Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I totally forgot to share our meeting a BIG goal God placed before us.
Our Pastor shared with us that a family in our body had pledged to match up to $100,000 toward our church debt of $360,000. This was the amount of debt remaining on our Recreation Outreach Center (ROC). The original loan had been $595,000. This challenge was for 3 months: Oct, Nov & Dec.

EVERYONE in our body went to work and did many different fund raising projects, in addition to reaching deeper into our own pockets and giving more toward this debt.

On the first Sunday, January 3, 2010, it was announced WE MET THE $100,000 GOAL!!!! Our debt balance beginning the new year is down to $115,587.22. That is a decrease of $244,413 in three months. PRAISE GOD. We are believing for the ability to quickly clear this mortgage completely.

The entire motive of clearing this debt, is not so we can be proud that it has been paid off!!! No, it is that our Church Body will have the $10,000 monthly payment amount to use for benevolence in our community to show forth the Love of God.

Our pastor's desire is that our facilities be used each and every day of the week. Not just on Sunday & Wednesday. That we are there to meet the needs of Coweta in each & every way possible.

This is our main sanctuary building. Sorry I don't have a picture of the ROC which sits directly behind this building and is just as large but is a 2 story facility with a separate worship area with stage for the youth, full kitchen, basketball & volleyball court, many class rooms. The Kloset Kloset ministry is on the 2nd floor in 2 separate rooms. There is also a large, enclosed play area for the children with playground equipment between the two buildings.

Our beloved Pastor Gary Rogers and Sister Paula.
I trust that God has placed each and every one of you in a wonderful Church Body that you love and serve in. If not, I encourage you to make finding that Body a primary goal for you and your family in 2010.

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Sharon said...

That is good news for your community.

Just Mom said...


That is wonderful news. :-D

Barbara said...

Just been catching up on your 2010 posts.

Glad your appeal went so well and you can now put your money to good use with the needy etc.

5 posts in 12 days - in my opinion that is an achievement any time!


Frazzled Farm Wife said... must have an amazing congregation there! Way to go!!!!!

Devoted said...

Praise the Lord! Looks like God has put you in a direct path to being a light in your world! I pray He strengthens you, guides you, sustains you all in this endeavor to be His feet and hands...

Civilla said...

That will be great that you can then help the community.

Momma Roar said...

That is so awesome!!

Mari said...

What a wonderful update! Great news!

Kathy said...

Congratulations! That is tremendous. It is do-able, and I hope that others will catch this same vision.

Maxine said...

That was fantastic, Susan! Your pastor and wife look like beautiful people, btw.

Sandra said...

I'm so glad to be a part of this body of believers.