Monday, December 20, 2010


Since December is such a busy month anyway last year and this year "the girls" of our family decided to make a "girls only" celebration and outting for the 4 of us who have December birthdays.

Mom & Grandma Susan - December 25th - 73 years young!
First Granddaughter - Jessica - December 23rd - 25 years old.
Second Daughter - Jacque - December 22nd - 55 years old.
First Daughter - Suzette - December 13th - 56 years old.
I am so proud to share a December birthday with my 2 daughters, and my first granddaughter and my Lord and Savior!!!! Grandma Susan and first granddaughter Jessica. The shirt I am wearing is one I gave each of the birthday girls and it says "BELIEVE". Yes, we believe and are standing in Faith for Suzette's TOTAL and complete healing.

Suzette and Jacque with 2nd Granddaughter Oksana.

Deann and Suzette. Deann is our newest family member and became our Daughter-in-love on February 13th of this year when she married our younger son, Marc. Deann, and her three sons, are a wonderful, fun, vivacious addition to our family.

We had a lovely, relaxed, fun time of eatting, gift exchanging and sharing at The Oli*ve Gar*den. They gave us a lovely round table in a quiet room and corner (such a treat on the last week-end of Christmas shopping) and a very patient and good server.
I love and am very proud of ALL my girls!!!

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Happy Birthday to everyone and blessings to you each and every day of this Christmas season.

Mari said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to all of you.
It sounds like a great day.
My niece had a baby girl on Sunday so now we also have several Dec birthdays.

Brenda said...

How fun! Glad all of you were able to get together like that, especially at this time of year!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I'm just getting around to doing my replies, we were gone all weekend!!

An early Happy Birthday wish to you!! My grandmother was born on Christmas Day and she was sooo special!!

I enjoyed seeing all the birthday girls, and seeing the "old" pictures in the last post! So fun, I love old pictures!


Mariel said...

Happy birthdays to all! Merry Christmas!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Happy Birthday everyone! What a fun day...the OG is a wonderful place to eat. May you have the merriest of Christmases! Will continue to lift up Suzette in prayer. ~Cheryl

Linds said...

What beautiful gurls you all are, and a Happy Birthday to you all! Just to let you know that I have been and will continue to pray for your daughter, Susan. Have a wonderfully Happy Christmas!

Jillian, Inc said...

Happy Birthday to all of you beautiful ladies! What a special time for you all!