Monday, April 5, 2010

CHOICES - A Drama Presentation

Up-date to this post. Easter is over. This drama was presented 4 times and there were many salvations and reports coming in. Praise God!!! If only one person was snatched from the gates of hell and satan's hands it all would have been worth it.
I am so honored to have had a small part in this labor of love. It was such a demonstration of The Body of Christ working together. Each doing their most important part, without which, it could not have been done. Thank you all!!!!

What an exciting time for our church, and for me personally, as we are privileged to present the above drama for 4 performances beginning Good Friday and ending with two on Easter Sunday.

The drama begins with the Crucifixion scene and then talks about the CHOICE we have to accept or reject Jesus as Savior. Following that are 5 scenes depicting different life situations of CHOICES people make.

Scene 1 is 4 teenage girls at a sleep-over. 2 are lesbians, 1, a new girl to town, is totally innocent and can't believe she has been invited to this sleep-over, the last 1 is wavering and torn with not wanting to hurt the feelings of the friend whose house they are at. The wavering teen finally makes the right CHOICE and the Trump of God sounds.

The second scene is two motorcycle dudes who arrive at a convenience store. The one man has just recently accepted Christ as Savior and talks to the second about the change in his life. The second wants no part of this, and puts the new Christian down as a weakling. The one presented with the Gospel makes the wrong CHOICE. The Trump of God sounds.
The third scene is of two older friends who attend church together, spent time together shopping and eating out. The one woman has just lost her husband and is despondent and in depression. Her friend has no idea of the despair her friend is going through. The depressed woman makes the CHOICE to commit suicide by taking an overdose of prescription pills. The friend arrives the next morning to pick her up for church to find her dead, along with the suicide note. The Trump of God sounds.

Scene 3 is about Domestic Violence and a family of 4, including an young daughter and son. The husband comes home from work, after another very stressful day at work where he has just had to fire 2 employees. He ends up making the CHOICE to kill his wife with a knife after an altercation at the dinner table. The Trump of God sounds.

The 4th scene is at a park bench in the garden patio of a hospital. It is between a woman (Mary)who has just been diagnosed with brain cancer and a young special needs man )Darby) who works at the hospital picking up trash. The special needs man assures her Jesus will be awaiting her and it will just be like going to sleep and waking up in Heaven. She begins crying and Darby runs away thinking he has upset her.

Scene 5 picks up in a hospital scene of an old lady, a young boy with a broken leg and Mary, just prior to her surgery, in the bed between them. Mary's attitude of faith and hope, in spite of facing the dreaded surgery gives her the opportunity to witness to the other two. The young boy and old lady make the right CHOICE as Mary leads them both in a prayer to accept Jesus as Lord & Savior.

At the end of each scene a trumpet blast is heard and the stage darkens and the next scene is in place as the lights come back on. The drama is put together with prior video and audio clips showing activity before the scene opens.

At the end of the 5th scene the trumpet blast sounds, but this time a very long blast. Then the scene opens with all the people who have made the right CHOICE on stage in white robes. Jesus is seen in the balcony (pictured) and bids them all to come to him as the Hallelujah Chorus plays.

For the next scene, the 2 demons and Satan enter the stage where the people who have made the wrong CHOICE are in place. Scene by scene, Satan torments them with their own words and the fact they have made their CHOICE and then commands the 2 demons to throw them into the pit of hell.

This door has a very big evil demon standing by it. Scene by scene the person who has made the wrong choice is dragged, by the 2 demons, to this door, which when opened smoke and colored strobe lights of flames are seen as they are thrown into the pit of hell and the door is slammed.

The final scene shows Satan, the 2 demons and the demon of the gate of hell celebrating and Satan proclaiming his victory and laughing.

Then the Angels, Michael & Gabriel seizing the 2 demons and throwing them into hell as Jesus walks on stage to deal with Satan. Satan immediately begins to bow, "Every knee with bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord", and Jesus chains up Satan and personally throws him into the pit.

I had the double pleasure of having worked on writing and putting together the script and I played the woman who commits suicide and ends up being dragged to hell. This presentation was put together with the use of video and audio clips. The video clips of Betty & I were filmed at a local hamburger cafe, sitting at the counter ordering a meal. The next one was filmed with us at a clothing section of a local store looking at first baby clothes and then at tops for Betty. Their is audio of Betty calling me on the phone and me talking with her from the edge of my bed. Then more audio (I had recorded earlier) runs as I sit on the edge of the bed writing it.
What an honor to take part in this powerful production. It took MANY, MANY people to put it together. We had not only wonderful preformers but excellent stage hands, set builders, costume makes, etc.
Our prayer is that many will make the right CHOICE after seeing this drama.

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Mari said...

It sounds very interesting - wish I lived close! I hope lives are changed through this!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Susan Sweetie...
Happy Easter and thank you for sharing just a piece of this wonderful play that your beautiful church home is producing at this time. I wish I lived close enough to come and see it. (Phoenix in the desert is a little far.)

I am your newest follower. While blog hopping this morning I found your beautiful blog home. I was drawn to your home, as I am from Enid, Oklahoma. My family all still lives there. I am the only one that married and moved away. I go home in the Fall each year to spend time with the family. I have not heard of your little town. Please tell me where it is? What it is close to? Enid is midway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, a little over 2 hours either direction.

Have a beautiful Easter sweetie. Please stop by and say hi. I would be so honored if you followed my blog as well. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

PEA said...

Happy Easter to you and yours, dear Susan!! Having had Corey home the last few days and making my Easter dinner yesterday, today I am relaxing and catching up with my blogging friends:-)

The drama presentation that your church has put together sounds very fascinating and here's hoping that many make the RIGHT choice! xoxo

~Ginger said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm sure it was powerfully used to touch those who need a Savior!

We had a drama presentation today. It was outstanding as our church does nothing less than the best. One upside of a mega church I guess. It was a wonderful sermon and our pastor preached about today and palm Sunday combined. He was gone on Palm Sunday and had much to share.

We all followed the tradition of the Jews on Palm Sunday and shouted "Ashana" (spelling?) which means, "Victory Now!" turning to the north, west, south, and east and shouting it three times. This represents claiming victory now over every area in our lives that need to be set free. Very, very powerful!!!

Sandra said...

It was a wonderful presentation with many accepting the Lord today.

You did a wonderful job Susan!!!!

Joy said...

Oh Susan. I'm so sure this presentation of Choices made a huge impact on those who saw it. I pray they made the choice to accept Christ.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
♥ Joy

Oh Sew Good said...

Is this production available on a DVD? If so, I would appreciate being able to order a couple copies. What say you? Just the description alone has a certain "feel" to it. I would have loved to have seen it for sure.

Janiece said...

I got to see Choices on Saturday evening and brought along a good friend of mine. We enjoyed it so much. I got so excited when I saw you come out on the stage, and I said to Lori.....there's Susan!!! The entrance to hell was so real. You put so much work into it and it clearly showed. It was a very powerful production.

Susan said...

It was such a thrill when you came back stage, Janiece!!!! Thank you so much for coming.

Kathy said...

I love that drama! I have not seen it, but I can tell by your description that many would be reached, and that the drama will have a continuing impact. Just reading the descriptions gives me cause for thought.

The Lord is pleased with you, Susan. Rest & Rejoice! He is risen, indeed!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I know that all who worked on the presentation received blessings from their participation and that the audience was equally blessed.

Brenda said...

I'm so glad everything went so well for you, other than the attack on Mickey.
Really happy to hear most of your family were there.