Thursday, April 15, 2010


Mickey's two bee hives.
If you remember them from last year they are taller now because he's added another super to compensate for the heavy flow of nectar and pollen. This also gives the bees more room to work in and hopefully more honey!!!!

Adding the final touches to the raised beds.

Planting 6 new strawberries in one of the 4' raised beds. He had already planted Kentucky Wonder pole beans along the metal webbing to the left.

Four planted one two to go!

The markers for his two rows each of Salad Bowl lettuce, Redhead lettuce & spinach. (one not in picture) These are in the 8' raised bed.

Four tomato plants. Two to produce in 52 days, one in 72 days & one in 82 days.

This 4' raised bed has green onions & radishes planted. You can see the radishes are already popping up.

One side of the strawberry bed behind our fence. These were planted last year.

The other side of last years strawberry bed.
Wish I'd have taken a before picture of these beds. They were covered with weeds and we spent several hours this morning weeding the bed. Just so happy they came back after the hard winter we've had. They have LOTS of blooms on them......Y-U-M!

S-O-S !!!! Can you see the 3 holes in the dirt?
Can you see the holes running bottom to top in this picture? I've posted these because some "thing" is getting into the yard and digging these holes. Mickey has no idea what it is. Do any of you have any idea or any suggestions as to what he can do about this?

Our covered with blossoms Snowball plant.
Spring & seed time with harvest to follow. What a wonderful time of year.
How many of you are planting a garden this year? What kind of things are you planting?

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Momma Roar said...

Loved looking at your garden pictures. Wish we had one - sometime. Last year I planted a pepper plant and used the 2 peppers I got from it to make soup - maybe I'll plant a couple more this year. I just stick them in the flower beds ... someday!

Sharon said...

Wish my garden was that far along.
We have just gotten rid of the snow drift off of ours.
Our strawberry plants are doing well so far.
I loved looking at your photos.
We had something digging in our yard and someone told me to put crushed garlic in them. I did that and I have not seen any more holes. But this is a new yr so will have to see if I get any this yr.
Thanks for sharing..

Sunny said...

Love the photo of your beehive! I would love for us to have a couple again. Seems like the "Silent Spring" here without them. But hubby is working too many hours right now to care for them. Your little gardens look so pretty! The holes in your yard may be from, 1. Moles, which I saw online that you soak dryer sheets with household amonia and stuff down the holes, or 2.could be skunks that visit during the night and rutt around making holes, looking for grubs to eat, in which case I dont have a clue what to do about that. Hope you get your problem solved.Have a blessed day!

Joy said...

Mickey sure has the touch when it comes to gardening. Are there any tunnels or just holes?

Mari said...

It really looks like Spring there - won't be long and you'll have produce!
The holes aren't good though - some critter is having a good time.

Susan said...

Joy - We have the moles and tunnels, too, but these are something different and just holes.

Mary R. said...
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Oklahoma Granny said...

We're definitely planting tomatoes and pickling cucumbers this year. We're also possibly going to plant some pumpkins for our little grandkids to come and pick. The older grands used to like doing that.

Strawberries are my favorite but we won't be planting them this year. Maybe next year.

Nancy said...

We have little holes like that in our yard to and its chipmunks, we just let them be and enjoy watching them so far they haven't really done any damage besides a hole here and there.

Debra said...


these boxes are just beautiful!

You take very good pictures!

Dawn said...

Yummy things ahead! Hoping for some tomatoes at least. We do get wonderful raspberries every year.

Annie said...

Matt's doing raised beds too, or square foot gardening.

I think we may have overplanted this year ;).