Saturday, August 14, 2010

PEACHES - daughter time & changing my mind!!!

This post is as much about changing my mind (I seem to be doing that a lot of that lately!!! - Is that a sign of getting older?) as it is about peaches!!!

A week ago Thursday my friends, Don & Barbara, called. They were going to go to Porter to the peach orchard and wanted to know if I'd like to ride along with them. I told them I'd ride out with them but wasn't going to buy any peaches.

Mind change #1 -----

I came home with this 1/2 bussel of peaches!!

Then a trip to the store to buy some Fruit Fresh to add to the peaches for freezing.

While at the store Mickey & I begin to look at the canning things and - Mind Change #2 - we decide to try our hand at canning. I'd done some years ago but it had been a l-o-n-g time ago and not that much experience even then.

Mind change #2 -----

We come home with a canning recipe book, canning funnel, 2 packages of freezing cartons, 2 type of sure jell and the fruit fresh (the original item we were going to purchase)

And this granite ware canner!!!

I begin reading the recipe book, canning instructions, etc. and come to the conclusion this is a lot of extra expense and a lot of extra time involved and so ....

Mind change #3 -----

Back to the store go ALL the above items except the original fruit fresh, 2 packages of freezer containers, 1 sure jell (because I'd already opened the other one to read the instructions) and the canning funnel which we decided would be good to use in our honey production.

This was all on Friday. The peaches were not quite ripe enough to process yet and besides. my oldest daughter, Suzette, had invited me to get a manisure and pedicure and have lunch on Saturday. I can never pass up the opportunity for this fun, special treat with my daughter. Of course after lunch we ended up at Pen*ney's where I purchased one of the "BED IN A BAG" comforture sets for the RV.

The peaches with the fruit fresh added.

Filling up the freezer containers.

9 of the finished 10 containers ready for the freezer..... and good eating during the winter months!!!

And of course, many delicious bowls of fresh sliced peaches to add milk and enjoy.

Mind change #4 ----- Remember the "BED IN A BAG"

Well I decided to take it back and just use the one that was currently in the RV because of the matching curtains, vanity seat top, etc.

Mind change #5 ----- I decide to buy a stipped queen size set of royal blues, red & beige for our bed.

Mind change #6 ----- After getting the above home I know this "look" is just not me. Too casual. I prefer a more feminine or dressier look. SO....back to Pen*ny's I go.

No wonder my posts have been few and far between lately......I've been too busy changing my mind and running back and forth to spend the time here on the computer!!!!

So share with me some of your recent mind changes..... or is it just me?

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Shirley said...

Too funny :) Those peaches look oh so yummy!

Mari said...

You are funny! The peaches look good. I like my peaches frozen, better than canned.

Travels With Uncle Sam said...

Ha-ha! That's ok. A woman can change her mind (I would have taken all the canning stuff back to the store, too -- it has always seemed like a lot of work to me). The peaches look yummy!

Jillian, Inc said...

Too funny! And those peaches look delicious! One of my favorite treats any time of year.

Dawn said...

Too funny!! I would never can anything - too much work and too hot!! We're hoping to get some western slope peaches soon - they are so yummy!

I loved this story of your mind changing episodes.

Nancy said...

Keep in mind it is a womens perogative to change her mind, as many times as she wants!!! LOL

retha said...

Was going to give a long response then changed my mind to say I do that too.

Momma Roar said...

I change my mind so often, I usually can't even remember all the things I did! HA!!!

Those peaches look yummy - I'll be freezing some soon as well. I don't like canned peaches, but I will be canning some pears and hopefully salsa (and maybe some other things since buying the BALL canning cookbook).

Joy said...

Thank goodness for good return policies huh. I'm glad you got the peaches and will enjoy them thru the winter months. That was worth it for sure. I would love to can, but it can be quite an ordeal. I think that is more fun when you have others helping with it and everyone goes home w some. That's what my parents use to do at the end of tomato season in FL. I was young when they did, but still have great memories of it.
♥ Joy

MightyMom said...

well my husband will NEVER be allowed to read this post! every time he makes me crazy with his Libra waffling he says to me "I'm intitled to change my mind...after all 1/2 my ancestors were WOMEN".

Susan. please STOP proving his point! thanks.


freezer things look good. I'll have to email him just that one picture and see what he thinks...we freeze all our stuff right now in mason jars...they don't stack so well ya know.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL...I change my mind all of the time...yes, it creates havok!

YUM - those peaches look so darn yumm!

Brenda said...

LOL Susan! No wonder you're my friend! Love it.

Barbara said...

Got to catch up with your 'goings on' Susan. Great looking peaches for the winter too.