Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We love living in this small town of Coweta!! The biggest event each year is FALL FESTIVAL which we just celebrated September 16-18. I wanted to share a little bit of it with you.

The main street becomes the midway for these 3 days in September each year.

Shot of Mickey with Sherry, our main cook with The King's Kitchen, and her two children. Reese, next to Sherry in the blue shirt, and Mattie, pink shirt and pony tail. These are two of the most precious, and well behaved children you'd ever want to meet.

The crowd downtown in front of one of our city landmarks, The Green Parrot cafe, waiting for the parade.

Let the parade begin - Saturday morning 11 o'clock

The flags!!

Fall Festival Queen and Little Miss Fall Festival. The Queen had just been crowned and chosen the night before after a talent contest. One of the girls from our church was the 1st Runner Up.

Next, here comes the large Coweta High School Band.

There goes the last of the band.

A cute, different entry.

One of MANY of the various attendants and even Queens from some surrounding small towns.

A church float from our neighboring town of Porter. Porter is where I attend the Monday morning Bible Study each week at Judy's home.

One of two floats of the First Baptist Church preschool. This is where Reese attends. You can't see it, but the children have little stick poles with a paper fish on the end. I helped Sherry cut out these fish the week before as our King's Kitchen meal was cooking.

The second float showing all the "fish" that had been caught by Jesus and the little fishermen.

Jesus following the two boats.

Since this is an election year there were an abundance of Political Candidate floats.

No parade in our area would be complete without tractors. We have many local farmers who raise hay and soy beans.

The parade ended with Lots and LOTS of horses and riders. Again, we have a large number of people who own and raise horses. Several people from our church own horses and a few were in this group.

Now, one of the best parts of the parade this year. Mickey & I found this parking spot, right near the High School where the parade we literally had "front row seats" from the comfort of our car.

The two pictures I failed to get were two of the most important events of Fall Festival:

1 - A picture of me eating my HUGE corn-on-a-cob on a stick. YUMMY with lots of flavored salt and butter. Glad it had a large napkins wrapped around the bottom :o)

2 - TRULY THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF FALL FESTIVAL. The large Prayer Tent that is set up on the mid-way each year and is open every hour of the festival. It is sponsored by Coweta Ministerial Alliance and MANY of our church members worked the hours. People were out around the tent with prayer request cards and talking to the people, as well as those inside the tent, which was divided into several section, praying for request and with people. There were MANY prayer requests and MANY prayed for during these 3 days.

Thanks for letting me show you a special event of this town we have called "HOME" for the past 13 years.

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Just Mom said...

I love small town festivals! I actually wish our town (well, it's technically a "city") held more parades and events. They really help develop community pride.

Oklahoma Granny said...

There's just nothing like a fall festival. Coweta's looks like a good one.

Nadine said...

Looks like a fun time. I love small towns. We enjoyed our years living in them.

Joy said...

Was this 2009 or 2010?

It looks like so much fun. I love small town parades.
Our Township does one every 4th of July.
I love the marching bands and church floats.
♥ Joy

Sunny said...

Wow! You DO have a huge festival! So glad to see all the "Fish" caught by Jesus. He's the only One we want to be caught by :) Thanks for sharing

retha said...

I does look like an event to be looking forward too.

retha said...

My typing not so good, there is a 't' missing,
IT looks ...

Anonymous said...

It's those events that make great
annual memories. I love that about our town as well (although it has grown so much it's lowing it's small town feel.

Susan said...

Joy - It's 2010.....See how "out of it" I am.....I don't even know what year I'm in :o) Thanks for calling my attention to it. I'll edit it.

Mari said...

I just love small town festivals. When we have a parade we know so many people in it. Glad you enjoyed it. I love the Fishers of Men float!

Toyin O. said...

Looks like a whole lot of fun and great shots. Just wanted to thank for visting my blog and your gracious comment. Lovely to meet you!