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This is going to be the most mixed up, disorganized post and pictures I have EVER done.  I just changed over to updated editor, and while the pictures were faster to download, after I finally figured that step out, now I fine I cannot move the images around in the proper order on my page.  grrrrr Please bear with me :o(
The King's Kitchen celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary (we had our organizational meeting on January 17, 2010) Saturday night, January 15th.  We had an After Christmas Christmas Party - celebrating the New Year of 2011 Party  & our 1st Anniversary Party all rolled into one.  It was such fun and I'm just sorry I can't walk you through it in a reasonable sequence!!  more grrrrr
Mickey & I ordered T-shirts made for all the helpers.
We played the Crazy Santa Gift game where everyone brings a gift and you open them in numerical order after drawing #'s.  It's a fun game.  Here Tim & Sherry, who is the King's Kitchen head cook, just opened this adorable chicken.

He not only looked cute but you wound him up and he walked and cackled.  He stole the show.

Jamie, who is one of the Bridge Builder kids, and helps us cook opened this adorable bouquet of Hersey Candy Bars.  She is laughing so hard, as you can see.

Mickey opened this monkey gift which contained banana chips & a $10 gift certificate from Wal-Mart.
All 24 T-Shirts were in these green tagged bags which was the surprise of the evening and given out just as the first people needed to leave the party.
The front of the T-shirts.
The back of the T-shirts.
The verse reads: "He provides food for those who fear him; He remembers His covenant forever."

Lining up for the food.  Frankie, one of our Monday night cooks, is the head of the line. Bill & Valerie, Monday night husband & wife team cooks, Kent our newest helper and Mary, 1/2 of a delivery team.
A dark shot :o( of Mary (in orange) opening a Richard Simons exercise tape, with Loretta looking on.  Mary & Loretta are one of our 5 delivery teams.
The start of the food tables.
The second food table.
The dessert food table.
Kelli, a Monday night cook, opening up these spoons which were later stolen by Loretta!!
Mickey & I as the party began.

Jamie, with her look of pure joy as she has just "stolen" Mickey's monkey, banana chips & $10 gift certificate!!!

Kathy, a Monday night cook, after she had stolen this flash light away from Kent.

 Kent with his replacement gift of pamphlets of every kind, like "How to use vinegar"!

From left to right:  Tim, Sherry, Frankie, Kelli, & Kent.

Another food table.  Please note the center piece with the
King's Crown!!!
Last but certainly not least:
The Host & Hostess - Tim & Jeanne, one of the delivery teams.
They hosted this party for us in their beautiful home.

Now that I've shown the pictures I must share some wonderful information with you.

FIRST, when Mickey & I went to pick-up the T-shirts we were told they were already paid for!!!!!  We had NO idea who had done that and still don't.  We do know that we are so very blessed, above and beyond, to belong to such a loving, giving, Church body that it could have been anybody.  We also know that: "Every good and perfect gift comes from above, from the Father of Lights."

SECOND, here are the financials on our first 11 months operation.
Food cost: $3,399.56
Other-paper goods, trays, coolers, Sam's memberships: $734.18
Sealing Machine: $1,716.14
Total Expenses: $5,849.88
Donations: $6,365.73
Balance: $515.85

Our first meal was delivered on February 9th to 23 people.
Our last meal for the year on December 28th was to 52 people. 
For the 47 week period Feb 9 to Dec 28 we served 1,885 meals
Average food cost per meal $1.80
Average other costs per meal $.39
Average cost of the sealing machine $.91
For a grand total cost per meal of $3.10

The volunteers who make The King's Kitchen possible are:
Lead cook & shopper Sherry: 1
3 cooking teams: 10
5 delivery teams: 10
1 helper: 1
Mickey & I: 2
For a total of 24 people
With the addition of Kent who just joined us there will be 25 of us.

We have the most dependable, wonderful group of volunteers ever and we look forward to what God has for us in 2011. 

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Mari said...

I remember when you were just starting. Look at where you are now - in only a year! This is a great group of people and God has truly blessed this ministry. Glad you had a fun night of celebrating!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Enjoyed that! I used to have a chicken that spun around to the chicken dance! Funny!

Dawn said...

I love that game - such fun. What a great evening you had, and what a great organization! The shirts are lovely!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I was just thinking the other day that the King's Kitchen must be getting close to its 1st anniversary. What a nice way to celebrate.

Sharon said...

What a great thing that you and everyone is doing for your community.
It sounds like a wonderful celebration.
It looks like you are doing well with the kitchen. I pray that it will be even better for you in 2011

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Looks like you had a wonderful, fun evening. What a blessing this group is to the community. Best wishes for another great year. ~Cheryl

Kansas Bob said...

Congrats and kudos Susan. Hard to believe that it has been a year.

Nezzy said...

This is just great and your financials for the first year of operation is unheard of. Girl ya have a balance in the black! God is good!

Loved that Chicken!!! Your pics are just marvelous sweetie.

God bless and have a grand week.

I'm an AG chick too! :o)

Brenda said...

How fun! I would've stole the chocolate boquet and ran like the dickens!
I just downloaded Windows Live Writer and really like it. I was having the same frustrating problem with my pictures. I have never been able to move my pictures around and lately can't even write above the first picture. Maybe Live Writer will help?

Crystal said...

I love hearing about this ministry! It just seems like such a blessing to your community and you are all such dedicated servants. How very economically you manage the operation! I pray that God will continue to bless the work you are doing - and the team that works and has fun together!

Sweet Nothings said...

Wow! This has been such a great year. So glad to be a part of King's Kitchen!