Monday, March 29, 2010


Just a couple of "catch-up" photos about 2 areas of our Coweta Assembly ministry.

Part of the team of King's Kitchen with the new Oliver sealing machine. Left to right - Janice, Sherry, Tim hiding behind his wife, Jeanne, Nellie, Jimmy & Mickey.

When Mickey started The King's Kitchen I had to bow out of my Tuesday 10-3 commitment to work at the Klothes Kloset each week but I still pitch in and help when I can on a special work day. Judy called for such on Monday 15th.

These pictures were taken in the storage area and the hall outside the Klothes room.

Barbara, who loves hats, wearing one for her picture.

I talked Mickey into coming to help with his stronger lifting power. Here he is cutting up and acting silly with Shirley.

Betty (standing) and Judy. We ALL work hard but have a lot of fun at the same time. Judy is the hardest working of all.

It is such a joy to work with so many wonderful people who truly love Jesus and have a heart to reach out to our little community.

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Kathy said...

LOVE those photos. My son, Daniel, and I were just talking last night about the friends he has made with some of our adults at church when he has helped with Vacation Bible School Projects, stacking chairs after a potluck, etc. He loves to help and work. Now. about arranging a trip for him to Coweta Assembly!!! : )

Susan said...

Oh, wouldn't that be the greatest?!!! Aric would love having Daniel here. Of course, mom & dad would have to come "help", too. And, I know we would TALK until the wee hours of the morning!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing you all are to God's kingdom!

Sent you an email or two at Mickey's address since I was not sure if you were up and running on your other address. Hope you find it (or them, can't remember if I sent one or two.)

Annie said...

Isn't it great to work hard and have fun too? Love that!

Brenda said...

It's so neat to see people fulfilling their callings. You can see how things flow better when the right people are in their right place!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing all of those who are doing GOD's work.
Thanks also for stopping by with your comment and prayers for my gs.
He can out of surgery and is doing well he will go home today.
Hugs to a sweet friend.

groovyoldlady said...

It's a blessing to the whole body when we each do our part. Thank you for heeding His call!

retha said...

I say what Annie is saying.