Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I know I've made reference to Joe Robenbergs blog and books in the past but based on what we see happening in Egypt and everyone not seeming to know what is going to happen I ask you to read the above link and get Joel's view on Mohamed ElBaradei. 

As most of you probably know from the weather reports our area is getting the cold, blizzard type weather that so many of you have suffered and experienced this year.  We Okie's are VERY ill prepared to deal with this type situation.  Mickey and I are warm, happy, have plenty to eat, and are able to just hunker down in our home TOGETHER and enjoy it on the inside.  We pray for all those who are not so blessed and fortunate. 
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Mari said...

I follow his blog too and find it very informative.
The blizzard is just starting here. I'm hoping it's not as bad as they are saying because I have to get in to work tomorrow!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks, Susan, for the link. It is very important to read and learn about that which is not covered by the liberal media. Not that I listen to them much, I'm a FOX News gal all the way. Anyway, we all definitely need to be praying. I do think we are in the end times...there I've said it!...and wonder what's going to happen. But we know the Lord is in charge and we know the good guys win in the end!

We've been having blizzard-like weather today here and I-70 is closed for at least 70 miles in mid-MO. I hope we don't lose electricity! Take care and stay warm!

Nezzy said...

We got hit head on with four inches of ice and then the snow came. It just began snowin' again and Sun. Tue and Wed. are foretasted for more snow. Throw in the sub~zero temps and I'm not a happy camper!!! Heeehehee!!!

Spring is 44 days away! :o)


God bless ya and have a fantastic (safe)weekend!