Friday, March 26, 2010

A MARCH TO REMEMBER....or try to forget!!!

The inner workings of my electric range, after the cracked ceramic cook top had been removed.

Sorry to start with this, like this, but read on and you'll understand and get the picture.

One thing for is VERY interesting &...........around my house never dull!!!!

Actually, Mickey & I both strive to live calm, orderly, neat, organized lives. We are of the school, "Everything has a place, and a time, and everything in its place and time." But, "The well laid plans of mice and men often go astray" and nothing could be more true than this saying for us in this month of March, 2010!!!

Even today as I loaded the pictures for this post and endeavored to move the pictures to the proper spacing, as I do ALL the time on my computer. Guess what? They wouldn't move. So, next best step I was going to delete the first picture, which was out of order, and just use the one snow picture. Guess what? I can't delete it!!! Hence, two pictures of the back yard with snow.

After all that, NOW to the original plan of this post and an update on this most interest month.

On March 3rd, Mickey was busy planting 9 rose cuttings that our dear friends, Don & Barbara, had brought over to Mickey the night before. This is a picture of the front and side, along the trellis around part of our patio showing the finished produce of all planted and covered with quart canning jars. OH.....and the DUPLICATE out of place snow pictures!!!!

Side view with the jars laid out for spacing before planting the cuttings.

Front view of the jars for spacing.

Mickey mixing the soil and various additives. You can tell by the fact Mickey is in his t-shirt that this was a warm, sunny day.

It was a good thing Mickey covered up the rose cuttings because THIS is what we had in our back yard the very next day.

Then my computer crashed but my sweet son, Marc, and new family came out Sunday the 7th to fix and reload information on said computer.

1- In the process I lost my entire e-mail address book. So if you haven't heard from me lately via the Valornet e-mail please drop me a note so I can add you to my NEW address book.
2- I can not yet load my pictures from my camera onto my computer, but we can on Mickey's so I have a mess with some pictures on this computer and some on the other.

3- I have a professional accounting system, from my years of accounting work, but when Marc got it loaded back it came up with mid 2008 as the last information!!!! Fortunately, I am one of these that does not trust the "paperless" approach of life that is being expounded and encouraged and therefore had hard copy figures as of 12-31-09!!!! Wheeeeee

4- #3 necessitated my having to rebuild the accounting information by starting from scratch with the 12-31-2009 figures and reposting January & February.

THIS is what a mess my desk was for several days during this process!!!!

As I've already posted I cracked my ceramic cook top in the wee hours of the morning March 16th. The new replacement, shown here on the kitchen table did not arrive until Wednesday, March 24th. Fortunately it came as a single, complete unit and was very easy for Mickey to install.
Return to top to see in electric components!!!! Out of order, of course.
See, another shot of the desk mess, out of order!
To say we hope April brings us back to our calm, orderly, neat, organized life is an understatement.
We are working hard, in the midst of this, on the production of the CHOICE'S drama that our church is putting on over Easter weekend. MOST of us connected with this upcoming drama have been experiencing a lot of upheaval and turmoil in our lives. Not surprising since we know satan does not want to see this drama presented and be successful. BUT we know "He who is within us" with see that it goes off just as HE intends it to.
I've also been asked to speak at a Woman's Day conference the woman's ministry is putting on April 24th on the subject of Quench Your Thrist. I think the Lord is supplying me with some much needed input and information......!!! Do you agree?

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Sharon said...

It does sound like you have had a very interesting to say the least month of March.
I can also see that you faith is strong. I will pray for you and that April will be so much better for you.
I always have problems when I want to post a picture.
Have a very blessed weekend.

Mary R. said...

Oh, man, I feel sorry for YOU! But, the Lord has worked it all out! Hallelujah \o/

retha said...

So strange all these things, that in itself is an indication of what we should do.

How amazing the difference between the two days, with out and with the snow!

Kathy said...

Let me say first of all, I am sooooo excited about you speaking at the Women's event, Quench Your Thirst. The title draws me in right away, and actually touched a part of me that must be tucked away in the busyness of every day life....the thirsty part. Please share your notes with us when the time comes.

When Danny and I grow up we want to be a "Susan and Mickey!" : ) We are challenged by keeping things in order around our house (yes, of course we'll take prayer for that area!). I don't know if it's the children, or just my wiring.

And, speaking of wiring....wonder what the Lord was teaching you about wiring and inner workings and surfaces with your stove??? : )

I love you Susan, thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us.

Peace be still! : )

Joy said...

Thanks for showing that picture of the stove underneath. Who knew? I'm glad you got a new one and Mickey was able to install it.
I definitely see why all these crazy things are happening. I think your right, satan is trying to distract and cause chaos.
I would love to come and hear you speak at the Women's conference. I know you will be an inspiration and blessing to the ladies.
♥ Joy

Mary Lee said...

Sounds like a very interesting month! I am sure everything will work out wonderfully because ourGod is faithful.

Brenda said...

Like the saying goes, When it rains it pours!
I would be interested in knowing how your stove top cracked in the 'wee hours of the morning'!
Care to expound on that?
Hugs!...and have hope that April will be much better.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I so feel for you having to re-enter all the accounting info and glad your new stove top was an easy installation process.

Becky said...

I do agree. I think the busier and crazier our lives get the quieter we need to make our souls. If that makes sense.

I love that you get to speak to the women. They will love you too!

Anonymous said...

There is an easy fix to posting or deleting your photos. I'll email you :)

Life does test us doesn't it. My friend's son who had the bad car accident before Christmas and ended up with a traumatic brain injury found out yesterday that he will not fully recover. It was very hard to encourage her to see the positives right now. I know God is in control and pray that April will bring renewed hope and better day for her and for you.

PEA said...

Sounds like it was a challenging month! lol Isn't it funny how things just can't happen in ones, it has to happen in threes or fours, etc!! At least you're still smiling:-) xoxo

annie said...

Is the women's conference at your church?

Debra said...

Who knew that is what things look like under a ceramic stove top. I have one that is much like yours!

So sorry you have had some trying days. Hopefully April will be kinder to you all!

Blessings Susan, have a wonderful Lords day today!