Friday, September 3, 2010


When I received my wonderful basket last week I asked the Lord to let me know who I needed to pass it on to. It was a hard decision!!!! I would have liked to have 100's of them because I have so many wonderfull friends who deserve to be blessed and are such a blessing in my life!!!

I had prayed about it off and on all day Wednesday and Wednesday night we had gone to church and were sitting in the pew waiting for services to start and Carrie came in and hugged us and sat in front of us, which she usually sets in another section of the church!, I knew it was her. I leaned over to Mickey & whispered it to him and he knew that was right.

Carrie is a wonderful single mom of two little boys, Ethen & Aiden. Aiden suffers from epileptic seizures.

Here is the filled basket.

These are the items I included: A china angel from my collection of angels. This is only the 2nd time the Lord has ever impressed me to give one of my angels to someone. A tall blue mug with a flower on each side, a handknit dishcloth, a counted cross-stitch cross bookmark, a little book "Peace" from The Fruit of the Spirit, a Rain Home & Garden candle, a 1/4 pint jar of Mickey's newly harvested fall honey flow, and some monogrammed notes with "M" (her last name).

My little notecard to her showed two girls on the front steps and read: "A sweet friendship refreshes the soul." Proverbs 27:9 The Message and my personal note read: To Carrie - I immediately thought of you as the one I wanted to pass this to. Your infectious, sweet smile and your friendliness are such a joy to both Mickey & me. Your faithfulness and faith for Aiden are a real inspiration. I love you & ((hugs)), Susan.

Carrie, with Mickey looking on, as I presented her with the basket.

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Shirley said...

What a neat idea for your church to pass on encouragement to others! I may just have to steal the idea :)

Joy said...

I know Carrie was so blessed by the basket. You put together such a great assortment of items.
I really love this idea.
♥ joy

Mari said...

This is such a wonderful thing to do. What an encouragement to those who receive it and I know it's also a blessing to the giver!

Sunny said...

Awww, how sweet! and I know she was blessed!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Carrie must have felt so blessed to receive the basket. Even though I've never met you I know you are a blessing to so many.

Brenda said...

What a fun blessing and the joy it brings to both the giver and the receiver!

retha said...

Joy it must have been for her as it was for you giving it.

Susan Skitt said...

Such a thoughtful thing to do Susan. She seems like a lovely young mom!