Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NEW YEAR - New thing & New person

My son Marc gave me an American Express Gift Card for my birthday and........

I've been wanting a new bedspread......

So I got one!!!!!

Mickey & I both just love it and it goes so good with the blue wall and our burgandy red curtains. It makes me happy every time I walk into the room :o)

The first Tuesday of 2011 this young gentleman walked into King's Kitchen and asked if we were Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Joyce. He is new to our church, been coming about 8 weeks, and was here to volunteer to help with the King's Kitchen ministry. What a blessing to see someone new jumping right in to serve. He will be helping Sherry, Mickey & I every Tuesday morning in the preparation, assembly and clean-up. Welcome Kent!!!

I have a REALLY EXCITING new thing in the works and coming up but I'll make that a separate post in about a week. Don't you love surprises and suspense???? I do!!!!

Trust your New Year is starting off grand. We're expecting 2011 to be our best year EVER.

If you come by to read I hope you'll leave a comment and they mean so much to me. Thanks!

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Mari said...

It looks so nice! What a nice gift, that makes you happy every time you see it.

Shirley said...

Oh, it's beautiful! I love comments, too, so I will gladly leave one for you :) Looking forward to your surprise.

Lynn said...

Very pretty indeed! It is amazing how a new bedspread or comfortor, or several new pillows on one's bed can add so much newness and pizazz to one's bedroom! I'm about due for a change of sorts like that in our master bedroom! Maybe once warmer weather arrives here..

Can't wait to read about your surprise!

Have a great Tuesday!


Nancy said...

The bedspread is beautiful!!! What a great gift and reminder of who gave it to you each day. So thankful for new anything!!!

Sharon said...

That is a beautiful new bedspread.
I love the colors in it.
I am looking forward to what the surprise is. I hope you don't keep us waiting to long.
Have a great day.

Sunny said...

Your bedspread looks beautiful!
I can't wiat to see (hear) what you are up to next!!! Have a wonderful blessed day!

PEA said...

I absolutely LOVE your new bedspread and I noticed right away how perfect it goes with the wall colour!!

Good for Kent to jump right in and volunteer his services:) If only more people would give some of their time to help others!!

Can't wait to hear what your surprise is!! xoxo

Brenda said...

Very attractive comforter. Good for you.
So keeping secrets eh? Now you got me in suspense!

Mountain Mama said...

Your new bed spread is beautiful and so cheerful looking too!! You surelya re blessed.
Seeing it makes me want to make another quilt. My granddaughter Miranda has asked for one.
How sweet of Kent to offer his services. Don't you just love it when that happens? God bless him!
Hope your new year will be totally blessed Susan.

retha said...

Lovely choice!

Joy said...

That is just beautiful. I know you smile every time you walk in there and see it.
What a great guy to come and help out in the King's Kitchen. I know you appreciate the extra help.
♥ Joy

Barbara said...

Your bedspread is lovely and as you so goes so well with your room.

Kathy said...

What a sweet bedspread. It's beautiful. The picture shows it really nicely, and it does look great in your room.

Susan, our Father has some great surpises for YOU in this next year, some of which you don't know about!!! I think it is so exciting to be His. He is a good and amazing God. You are so loved!

MightyMom said...

that bedspread is beautiful!