Saturday, April 10, 2010

SPIRITUAL SUNDAY 2010 #5 - Shall He Find Faith?

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"And, shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, through he bear long with them?" I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" Luke 18: 7 & 8

Luke 18:8b is a verse God has blazed firmly in my heart and I quote it often here on Penless Writer. It is blazed there because I want to constantly be reminded how important it is that my faith stay in tact until I draw my last breath, or until I hear the trump of God.

We know, from Scripture, that faith is the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1) Webster's definition of faith is: 1) unquestioning belief, esp. in God, religion, etc. - 2) a particular religion. - 3) complete trust or confidence. - 4) loyalty - good or bad. The opposite of faith is insincerity; dishonesty.

I want to be completely loyal to my Lord. I want to have complete trust and confidence in my Lord. I want my faith in my Lord to be unquestioning. I want to never bee insincere or dishonest to anyone, especially to my Lord.

This question of Christ finding faith when He returns is based on not only our being one of His own elect but being one who "cry day and night unto him". That is pray. That is pray-ers.

I read a post recently,that spoke of having their prayer life harmed and restricted due to unforgiveness, that almost brought tears to my eyes. What a tactic of satan, our enemy. What a ploy of the devil, who wants to kill, steal and destroy every precious gift Jesus has purchased for us with His precious blood. We must not let our enemy do this to us.

I cannot imagine not praying constantly any more than I can imagine not "talking" my husbands leg off about anything and everything. I am married to Christ. I, along with all The Body of Christ, am His bride. Why, oh why would I not want to constantly be sharing my every thought, hope, fear, everything with HIM?

It is these conversations that ensure my faith remains strong and in tact. It is these conversations that ensure that God will avenge me. Yes, I will "cry night and day unto Him."

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Sandra said...

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I just heard this explained so is the foundation on which hope is built. Without faith, there is no hope.

Susan said...

And without hope, there is very little faith. Without Jesus there is nothing.

Whidbey Woman said...

This is a very powerful post!
Amen, Sister!!!

Brenda said...

And realizing that we can converse with the Lord so much in our daily walk. Just talking with Him throughout our day, being aware of His Presence constantly.

Susan B said...

Thank you for this inspiring post!

Kathy said...

All I can say is, Amen. May it be so-whether in storm or glorious victory: that we would be faithful. Thank you dear friend, thank you for stirring us up today. Much love.

By the way, Sandra (if you're reading the follow up comments), I appreciate how you underscore your comments with scripture. No pressure on you or anyone else to continue to do so, but it always makes an impression on me: in other words, am I saying what I'm saying because it's what I think/feel, or can it be said without my words, but with scripture alone if necessary? Thanks for being you, and letting it pour out of you to us. (Thanks for letting me post that comment here, Susan.)

Peggy said...

Amen & blessings Susan! What a powerful and prayer... key elements in our walk through life. Wonderful words from your heart to God's and ours and so beautifully penned! Thank you!

EnJOY Spiritual Sunday and thanks for visiting "The Power of Your Love"!

Peace & love in Christ,
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Mary Lee said...


Renee said...

What an inspirational post. Thank you for sharing it with us...Faith and prayer being so vital one to another.

Charlotte said...

I agree with what you have shared here, Susan. Thank you for the reminders. Like you I can't imagine not talking to Him on a regular basis.

hip chick said...

It is such a comfort to have a good relationship with the Lord.

Maxine said...

Keep that communication going, Susan, and you can't go wrong. Hold fast.

Clif said...

Ah prayer. I just read another post about prayer and making time for it. Your words are a powerful, yet gentle reminder concerning prayer. I like your illustration about talking to your husband and being married to Christ. Great post. Thank you.

RCUBEs said...

And we believe by faith, not by sight...Prayer is a must before we venture into anything. Without Him, we are nothing. God bless you.

Rhodema said...

Thank you for the reminder to be ready for Christ's return. We must hold fast and be FAITHful!

Debra said...

I would hope that the poster would ask for forgiveness, for our Lord is faithful and just to forgive when we ask and then their prayer life could be restored.

I am so thankful for a forgiving and merciful Saviour!

Blessings Susan, have a great Monday!

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

This post touched my heart today. Faith, prayer, are a couple of thinks I think of all the time. The stronger my faith, the more I pray, the closer I'm with God.

micey said...


Kansas Bob said...

I sometimes think "no evidence" = "no faith".. folks should not need to wonder if we have faith.. maybe that is the message of the sheep and goats parable?

daylily777 said...

Amen , Wonderful Post !