the uninformed: Pasole is a hominy made with pork, onions & red chili. The pasole comes in dry packages (like pinto beans) and when we visit NM (October 2008) I always buy a lot of bags!! I have 2 left that will have to last until we go there this coming September.
4 pans of enchiladas. 1 red and 3 green chili as our family prefers the green.

Dinner is set for 7:30 as David is flying in from California and his plane arrives at 6:30. Marc and kids are picking him up at the airport and coming right here where we will all be waiting for him.

BUT ----- We had been warned for days by the weather men that a very severe snow storm, with blizzard like conditions was coming in on Christmas Eve. NO, we did not believe it as we have been in the upper 50's. It started with rain, then turned to sleet and then to snow. The governor closed the interstate highways it was so bad. Long/short of it, after many phone calls back & forth we cancelled the dinner.

David's plane was on time. Marc & kids were there to pick him up and make it back to their Tulsa home but Marc did get stuck in his driveway so the car is sitting outside!!

Mickey & I had a delightful dinner together. In fact, it was kind of fun. Why get upset when plans go awry? Just go with the flow and enjoy!!!

See the booklet & magnifying glass? Mickey has just read how to use the tripod to take our picture together. Good job, honey. I'm on the phone to one of the kids. By the way I made the Partridge In A Pear Tree hanging over 40 years ago!!! I still love it.

On the phone AGAIN with one of the other kids.

Our our back patio door. Doesn't the filigree of the snow look great on this wrought iron table set?

The 24" snow drift out our front door. Mickey got very wet & cold turning off the light to our outside manger scene before we went to bed.
Snow does not drift in Oklahoma??!!!! It did this time. Oklahoma doesn't have Blizzard conditions.......we did on Christmas Eve Day 2009. First time in 9 years we've had a white Christmas in Tulsa.
Another shot out the front door into the drift.
We are hoping to get together this afternoon for our belated Dinner & gift opening celebration. I'll let you know!!! By the way, Mickey & I each just ate one of the enchiladas so there is still plenty left.

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Mari said...

I love your attitude! This will be a Christmas you won't forget.
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday too!

Civilla said...

Very nice; thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Maxine said...

Wow! I was just reading the forecast about the weather in OK and thought to myself that's where you live. So I took a quick hop over to see if you had said anything and here was your post! We just went through this last weekend, so I know what you're going through. Thanks for those pictures, I so enjoyed them. You and Mickey are all cozy there together--so sweet! Well, it's the Lord's will isn't it? Think maybe He's making a point on this global warming thing? lol.

We're staying in too. This is Bev and Edie's year (every other) to go to his parents, so no grandkids this time. We usually go down with my husband Chuck's family, but Chuck had eye surgery for glaucoma on Monday. Even though the doctor said he could drive, we don't want to chance it because it's a pretty long drive and we're going to have some wintry mix falling later and some fog. Not good. It's a drive I don't usually make myself because it's rather tricky. Anyway, we're going to have a lazy day here (something I need) and we're even ordering dinner from a local diner which I will pick up, bring home, and serve on our best dinnerware! Easy day for me and I am delighted about that aspect of things. ;)

Have a blessed Christmas day and may the Lord keep everyone safe!

Sandra said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!! Your right about going with the flow of things. So glad you got a new tripod and the food looks yummy. I'll have to try that bean dish some time.

Maybe Mickey can make you a snow cake for your Birthday. Tell him to stay away from the yellow snow though. Not good!!!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Because of the weather our internet was down yesterday. This morning our daughter and her family drove 1 1/2 miles to get here only to get stuck on the way due to the huge snow drifts! They finally made it and we had a lovely time eating and opening gifts. They've now gone home. Because our country roads are nearly impassable we won't be going to my MIL's home in Tulsa for dinner. It's ok. Christmas isn't just a date on the calendar. We'll celebrate when we can.

Years ago a friend from NM would make posole when she would visit in OK. I never got her recipe and have never found one that lived up to my expectations.

Your tables are so lovely and the food looks scrumptious.

Blessings to you and yours on this beautiful, snowy Christmas Day!

Maria Berg said...

See the booklet & magnifying glass? Mickey has just read how to use the tripod to take our picture together.

That is so sweet - hope you will have many many more happy years together,

Maria Berg, Sweden

Just Mom said...

"Why get upset when plans go awry? Just go with the flow and enjoy!!!"

My sentiments exactly!

We're snowed in today. We had blizzard conditions overnight, and are expecting more tonight. I'm in a warm home with lots of love and food. I can't complain.

Kansas Bob said...

We had a White Christmas too Susan. Looks like yours was a great one!

Pam said...

Oh the snow is gorgeous! And I see in this post the answer to my prior question about the Mexican food. Pasole too girl! Man you were over the top this year! good for you! I know every dish was made with love and the photos of the enchiladas made my mouth start watering!