Thursday, July 8, 2010

CELEBRATING on Two Fronts!!!

The 4th of July and the celebration of our great countries 234th Birthday was EXTRA special this year for us for many reasons and was a great day.

It was special to spend the morning excercising one of the most important freedoms we have in this country.......freedom of religion. Freedom to believe....or not believe. Freedom to walk out our front door, without fear, and attend the church of our choice. That is exactly what we did. Our Pastor's sermon was "True Freedom....Only in God". YES....we are truly free when we know Him who sets us free!!!!
Next was celebrating this freedom with our wonderful new blended family at a cook-out at their current home in Owasso.

Our grandchildren grew from 3 to 6 and we are loving that.

(left to right) Cody (9) Aaron (11) Mason (13) Aric (11) & Oksana (15)

(missing this time) Jessica.

The Hostess Deann....our wonderful new daughter-in-love

Who prepared delicious ribs AND grilled chicken breast AND hot-dogs plus all the fixings and the trimmings.

The Host - our son Marc. He might look relaxed and leisurely here but he'd been busy setting up, helping and serving.

Daughter Jacque (who brought the fresh garden salad and fixing) and granddaughter Oksana (who had prepared dozens & dozens of deviled eggs for all of us.)

We were also celebrating belated Father's Day (since we were out of town and had to cancel on Father's Day due to the funeral in Tennessee).

Mickey putting on the new Sperry Top-sider shoes he had just opened from his kids. Dave is showing off his which Mickey had seen at our last gathering and commented on. Daughter Suzette, by her husband, and Benny, barely visible on the couch by Mickey. Suzette had brought her delicious potato salad.

Me - cutting the two cakes I baked and brought. German Chocolate with home made icing and a Dark Devils f ood with white creamy icing and of course chocolate/vanilla swirl ice-cream.

After the sun went down it was to the patio and back yard for the kids to shoot off their fireworks. Each of the 5 had been given money to select the items he or she wanted.

Aaron going through his things and demonstrating one.

Oksana & Cody getting theirs ready.

Aric, who already had his items by him, and was waiting patiently on the swing for his turn. They shot them off taking turns from the oldest to the youngest, which made him next to the last.

Cody & Mason getting ready for their next round and turn.
Last, but not least, was the joy of knowing that in Coweta at our Coweta Assembly of God Church the church body (who could be there) were having a great cook-out and fireworks display and time.

Our Pastor and the other 2 men who also signed the original note
burning the mortgage on our church property!!!
The 1.1 Million $ mortage paid off in 7 years!!!!
This quote from our Pastor: This past Sunday evening July 4th we celebrated freedom from debt and burned the mortgage on our church. In September of 2003 we entered a contract with First National Bank for $1,100,000.00. We made our last payment Thursday July 1st. Our church is now completely out of debt. The two buildings we currently have total approximately 45,000 square feet on 8 acres. God has been faithful and blessed our church even in the financial difficult time we are currently experiencing. This is not us bragging, but giving thanksgiving to the Lord. We want others to know that God is faithful and if He can do it for us, He can do it for others.
Oh yes, lots for us to celebrate & to rejoice over!!!!!!

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Mari said...

What a great way to celebrate - and how wonderful that your church was able to pay off that debt!

Pam said...

WOW! I'm covered in goosebumps! Love your new family members. How blessed they are to now be a part of your and Mickey's circle! The entire post was so warm to read, then boom! The last part! Wow1 I'm just thrilled about that mortgage being paid off! Our church is totally out of debt too, has been for years, but we don't have a new building or 8 acres! Once again, WOW!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like blessings all around!

I love chocolate cake with white icing, my favorite. I can't remember the last time I had it, but it's my favorite!

Debra said...

Nothing better than being debt free!

Lovely, beautiful family. We all have so much to be thankful for!